Smart ladies love TV, Sleepy Hollow premiere, LIVE


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We have been ridiculously excited about this show all summer. It just looks so insane. A procedural cop show based on an 18th century ghost story set in modern times but with the main character still being from the 18th century, created by the dudes who wrote both Fringe and Star Trek —GENIUS! The additional casting of John Cho just made us MORE excited. It is ALSO the career resurgence of Orlando Jones –FUCK YEAH!

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The premiere is directed by Len Wisemen famous for being married to Kate Beckinsale and creating the Underworld franchise (Katie owns the first two of these movies but in her defense they both star Scott Speedman). He apparently also co-created this. Maybe they will cast Scott Speedman!



  1. I’m pretty sure the writer’s room when they were pitching this show was something like:
    “Hey, you know what’s good, that show Castle.”
    “Yeah, but also Buffy, that show was cool with the Hellmouth and everything.”
    “I like the Terminator.”
    “What about the National Treasure movies?”
    “Guys, guys, guys, we can BE ALL THOSE THINGS.”

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