Smart ladies love to ask WTF, Amanda Bynes

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Oh Amanda, what have you become???

Melissa and I are pretty big Amanda Bynes fans.  We even went and saw What a Girl Wants in the theatre (we also love us some Colin Firth).  We both watched What I like About You (we pretty much have seen at least one episode of all WB shows). Lately, however, we have been wondering what is actually going on with Bynes.  In 2007 she became a “tanorexic” and very into the bandage dress (AKA what uncreative starlets wear), which was upsetting but not worrisome.  Then in 2010 she went on the Twitter and decided to “quit acting” only in 2011 to announce she was “just taking a break.”  None of this, however, could prepare us for the SPRING of 2012.

In March she had her first run in with the law, talking on her cell phone while driving.  Who knew this would be a slippery slope to a DUI?  In April, a mere month after her first dalliance with the LA police, she was charged with a DUI after side-swiping a police car (she actually tweeted Barack Obama about this “Hey @BarackObama… I don’t drink, Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run. The end.”).  Then in May she added hit and run to her wrap sheet by side-swiping a car with her black Range Rover.  According to my Google research, she was not involved in any car-related incidents in June or July.  I was beginning to believe she was getting her life on track OR bought a smaller car and/or hired a driver but then last week incident number four happened being rear-ended in the Valley (in VA if you’re rear-ended it’s the other guy’s fault, so maybe Amanda is getting things back on track).

We here at SLLS have created a handy timeline info-graphic of Amanda Bynes’ brilliant career and fall into a possible Lilo level abyss.  We will keep you posted as to whether she can get through September without another incident.

Amanda Bynes info graphic

[Melissa says: It’s true, we love Amanda. I was thinking she could turn her sinking ship of a career around after Easy A, but she has just fallen further. That last picture is so disturbing–what happened to her hair??? Can Gossip Girl hire her for a short arc this season? I’m worried she will keep side-swiping cars until she can’t afford to replace them.]

[Update: they re-opened the LA hit and run case today…we are so up to date!!!]