Smart ladies love to ask WTF, brunette actresses

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What is up with all the brunette ladies on TV and in movies today…

or Natalie Portman what have you wrought???

About a year ago I started to notice a group of eight actresses that ALL look the same. Seriously, you can’t tell Odette Yustman Annable from Nina Dobrev, CAN YOU (you’re not allowed to answer Vampire Diaries fans)??? I don’t know if they became more popular because Natalie Portman won an Oscar (Mila Kunis could TOTES be on this list, DAMMIT there are TOO MANY) or if brunettes with brown eyes and olive skin are currently this “IN” thing with Hollywood.

To make this more fun I have created SLLS’ first ever QUIZ!!! (for more funsies you can match the pictures with the actresses names listed below!!!). *answers are at the bottom of the post

Brunette Match Game

Odette Yustman Annable

I always always get her confused with Nina Dobrev. Odette is married to Dave Annable from Brothers & Sisters and Nina Dobrev is dating Boone from Lost. Odette was also on the last season of House. She might be the least exciting person on this list. [I loved her in this dress though. I don’t think I’ve seen her in anything except Walk Hard. -M]

Nina Dobrev

The pretty girl from that Vampire Diaries show all the kids like staring Boone from Lost and some dude who looks like a werewolf. [I strongly dislike her. She’s too skinny and she wears boring clothes. -M]

Ashley Greene

Ummmmm…she is in the Twilight movies and really that’s it. I feel kind of bad for her cause she has a very sad IMDB page but HEY TWILIGHT it’s popular with people (full disclosure I have seen two and a half Twilight films). [I get her confused with the Twilight girl who married the guy from American Idol. Meh. -M]

Shenae Grimes

Degrassi is 110% intense y’all, 110%. INTENSE. Shenae played the Christian girl with a wild side. Very. Intense. She is currently on 90210 with Drunkface McCord. [Shenae Grimes has really beautiful hair. I want to touch it. It’s like a Pantene commercial. -M]

Minka Kelly

TEXAS FOREVER!!! In my fake Friday Night Lights fanfic Lyla moves back to Dillon and lives with Tim Riggins in his trailer on his ranch. They have like a million really pretty babies. [I liked her on FNL but I don’t think she should do anything else as there is only room for one Leighton. Well, maybe the movies that Leighton rejects because they’re shitty. -M]

Leighton Meester

We will watch anything Leighton Meester is in except for that Roommate movie with Minka Kelly cause that looks scary and terrible and we only like terrible comedies. You all should totally go watch Monte Carlo! Meester is naturally blonde so I’m thinking once Gossip Girl ends she will get rid of the brown. [I want Leighton in every movie ever. We have seen Country Strong. I listen to the soundtracks often. Yes there are two of them. -M]

Missy Peregrym

Missy made the list because Stick It was on USA this weekend (yes I watch the USA network more than every other cable network) and I was like “who is that girl and WHY DOES SHE LOOK LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.”  I also thought about that show she was on with Kelly Osbourne and Piz from Veronica Mars.  Then I thought about the fact that I have never actually watched Stick It even though it is about gymnastics and is supposedly like a poor mans Bring it On but then I went back to bed. [When I see her name I think of Missi Pyle, even though they are clearly different people. I don’t even care. -M]

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

FUN FACT: She was on Passions!!! She was also in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World which is a fantastic movie. Next to Leighton I would say Mary Elizabeth might have the best shot at making it. I keep hearing good things about Smashed, the indie movie she is in with Aaron Paul (who we totally picked to win the Emmy and HE DID). [Yes I really want to see that movie! Unless it’s depressing. I liked MEW in Scott Pilgrim but kinda thought Scott should have ended up with Knives because she was a badass. -M]


Leighton Meester, A. 5, Shenae Grimes, B. 8, Odette Yustman Annable, C. 1, Nina Dobrev, D. 6,

Missy Peregrym, E. 3, Minka Kelly, F. 4, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, G. 7, Ashley Greene, H. 2

*All pictures from IMDB except Leighton Meester’s which was on