Smart ladies love to ask WTF, CBGB trailer


CBGB Malin Ackerman and Taylor Hawkins

Malin Ackerman is too smiley to be Debbie Harry. At least Taylor Hawkins resembles Iggy Pop, though I have only seen him act in silly Foo Fighters videos.

In the name of blog research, I have watched the CBGB trailer multiple times. Unfortunately, it does not get more appealing with subsequent viewings. Here are some of my first reactions.


“Is this a parody?”

“Ashley Greene is a better actress than I might have previously thought.”

“No, seriously, this is a complete joke, right?”

“Alan Rickman: how the mighty have fallen.”

“Is this what Hollywood thinks punk is? I has a sad.”

“I can’t wait to watch this with Katie with Trader Joe’s vinho verde and M&Ms.”

“Alan Rickman’s hair is strangely fascinating. I want to touch it.”

“Country. Bluegrass. Blues. But without all that country, bluegrass or blues.” THIS IS THE TAGLINE, UGHHHH.

I don’t even think this is going to be as, ahem, good, as Rock of Ages, though both star Malin Ackerman, which is somewhat telling?

CBGB Rock Club

Everything about this trailer is cheesy.

It seems like everyone is in a different movie that was cut together in order to sell soundtracks. Plus you can tell this was filmed in Savannah and not NYC. I had high hopes that this was going to be more like 24 Hour Party People than Rock of Ages, but all the grit and darkness is washed off for bad jokes about The Ramones song titles and poorly filmed bar fights (I really hope Opie makes it out of this movie alive). How much better would this be if it felt like a film from the 70s?

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