Smart ladies love to ask WTF, One Direction “Best Song Ever” video


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Yesterday, on the eve of their three year anniversary, UK boyband One Direction caused a sensation on the Internet when they released their new video for “Best Song Ever.” And by sensation I mean a bunch of teenagers were freaking out. Here is the video in case you missed it:

The reactions to the video on Twitter can be broken down into several camps. The first is via non-Brit Tyler Oakley, 1D superfan & vlogger, who live tweeted his first viewing:

One D Tyler Oakley 5

One D Tyler Oakley 3JPG

One D Tyler Oakley 2

One D Tyler Oakley 4

One D Tyler Oakley 1

He’s totally fucking right about this though:

One D Booty Dancing

Two things, one, I <3 Niall and two, I want to pull their pants up because I am secretly 80. -K

The people, they loved it:

One D Tyler Oakley 7

One D Tyler Oakley 6

Then after that things got a little weird.

Zayn makes a pretty lady

Zayn BSE
One D Zayn 1

One D Zayn 2

One D Zayn 3

One D Zayn 4

I hope these kids take some time to examine gender norms and sexuality.

This idea

One D Georgia Rose 2

Hmmm, not so fast.

One D Georgia Rose 1

One D 5

Parental approval

For some reason, the 1D-ers get immense pleasure out of forcing their parents to watch “Best Song Ever” until they admit it is wonderful. I can only imagine the parents are only going along with their child’s obsession out of love and probably also fear.

One D Parents 1

I think it’s because his hair is off his goddamn face because there is no way any parent would like Harry normally:

Harry BSE gif

When Brooke made me watch this at work, I proclaimed that it says a lot about the disastrous state of Harry’s hair that a bad wig is a VAST improvement. -K

One D Parents 2

That is because anyone over 30 cannot listen to this with a straight face. It’s not personal, it’s a part of getting old.

One D Parents 3

No, your dad doesn’t deny it, he will probably be singing this song when he cuts work on Friday to go golfing and then he has to tell his buddies about One Direction.

One D Parents 4

So, these?

One D Marcel card 1

One D Marcel card 2
One D Marcel card 3

One D Marcel card 4

One D Marcel card 5

I am probably your mother’s age and I don’t even know what these are supposed to represent, they are so fucking terrible. BSB, ?, ??, ????, Village People (a 70s reference? REALLY??). [I bet Brooke will know!!! -K]

One D Parents 6

Who DOESN’T love fat Niall? The answer is no one.

One D Parents 7

She is lying.


The level of commitment these kids give this video is ASTOUNDING. I don’t have time to watch any video thirty times in a row.

One D 6

One D 3

One D 4

I think You Tube takes a long time to update video views because Twitter is making “Best Song Ever” seem way more popular than the numbers showed last night (I think it’s at over 8 million?).

One D 11

Admittedly, this song is better than “That’s What Makes You Beautiful” but I just want to make some of these people mix tapes full of Sleater Kinney & Slant 6 to maybe inspire them to be in bands earlier and get that angst out.

One D 10

I haven’t! I’ve seen BSE  exactly 1.5 times.

One D 9

Child, you should be lucky you get to go on vacation because soon you’ll be over 30 with a mortgage and your “vacation” will be installing a new roof and saving for your kid’s college tuition.

One D 8


Think about that for a minute. This video is ALSO highly gif-able, is full of hot boys and the song is really really good. [And they don’t sound like ROBOTS! I hate AUTOTUNE!-K]

Captain obvious

This reference is COMPLETELY intentional:

One D 2

I mean, his name isn’t Les Grossman, but it might as well be.

They’re international!

I’m too lazy to translate these but they all have the #bse hashtag so I’m assuming…

One D International 1

One D International 2

One D International 4

One D International 5

One D International 6

They even got CANADA in on it.

One D International 3


One D 14

I literally don’t even want to know about this.

Now let’s take a minute to enjoy the real heroes of this video, the best actors in the band, Niall and Louis. Louis is now my second favorite after Niall.

Louis BSE gif

Niall BSE gif


Gifs via tumblr: These wings are made to fly nay, The One D blog, Lux Stucru’s life, Marina Ruizs & Sandra Almqvist.

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