Smart ladies love movies, this week in trailers, January 5, 2015


Movie Trailer Monday


Each week I review movie trailers that came out the previous week or for movies that are about to premiere. Some of these movies I am excited about, some I am mildly curious about, and the rest I make fun of!

Notable movies coming out this weekend

Inherent Vice

I am super excited this is finally opening wide because now I will get to see it. [It was supposed to come to Richmond this weekend but I guess the release was delayed and I have been stewing about it all weekend. I just saw Her and I love Joaquin even more, if that is possible. -M]

Goodbye to All That, is out onDemand and for Rent

For 7 bucks you can rent this movie starring Melissa’s boyfriend Paul Schneider as a newly divorced dad who has sex with a bunch of lovely ladies (what’s up Anna Camp). [I just saw an episode of Key & Peele that guest starred Anna Camp–I have been really busy this break!–and she is a comedic genius. This actually looks good and like he’s having sex with all these ladies for a reason–it’s not exploitative at all. -M]

Movies I can’t wait to see in an ACTUAL theater

Woman in Gold, April 3, 2015

Helen Mirren is now at that point in her career where she stars in movies as an irascible old lady with an accent (The 100 foot Journey and both RED movies –though in those she gets a gun) and though her accent isn’t always good but she is often funny which I think blends nicely with Ryan Reynolds charms at least in this trailer. I also find the story interesting and Klimt is one of my favorite artists, but this could also be exceedingly sappy. [I saw this trailer on the big screen and it appears less cheesy than the description makes it sound, especially since it’s based on a true story. I like pretty European scenery. -M]

I won’t go to an ACTUAL theater but will pay for it on Amazon

Everly, February 27, 2015

This looks badass but it also looks like something I will rent after midnight on the weekend. [I cannot tell what the plot is. Did Salma want to do her own Kill Bill? -M]

To Write Love on Her Arms, TBA 2015

On the one hand this stars Kat Dennings and Rupert Friend but then on the other hand it also stars Chad Michael Murray. [Katie, it also stars Corbin Bleu from High School Musical fame. The organization this is based on has a wikipedia page (I was intrigued by the “global movement” mentioned in the trailer) and says this movie is called Day One. TWLOHA is a better title I think. -M]

You would have to PAY me to see it in an ACTUAL theater

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

WHY??? Ugh…I am already over all the shitty movies that are going to come out from now until May. [I am worried I will have nothing to see at the movies for the next five months besides indies that are late getting to Richmond. The first Paul Blart was TERRIBLE, was this really necessary??? -M]

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