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Movie Trailer Monday

Each week I review movie trailers that came out the previous week or for movies that are about to premiere. Some of these movies I am excited about, some I am mildly curious about, and the rest I make fun of!

Notable movies coming out this weekend

Inside Out

This looks ridiculously adorable and, let’s face it, Amy Poehler is truly a pure joy. Also Lewis Black is the voice of anger in my head too. [I really feel like this was made for older kids and adults. I would probably not turn this off if it was on TV but I don’t think I would pay to see a cartoon. God, I am such a cranky, old, fun-hating lady. -M]

Madame Bovary, is out onDemand and for Rent

This is one of those books I always feel like I need to read and now the Brits (I’m assuming) have made it into a movie and I no longer need to read it –THANKS UK (or France)! I should note that this is directed by Sophie Barthes who I just learned was born in France so thanks FRANCE (also thanks to IMDB)! [But if it was a miniseries, I could spend even MORE TIME with Paul Giamatti.  The costumes look especially lovely–that red dress!!!!!!!!! -M]

Movies I can’t wait to see in an ACTUAL theater

Diary of a Teenage Girl, August 7, 2015

Another movie directed by a woman about a young woman’s coming of age based on a book or in this case an illustrated novel (it’s more text than drawings so not quite a graphic novel). It takes place in San Francisco in the seventies and I am so pleased they have incorporated the novel’s art into the movie. ALSO my Swedish boyfriend’s stache and corduroy coat are things of beauty. [More great costumes, except from a completely different era. I love the cast of this, and the fact that the lead is a teenage girl I actually want to spend time with. -M]

The Martian, October 2, 2015

I’m still pissed at Ridley Scott but I love everyone in this movie (MATT DAMON) and the trailer has me hooked (it also helps that the cast is thankfully more diverse than his last film). [“I’m going to have to science the shit out of this.” Kristen Wiig is officially in EVERYTHING. She’s like the 2015 version of Jessica Chastain, who, by the way, is ALSO in Martian. -M]

Rock the Kasbah, October 23, 2015

This is another movie with a stellar cast that looks super fun. I always enjoy Zooey Deschanel playing someone different from Jess Day (I know she is a good actress but I sometimes feel like New Girl has become everything she is about). [“Rebel Rebel” in the trailer is a good sign. So is Bruce Willis with a big gun. You know what’s NOT a good sign? KATE HUDSON. PASS. -M]

I won’t go to an ACTUAL theater but will pay for it on Amazon

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, November 20, 2015

I’m not going to lie my favorite part of this trailer is that Peeta is obviously not going into battle, now I know this is because he is in rough shape at the end of part 1 but I like to think it’s cause he has a tendency to nearly get himself killed and his only skills are cake decorating and lifting sacks of flour (let’s face it Peeta is going to be a boss when they have to re-civilize society). Anywho this is coming back at Thanksgiving so get really excited for Josh Hutcherson doing press as he is the best (even though I love to tease Peeta). [I haven’t seen the first Mockingjay yet! GRRR. Instead, I will use this space as a plea to get Josh Hutcherson to return to host SNL. I still laugh when I think of the Outfield skit or the one in the animal hospital. Just put him on the docket NOW, producers. -M]

You would have to PAY me to see it in an ACTUAL theater

The Stanford Prison Experiment, July 17, 2015

This movie looks terrifying (I find “Man’s inhumanity to man” scarier then any horror film) but it did remind of the season 3 episode of Veronica Mars where Logan Echolls as a prisoner makes the Stanford Experiment his bitch. [The Jon Ronson book So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed talks about this a lot, and he even interviewed one of the most abusive guards, who said they were acting like that because they were bored and they knew they had to do something. Ronson never makes a judgement call either way, however. Anyway, the 70s-ness of this TOTALLY makes me happy. -M]

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