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It is that time of year for LISTS so here are our favorite (and not so favorite) trailers of 2014!

2014 Best Superlatives

Best Trailer of 2014

Dear White People

Hands down the best edited and put together trailer of 2014. This trailer made me desperately want to go see this but alas it never came to NOVA just MD and DC –BOO! [The trailer absolutely worked on me, because I saw DWP and LOVED it. -M]

Most exciting trailer for a movie coming out late 2015

Star Wars VII – The Force Awakens

Star Wars VII doesn’t come out for another year but this trailer released the week of Thanksgiving has made Star Wars fan like my self go crazy with speculation on what any of it means– which is what you want after the last three Star Wars movies. [I was so glad Katie picked this. The response to this trailer on the internet was immediate and amazing to watch. -M]

Most Swintoniest trailer (TIE)

Only Lovers Left Alive

Swinton and Tom Hiddelston as married punk vampires is still an amazing concept (why is this movie only available to own on Amazon). [I am so over vampires but everything about this is wonderful. -M]


Swinton is great in Snowpiercer (which you should go watch now on Netflix if you have not seen it) as the administrator in charge of squashing rebellious riff raff at the back of the train. [When Snowpiercer first came out to rent online, everyone I knew saw it and posted about it on Facebook. I am rebellious and also this is probably too scary for me. -M]

Best VO outside of In A World…

Easy Money: Hard to Kill

Easy Money is a Swedish movie franchise starring Joel Kinnaman but that doesn’t matter all that matters is the hilarious over the top VO of this trailer. [You had me at Swedish movie franchise. -M]

Most Delightful

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The trailer for this movie captures the delight of the movie without giving much away. This also has Tilda Swinton but the real star and such a wonderful addition to the Wes Anderson repertoire is Ralph Fiennes. [Coming to HBO next Saturday!! The colors are gorgeous. Wes Anderson’s trailers, like his movies, are always extremely well-edited. -M]

Most Divisive

Begin Again

The trailer is great and captures the spirit of the movie without overselling the plot but Melissa and I had differing opinions about the actual movie, I loved it she felt it could have been better. [I loved the performances, which the trailer captured really well, but had a problem with Adam Levine and the fact that this female musician never name-checked any female artists she liked and none played on the soundtrack. -M]

Best use of a Paul Simon song AND trailer where the film lived up to the hype

Obvious Child

Melissa and I were positively STEAMED that Jenny Slate and Obvious Child were not represented in the comedy categories for the Golden Globes especially since it was the BEST COMEDY OF 2014. [The trailer perfectly captured both the humor and the sad moments of this fantastic little movie. -M]

Most Punk ROCK!

We Are the Best!

Swedish teen girls start a punk band JOY ENSUES. Just try to watch this trailer without smiling. AND good news it’s now on Netflix. [This trailer makes me feel so joyous. It’s on the list for my holiday break viewing! -M]

Most Surprising


I didn’t necessarily think I would like Wild —one woman mostly alone on a trail– but this trailer made it seem like it would be good. PS I saw it a couple of weeks ago and I still think about how good it was. [I am always hesitant about movies made from books, but this trailer put all my fears to rest. -M]

Most likely to make me listen to Belle & Sebastian on loop

God Help the Girl

I hope this movie is available to rent the next time Melissa and I are in the same place. [I KNOW, KATIE. I am so sad this never played in Richmond and its inclusion on this list made me more depressed. -M]

Most Exciting Teaser


Next to Star Wars VII, Tomorrowland is the movie I am most excited for basically because I have no idea what it’s about but the teaser makes me want to find out. Idea for Disney just keep the teaser I guarantee we will all turn out opening night to just find out what George Clooney is doing. [This is so well done–it gives you just enough to be curious! -M]

Most likely to get Katie over her fear of Joaquin

Inherent Vice

My name is Katie and Joaquin Phoenix creeps me out but every once in a while he transcends this with his exceptional acting abilities (really just Walk the Line) this movie was the first time in a long time where I really wanted to see a Joaquin Pheonix movie –good job Paul Thomas Anderson. [The IV trailer is so well done and reminds me of all the 90s Elmore Leonard classics. -M]

Trailer Katie wishes Melissa had commented on (TIE)

Life Partners

Melissa this movie stars two of our favorite ladies and was written and directed by a woman. I was so sad when you couldn’t comment because of your job –BOO WORK! [YES!!! I watched this one on my own when it was released and really wanted to comment on MTM but it was not to be. I love that line–“we’re still the only ones that think we’re funny”–because it reminds me of me and Katie and this blog. Fun fact: Leighton released a record this year and it is better than it had any reason to be. -M]

While We’re Young

Adam Driver and Ben Stiller become BFFs in the NEW Noah Baumbach movie –again WORK got in the way (one of us seriously needs to win the lottery). [Adam Driver is my favorite actor of his generation. How much do I relate to Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts? YIKES I am old. -M]

AND the Worst Trailers of 2014

Worst post Downton Abbey Dan Stevens movie

Summer in February

Hands down Melissa’s best comments on a trailer in 2014. [If you didn’t include this I was going to do it anyway. This trailer is a masterpiece of shit. -M]

TOO Fucking Much Michael Bay

Transformers 4 (I don’t get paid enough to even figure out the subtitle of this movie)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Neither of these movies needed to be made and both of them made tons of money for Michael Bay to roll around in –good job WORLD. [When I see trailers for movies like this, my eyes roll in the back of my head and I drool. I would rather watch ten episodes of Mulaney in a row than either of these. -M]


American Blogger

This movie still looks terrible. [I did kind of want to see this to make fun of, but it was not worth the time or money. -M]


The Human Race

Because of this movie Melissa discovered this gem of an actor. [I LOVE HIM. That was my fb profile pic for a while. I have actually watched this trailer since we posted it, and it does not become any more compelling. -M]

Luke Thompson The Human Race


The Most Unnecessary Movie EVER!

Dumb and Dumber To

Really Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey? Really? REALLY? [No. -M]

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