Smart ladies love movies, what to go see on Christmas

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My family, for as long as I can remember, has been going to the movies on Christmas Day. Because Fandango will let you go back and see what was out in a certain year and in a certain month I have listed for you the most noteworthy Christmas movies we have seen (and by noteworthy I mean that I can remember).


2012 – The Life of Pi  This did surprisingly well during awards season which made me love it all the more.

2011 – Hugo  At the time it was the prettiest 3D movie I had ever seen until we saw The Life of Pi the year after. For a kids movie it was very long for a Scorsese film it was short.

2010 – The Kings Speech*  I’m shocked that we ALL agreed to go see this movie about a king with a stutter. It was a real crowd pleaser and had swearing which is always welcome on the holidays.

Upintheair1 Upintheair2

Upintheair3 Upintheair4

2009 – Up in the Air  Everyone hated it but me and I am no longer allowed to pick the Christmas movie. My mother hated the ending and the rest of the family felt that George Clooney played George Clooney –FUCK YOU I LOVE GEORGE CLOONEY! [Everyone in your family is wrong. This movie is amazing! -M]

2008 – Slumdog Millionaire*  Surprisingly upbeat for its subject matter.

2007 – Juno  Everyone hated it but my mother and I –maybe I’m the only one who likes Jason Reitman though I have no interest in Labor Day.

2006 – Stranger than Fiction or The Good German  I know I saw both of these movies in the theater but I can’t remember which one was our “Christmas Movie” and my mother doesn’t even remember The Good German.

2005 – Broke Back Mountain  Probably the most moving and depressing Christmas movie we have ever seen.

2004 – Kinsey???  I’m shocked we didn’t go see The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou but Kinsey was good. [Peter Sarsgaard, my movie boyfriend!!! -M]


2002 – Catch Me if you Can  The quintessential Christmas movie, blissful frothy FUN!

2001 – Majestic  We are fans of Jim Carrey in dramedy for Christmas. [I don’t even remember this movie. -M]

2000 – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon*  I still can’t believe we got my mother to go see this.

1999 – Man on the Moon  We’re BIG fans of Courtney Love in a Christmas movie this is NOT a joke, that woman can ACT.

1998 – Shakespeare in Love*  I  loved this but in the end I am still sad that Saving Private Ryan did NOT win Best Picture that year as it is the better film and I have done research AKA I watch them both pretty often as they are still on pay cable 15 years later.

1996 – The People vs. Larry Flint  Why is this film not on pay cable all the time also WOODY HARRELSON WAS ROBBED he deserved all the awards for this movie! Courtney Love was FABULOUS. Both this film and Man on the Moon were directed by Milos Foreman.

* Won Best Picture at the Oscars (I am shocked at how many of these were Oscar nominated films. Most of the time we go based on weather or not it looks like a smart FUN movie as opposed to dumb FUN movie.) 


This year it will be just my mom and I (the rest of the crew don’t get in until late on Christmas) so we are going to see American Hustle as it looks like the PERFECT Christmas movie. [We are seeing that on Christmas too! I will text you immediately to find out your thoughts. -M]

Here are the movies that you and your family can go see this Christmas and why you might like them too:


47 Ronin – For those who think that Christmas isn’t Christmas without Keanu Reeves playing a Samurai (he also directed this). ETA: He directed The Man of Tai Chi and NOT 47 Ronin. 

American Hustle – Everything about this movie looks fun, from the hair to the music and above all the talent. You can see the trailer here.

August: Osage County – For those of you who find your family too normal OR for those of us who like to take solace in the fact that others have fucked up families TOO!

Grudge Match – Because your nanna thinks Robert DeNiro, Sylvester Stalone, Alan Arkin and/or Kevin Hart are adorable. [Who DOESN’T think Kevin Hart is adorable? ps this movie looks really shitty. -M]

The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug – There are lots of hot boys in this movie –nough said! You can see the trailer here.

Inside Llewyn Davis – Who doesn’t want to spend the holidays with an asshole, this time you can spend it listening to awesome folk music instead of your dumb uncle Bob ranting about the “war on Christmas”. You can see the trailer here.

Justin Bieber’s Believe – This is where you send the kids in your life while you go watch one of the 20 other AWESOME films out there. You can see the trailer here.

Labor Day – Only go see this if another family member suggests it, trust me if you want this to be a tradition, starting your family off with a Jason Reitman film can go very badly for you.

Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom – Spend Christmas honoring a man who changed the world while also crushing on Idris Elba–it’s like a Christmas miracle. [I only like to cry on Christmas because of family stuff, so I’ll pass. -M]

Saving Mr. Banks – Nothing, and I mean nothing, says Christmas like Tom Hanks playing Walt Disney. (This is a FUN FACT video and by golly all trailers should be thus!)

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – This also looks like a perfect Christmas film as it is fun and uplifting while also being smart. You can see the trailer here. [I am so scared to read the reviews for this because it looks magical and I don’t want to be disappointed. -M]

Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas – If your nanna doesn’t want to see old dudes box then maybe she would like to see Tyler Perry play Madea in a Christmas movie ALSO your cousin Tiffany (the one who loved One Tree Hill) might be super excited for the reemergence of Chad Michael Murray’s career. It also stars Blake Lively’s brother. [Wait, Chad Michael Murray is in this?? THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING. -M]

The Wolf of Wall Street – This is apparently the longest Scorsese film, so go while the turkey/ham/roast is cooking so that you are famished by the end. [I have an ARC of this book and I still haven’t read it. The reviews make me want to see this even more, though I fear I will stress out about pee breaks. -M]

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