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Trailer Tuesday


I’ll be honest Movie Trailer Monday became kind of a slog PLUS it didn’t really allow room for TV trailers for which there are so many and so we have retooled MTM to the new and improved Trailer Tuesday in which we will discuss upcoming movies, movies we have recently watched, movies that are newly video-on-demand, Netflix and Amazon films, AND of course TV (because it’s our favorite). We will also be trying to focus on inclusion and, of course, women in film –which is especially important to our collective culture.

Out this week in theaters, VOD, streaming, and TV

Arrival, out now in theaters

I saw this over the weekend and it’s very good. It’s meditative and dreamy, it’s kind of like Terrence Malick made a really good alien movie. It’s also incredibly life affirming so it was great after this terrible “I want to burn this place to the ground” week. Let’s hope that this weekends good box office showing propels Amy Adams into the Best Actress Oscar discussion because SLLS will lose their collective shit if Emma “not at all Asian” Stone wins an Oscar before Amy Adams (or Annette Bening if we’re being honest). [I have been on the Amy-Adams-for-Oscar train since Junebug. Since this is about aliens and stars Amy Adams, it is on my husband’s radar, but I haven’t had time to see it yet. -M]

Moonlight, out now in theaters (select cities) (director of color)

I’m very excited about this movie even though I’m fairly certain it will leave me a blubbering mess. I really hope this is the movie that makes Naomi Harris’ career, I have loved her since the Masterpiece adaptation of White Teeth. [My girl S saw this and loved it. I am buoyed by the fact that people are calling Andre Holland “your new fall crush.” YES PLEASE. -M]

The Edge of Seventeen, in theaters Friday (female director)

I’m so happy that a woman has made a raunchy R-rated teen-comedy centered on a girl. I also love that the object of her affection is NOT some white CW show dude. Let’s all do our collective part and go see this so that Hollywood knows that we like female-led comedies and hot dudes of color. [AND Kyra Sedgwick is her mom! Let’s hear it for all my favorite actresses playing moms in teen movies! High five to you, Patricia Clarkson! And you, Laura Dern! And YOU, Allison Janney! -M]

What’s coming up

Mozart in the Jungle, Amazon, season 3 premiere December 9th

This show is perpetually under the radar that when it won a bunch of Golden Globes that assholes on EW Radio kept making fun of it and I nearly wrecked my car trying to call in and defend it. On its surface Mozart can seem pretentious (the title, the fact that it about classical music) but it’s really a wonderful workplace comedy about a workplace very few people get to work in. The entire cast is terrific but it stars national treasure Bernadette Peters! Please watch Mozart in the Jungle it’s very funny, also Gael García Bernal is very attractive. [Look, I love this show so much I found a way to work it into a class I taught on the multigenerational workforce. I’m sad that Dermot Mulroney is back but at least someone had the good sense to hire Monica Bellucci. You still have some time to catch up before season three. Please do it so Katie and I have someone else to talk about the show with. -M]

Beauty and the Beast, March 17, 2017

As someone who LOVES this cartoon it’s a little irritating that Disney just basically made a live adaptation of something that was pretty fucking perfect. I’m not sure we needed this. Beauty and the Beast has one of the smartest female leads BUT is also the problematic story of a woman suffering from Stockholm Syndrome which might be even more apparent when it’s not a cartoon. This is also the first of TWO trailers featuring Dan Stevens (he’s the Beast) many of you reading this column know that our like of Dan died with cousin Matthew in a fiery car crash but the next trailer might re-affirm our like (we never really loved Matthew he whined a lot and was never truly worthy of Mary’s spunk). [Katie, remember when you would recap the CW show? And he was not a beast at all, but a hot white guy? Sigh. I’m going to be honest, you will have to fucking pay me to see this. I will just watch the Jean Cocteau masterpiece again, which was scary and beautiful and had amazing special effects for 1946. -M]

Legion, FX sometime in 2017

I love Noah Hawley and I love the X-Men so I am beyond stoked for Legion. Legion is actually a really powerful mutant and the son of Professor X so let’s hope we get a really awesome Patrick Stewart cameo in the future. Also I see Jean Smart and Rachel Keller from Fargo season 2 so let’s hope Hawley finds a way to work in Bokeem Woodbine. [Could they have hired someone that ISN’T Dan Stevens?? Bonus: Katie Aselton and Hamish Linklater, one of my many boyfriends. Since I watch most FX shows that aren’t Tyrant, this will at least get a tryout, depending on how much I want to punch Dan Stevens in the face. STILL my favorite MTM I’ve done. -M]

Wonder Woman, June 2, 2017 (female director)

I’m so happy this looks good but DC has a nasty habit of putting out great trailers for movies that actually suck –SUICIDE SQUAD. Gal Gadot was the best part of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and I love Chris Pine so I’m really hoping this is AWESOME. [I really don’t care about DC and I’m glad they’re trying but I will wait until the reviews come out. If they put all the funny stuff in the trailer I will skip it until cable. -M]

What’s good that you may have missed

The Crown, Netflix

This is beautifully made and the acting is fabulous. The first few episodes are pretty slow BUT once the coronation happens it gets so good that you will be sad when it’s done. [I’m four episodes in and I never thought I’d love a show with Claire Foy (ugh so annoying in Wolf Hall) and Matt Smith, who is so perfectly cast. Plus it’s given me something else to do in my spare time instead of follow politics: read about the royals! I hope more people catch on to this show, it’s a lot of fun, and extremely expensive-looking (it IS the priciest Netflix show). -M]

Love & Friendship, Amazon Prime

Whit Stillman + Jane Austen = a vert cutting costume romantic comedy. I didn’t love this as much as I thought I would but it is very clever and Kate Beckinsale is really underused in Hollywood. She and Jennifer Garner need a hour long HBO comedy where they play to LA divorcées. [I had no idea this existed and I am super embarrassed. I love that the editing of the trailer makes it seem zippy and modern and talky–all Stilman staples. It’s almost Christmas time and I will remind all of you that Metropolitan is the best holiday movie ever. -M]

The weird and wacky world of the indie romantic comedy

Each week we will try and bring you the most indiest of indie rom-coms courtesy of Netflix and Amazon (there is so much weird and unintentionally hilarious shit out there) and each of us will rate them on their watch-ability using the following scale (This will be interesting because Melissa and I have very different thresholds for different kinds of crap, I think I’m more forgiving of romances and she is more forgiving of comedies. I don’t know–I’m the most excited about this.). [I agree with Katie’s assessment–I love a dumb comedy! -M]

5 This movie looks cute and I am sad no one ever hyped it
4 This movie is perfect for a Saturday when you are doing laundry and want to both watch a movie but also read this weeks Entertainment Weekly
3 This movie was originally created for Hallmark, right?
2 This movie looks terrible and something I will watch in secret at 1 am on a Saturday as my secret shame
1 This movie looks unintentionally hilarious and therefore has become a must see the next time I have nothing to watch at midnight on Friday

A Date with Miss Fortune, Amazon Prime

Katie: I’m actually going to give this movie a 4 because it looks like it could be genuinely funny and has Vik Sahay from Chuck. I also like romantic comedies that are about relationships and not the whole courtship. This way we can be more invested in the two leads falling in love.

Melissa: KATIE THERE IS A FORTUNE TELLER IN THIS. 3 all the way. I watch a lot of Lifetime and Hallmark movies and this could easily be mistaken for one because the leads have no charisma or chemistry. I do like family hilarity and cute dogs, which is saving this from being a 2 or 1.

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