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Trailer Tuesday


Trailer Tuesday in which we try to discuss upcoming movies, movies we have recently watched, movies that are new to video-on-demand, Netflix and Amazon films, AND of course TV (because it’s our favorite). We also focus on inclusion and, of course, women in film –which is especially important to our collective culture.

Out this week in theaters, VOD, streaming, and TV

Jackie, opened last Friday

This is Natalie Portman’s bid for Oscar number 2 and it looks almost as loopy and weird as Black Swan. I really like bio-pics/historical fiction films that focus on one sliver of time as they seem to be weirder and way more interesting. If there is a reason to be thankful for the existence of the Star Wars prequels it’s that Portman made so much money that she has made really interesting film choices. Now I just need to remember that Jane Got a Gun is on Netflix. [Hey, ANOTHER movie that does that sliver of time thing is The End of the Tour! It’s really good! One of the words that has been used to describe Jackie is “weird” so I will definitely see it. It’s not playing in my town yet. I hope the 60s bob makes a comeback. Also of note: more John Hurt! I feel like he is always almost close to becoming well-known again. -M]

All We Had, opens Friday (directed by a woman)

Katie Holmes directed a movie, ya’ll! This actually looks kind of good. The kid might be a little too precocious but who am I kidding I would watch this just for Richard Kind, Judy Greer, and Luke Wilson. [Hell, I’ve watched much less (Red Oaks) just for Richard Kind. MARK CONSUELOS! He doesn’t even need to work, as he’s got all that daytime TV money from Live with Kelly… and yet he still does! GO MARK! -M]

Mozart in the Jungle, season 3, Friday on Amazon Prime

If you have Amazon Prime I demand you watch Mozart in the Jungle and if you don’t have Prime you should get it FOR Mozart in the Jungle. Seriously if you enjoy workplace comedies, classical music, Lola Kirke (the BEST Kirke), and/or appreciate Gael García Bernal this is the show for you. [I agree that Lola Kirke is the best Kirke but Jemima is also excellent on Girls, though everyone is elevated by Adam Driver because he is just amazing. Please watch MITJ! Maybe Katie and I will tweet about season 3 this weekend if you’re good. -M]

What’s coming up

La La Land, December 16, 2016

This movie looks fantastic and I LOVE Ryan Gosling BUT I’m not sure I will ever get over Emma Stone playing an Asian woman in Aloha (also Aloha was a terrible movie). Imagine if you will a world in which this character was played by human delight Anna Kendrick (who can actually sing –it’s not that Emma can’t sing it’s just her voice is so thin, but maybe that’s the point). All of that to say that I will love this movie, it’s a movie musical made the way they are supposed to be made. ALSO John Legend. [She was so great on SNL for the THIRD time! I love love loved Whiplash and I trust Damien Chazelle. My dad loves musicals so he’s pushing for this to be our Christmas Day movie. If I can even wait that long. -M]

Rogue One, December 16, 2016

Let’s praise Kathleen Kennedy for making Star Wars both more diverse and awesomely lady-centric!  I bought my ticket and am SO EXCITED! [We have our tickets too–my husband, who does not use as much leave time as I do, is even taking a half day to see it with me! The cast is a dream–seriously every single actor is perfect. I am turning into such a SW fanatic since the movies are good again. I really don’t even want to wait a week and a half. -M]

Fences, December 25, 2016 (directed by a person of color)

All HAIL Viola Davis and Denzel Washington! I can’t really say anything beyond the acting in this trailer looks phenomenal. [Everyone says Viola is a shoo-in for the Oscar, but I would be thrilled to see this get awards attention in multiple categories. It’s the kind of adult, family drama that doesn’t often get made. -M]

Nashville, season 5 premieres, January 5th on CMT

(The first half of the premiere is getting a sneak peak on December 15th)

I’m really thankful CMT picked up Nashville. Living life without Juliette and Avery is just so painful. Also it appears the new showrunners have corrected the shows lack of diversity, now let’s hope they correct the shows issues of character trait flip-flopping and weird story arcs that go nowhere. [Katie and I JUST watched the finale together in October–we didn’t want to watch it because we were so sad it was cancelled. Unfortunately, one black dude does not equal diversity, especially since he’s a “love interest” type and will probably be canned at some point. Strangely, I miss Lyla and Luke. -M]

Taboo, season 1 premiere, Jaunary 10th on FX

I have no real clue as what this is about other than Tom Hardy was thought to be dead and NOW is alive and it’s a period piece BUT I’m going to watch it for: the hats, Oona Chaplin, Michael Kelly, and Tom Hardy’s acting which often amuses me. It’s also on FX, I mean I watched 4 episodes of Tyrant surely I can watch this (Incidentally why did Tyrant get 3 seasons when The Bridge only got 2? Also why are there so many version of The Bridge? I tried to watch the UK/France’s The Tunnel but got bored very quickly.). [The Bridge is so much better than Tyrant. Maybe someone who worked for Tyrant is married to a Fox exec. Anyway, I too don’t really know what’s going on in this trailer, and I’ll definitely watch it, but if Tom Hardy turns out to be another boring masculine anti-hero I will probably give up. On TV AND on feminism. -M]

Big Little Lies, premieres February 19th on HBO

I like a good black comedy about rich people especially if someone gets MURDERED. I am sad that ASkars went back to TV without Pam though, let’s face it she would have been fabulous on this show as a pissed off rich mom –Kristen Bauer von Stratton needs to be in everything! [Laura Dern played Reese’s mom in Wild, so they’re reuniteddddddd. Reese has a delightful Instagram, where she appears to be normal and very cute–she’s posting behind the scenes videos of her new movie on her story. This is a seven-episode miniseries and I am ready for something that 1) is not all dudes and 2) looks more fun than Show Me a Hero. -M]



The actual cast of this is pretty freaking stellar, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Adam Scott, Zoe Kravitz, and SLLS FAVE LAURA DERN! If I have the time in February and it’s seems like it will be easy to tease, I might cover this show (mainly so I can use that gif of ASkars naked that we love to use).


What’s good that you may have missed

Vikings,  season 4 part 2 premiered Wednesday, November 30th on History Channel

I initially started watching Vikings because I thought it would be unintentionally funny but was pleasantly surprised when it was really really good. However, I do wish it was on pay cable so that they could say “fuck” instead of “sex” which always sounds weird (or they should do what TBS does with Mr. Robot and just drop the sound when people say “Fuck”). The acting is phenomenal and it does a really good job of showing both the male and female roles in a society we don’t learn much about. You can watch all past seasons on Amazon Prime (they even have season 4, part 1) AND the new season just started so if you can catch that onDemand. [I think I’m still on season 3. Rollo is really hot. I don’t have much else to say except maybe I’ll catch up one day. -M]

This or that

We pick an actor/genre/plot with two similar films available to watch, on TV, streaming, or in theaters and tell you which one is better.

This week, the battle of the Stark brothers! Also, Idris Elba, worlds sexiest man –FUCK YOU PEOPLE! ALSO also both movies have different UK/European titles versus American titles (for some reason MI-5 has been the US name for UK Drama Spooks –I guess we couldn’t figure out that’s slang– and we are too stupid to figure out Bastille Day is a French holiday) and are fun action spy movies.

MI-5 (Spooks: The Greater Good), HBO Go/Now, 56% on Rotten Tomatoes

I have tried to watch the MI-5 (Spooks) TV show multiple times and it’s okay but it never really holds my interest. This movie is a one off movie based around the TV show and was both fun and free. [How have I never heard of this??? -M]

If you want to watch a really good film with Jon Snow let me recommend Testament of Youth which also stars Alicia Vikander which you can see for free with a Starz subscription. It is an amazing film set in WWI based on a memoir by Vera Brittain.

The Take (Bastille Day), rent it anywhere,  47% on Rotten Tomatoes

The Take (Bastille Day) is more comical (or so it tries to be than MI-5), it wants to be serious buddy CIA drama. The other super weird thing about this movie is that it’s English and everyone in it is English BUT to appeal to a wider audience they all have American accents and are in the CIA. It’s good and fun. [I haven’t heard of this either!! These American accents are weird. -M] I don’t think I have seen Robb Stark in anything other than GoT or this so I can’t recommend anything better with him so instead I will use this as a plug for Luther! If you have not watched Luther (why?) you can watch all of it on Netflix, NOW!

After watching that, I want to re-watch Luther –Alice Morgan FTW! [Ruth Wilson is the prettiest. And she is fanfuckingtastic in this show. -M]

Oh and which Stark brother spy movie is worth your time?  The Take (Bastille Day), as Idris Elba makes literally everything better. That man is a human charm bomb. I would recommend waiting for it to be free though as it will surely be picked up by Netflix, Hulu, and/or Prime ASAP.

The weird and wacky world of the indie romantic comedy

We may not have the most readers but we have the best! This is so great! Thank you again A!


Each week we rate the most indiest of indie rom-coms courtesy of Netflix and Amazon (there is so much weird and unintentionally hilarious shit out there) on their watch-ability using the following scale –Katie is more forgiving of romances and Melissa is more forgiving of comedies.

5 This movie looks cute and I am sad no one ever hyped it
4 This movie is perfect for a Saturday when you are doing laundry and want to both watch a movie but also read this weeks Entertainment Weekly
3 This movie was originally created for Hallmark, right?
2 This movie looks terrible and something I will watch in secret at 1 am on a Saturday as my secret shame
1 This movie looks unintentionally hilarious and therefore has become a must see the next time I have nothing to watch at midnight on Friday

Lust For Love, Amazon Prime

Katie – So the last movie we featured in this category was AWFUL so I chose a movie this time around that’s actually something I would watch. Based on the trailer I would give this a 4 in fact I’m kind of surprised I haven’t already watched this on a Saturday while doing laundry and reading EW.

Melissa- I think Katie and I watched this trailer together! The dude is kind of bland, but I like Dichen Lachman, and this reminds me of some of the random indie movies I’ve watched on Netflix while bored and alone. A 4 from me too! Don’t expect to see another one for a while, I hate everything.



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