Smart ladies love movies, the best (and worst) nerd movies of 2012


AKA Science Fiction, Fantasy and those movies “boys” love so much…

…or in the Case of Battleship and John Carter movies that “boys” don’t love so much…

Incidentally I’m including the worldwide and domestic grosses because it is NUTS how much money these movies made (even Battleship and John Carter in the end made descent bank). I am also NOT including animated movies, though there would only be two I would include, Brave and Wreck-It Ralph but I haven’t seen the latter. I really recommend watching Brave; especially ladies with little girls. Also not on this list but should be but will most likely be on next years list is The Hobbit as I won’t see that until next week.

Smartest and toughest lady character(s)…

The Hunger Games, WW gross 686 million (408 million US)


I can not tell you how happy I was with this movie and that it made so much bank.  Jennifer Lawrence is brilliant and the casting in general was pretty spot on.  I even enjoyed Josh Hutchinson, who I kind of hate, so WIN.  I seriously cannot wait for Catching Fire.  [Can we see CF together too? -M]

Most anticipated movies that actually were as awesome as we all hoped…

The Dark Knight Rises, WW gross 1.081 billion (448 million US)


A bunch of us went to see this during the day instead of working, as we had bought are tickets the day before.  We were all terrified it would suck but thankfully it was pretty awesome. Yes there are lapses in logic but honestly there are in about 90% of movies on this list.  It also had not one but two strong female characters who are never reduced to sex objects though both have and use their sex appeal a plenty–yes there is a difference.

Skyfall, WW gross 921+ million (264+ million US)


Daniel Craig is very attractive.  Dame Judy Dench is a very good actress.  Javier Bardem is a great villain.  Scotland is lovely even when it is overcast.  My crush on Ben Winshaw is continually growing.

The Avengers, Worldwide (WW) gross 1.5 billion (623 million US)


I really liked this movie in theaters.  I have liked it a little less on my TV at home.  I think the second one will be better.  I also wish they had let Cobie Smulders be funny, come on Whedon, give the girl some quips. [The best part of The Avengers was the humor, I wanted more! -M]

The movie I wish had done better because Jeremy Renner should be in everything…

The Bourne Legacy, WW gross 276 million (113 million US)


I was a big fan of the first three Bourne films and found Matt Damon a very interesting action hero.  Jeremy Renner is an excellent actor and brings a nice poignancy to this fairly straight forward action movie.  I’m a little saddened that it didn’t make more money.

Dumbest characters with the prettiest visuals (or stick to drama Charlize)…

Prometheus, WW gross 402 million (126 million US)


This movie was visually stunning and also had Idris Elba in it; unfortunately, it also had a ton of morons too.  Thankfully all characters were dumb, not just the ladies.  On the whole, the movie needed more character development and Sigourney Weaver.

Snow White and the Huntsman, WW gross 396 million (155 million US)


This movie was ALSO visually stunning and had Chris Hemsworth (who is DREAMY) it also had Kristen Stewart (is a terrible drip of an actress in other words a milqtoast).  I also would like to know of what universe Kristen Stewart is more beautiful than Charlize Theron.  If you are looking to watch a live-action Snow White go watch Mirror Mirror it’s adorable and Lily Collins kicks ass.

Saddest waste of Tim Riggins talent…

John Carter, WW gross 282 million (73 million US)


This movie needed a more cohesive story and character development   There were so many characters and they all looked the same that is got very confusing.  I will give it props for letting Tim Riggins have long hair and very little clothes.  It would have improved, however, if they had let him have some sense of humor.

Saddest waste of ASkars, Liam Neeson AND Tim Riggins talent…

Battleship, WW gross 302 million (65 million US)


Oh, Battleship, dear sweet Battleship:  one, you do NOT cut off Riggins hair,  two, you do not lock Neeson out of the action, three (SPOILERS!!!) you do not kill off Alexander Skarsgard, and four don’t make a movie based on a boring board game we all cheat at.  I will give props to Peter Berg for casting Landry and writing him as Landry and casting Tim Riggins and casting him as Riggins.  However, Riggins would never survive in the military!

Most forgettable…

The Amazing Spider-Man, 752 million (262 million US)


Ummm…Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield fell in love while making this movie.  The gods honest truth I watched this three weeks ago and I do not remember what happened.

Wrath of the Titans, WW gross 302 million (83 million US)


I kind of forgot this came out this past year.  It was better that Clash of the Titans, but Sam Worthington deserves better than this class of film. I missed Gemma Atterton, though I appreciated Rosamond Pike as a tough gladiator (at least I think that’s what she was I don’t really remember).

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