Smart ladies love movies, this week in trailers, July 20, 2015


Movie Trailer Monday

Each week I review movie trailers that came out the previous week or for movies that are about to premiere. Some of these movies I am excited about, some I am mildly curious about, and the rest I make fun of!

Notable movies coming out this weekend

Paper Towns

I have zero desire to see this movie. I don’t know if it’s my disinterest in Cara Delevingne as a model or actress or if I’m over the teen coming of age movie –perish the thought. [Yeah, I’m definitely over her in both capacities and I’ve grown weary of John Green adaptations (after all of one). I’m ready for the Rainbow Rowell movies! BRING IT ON! -M]

Lila and Eve, is out onDemand and for Rent

When this is free Melissa and I are going to get drunk and live tweet it. Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez look so badass. [I certainly won’t spend money on this, but anything for Twitter. And J Lo. I also enjoy Shea Whigham (RIP Chief Dooley) and hope he shows up in more things. -M]

Movies I can’t wait to see in an ACTUAL theater

Sisters, December 25, 2015


This trailer is so fucking funny. I have watched it a lot. I ALSO am super excited about Ike Barinholtz as a leading man (LOVE YOU MORGAN). [This is the best Christmas gift we could possibly get! Think about the great promo tour!!!!! I’m so excited for the lady version of Stepbrothers. It was so needed. Also, UNDERTEET!!! HAHAHAHHA. -M]

Joy, December 25, 2015

The only problem I have with this movie is that Jennifer Lawrence is really young. I don’t think this will ruin the film (as she is a great actor) but I do think it will stop me from truly loving it like American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook as I will always feel like she is playing dress-up. [I watched this entire trailer twenty seconds ago and I could not tell you what happened. Not a great sign. J Law is so good, but I don’t know why David O. Russell can’t find an age-appropriate actress. I did not get her AT ALL in American Hustle until the cleaning scene and then I decided she is my queen, always and forever. SUPER happy to see Daya from OITNB is in this. A+ for using the choir version of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” -M]

I won’t go to an ACTUAL theater but will pay for it on Amazon

The Finest Hours, October 31, 2015

Chris Pine goes to sea to save Casey Affleck in this 50 ‘s period piece about the greatest Coast Guard rescue ever. This was also made by Disney so I’m thinking people either live or die heroically. British actor Holliday Grainger plays Pine’s fiance and her face is perfect for the 50s. [I saw this trailer before Ant-Man! It was boring on the big screen too, though I screeched a lot for Chris Pine. He’s so dreamy! Here’s the wiki entry for this rescue if you want to be spoiled like me. -M]

You would have to PAY me to see it in an ACTUAL theater

The Revenant, December 25, 2015

At this point I just want Leo to win the fucking Oscar already. That being said I don’t need to see him and Tom Hardy running around the forest trying to kill each other while wearing animal pelts. [I only like Leo in period pieces. What the fuck is this? I guess he wanted to wear a costume and be super manly. In all honesty, if this was a TV show, I would probably watch it, but I kept clicking out of the trailer to do something else. I got lost in the thought that I prefer my movie stars to also work in TV. Think of how much more attention The Americans would get during Emmy season if Leo showed up as Martha’s ex-lover Paolo. -M]

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