Smart ladies love movies, this week in trailers, November 30, 2015


Movie Trailer Monday

Each week I review movie trailers that came out the previous week or for movies that are about to premiere. Some of these movies I am excited about, some I am mildly curious about, and the rest I make fun of!

Notable movies coming out this weekend

A Royal Night Out

This movie looks delightful, simply delightful. It’s the type of movie I will own and watch repeatedly whenever I need a pick me up. I especially enjoy Bel Powley as Princess Margaret who seems like a hoot. [I really do not care how historically accurate this is, because it looks like so much fun and so upbeat. It is weird seeing Emily Watson play a frumpy mother, though. I don’t want to believe she is that old. -M]

Movies I can’t wait to see in an ACTUAL theater

The Boss, April 8, 2016

I reject Kristen Bell as a dowdy single mom mainly because I’ve been re-watching Veronica Mars with my mom and yet this movie is still a must-see because I think Bell and McCarthy seem like a really funny pair. Also Girl Scouts having a throw-down is very funny to me as a former Girl Scout. [Oh my god I love Melissa’s character so much. Those giant bows are pure joy. And hey, a feminist message to boot! -M]

Captain America: Civil War, May 6, 2016

So excited for this movie as Captain America next to Ant Man is MY FAVORITE Marvel CMU hero and I’m happy he gets to beat up Tony Stark/Iron Man who is, let’s face it kind of a smug jerk. [Yeah his movies are BY FAR the best. To me, the messages are the most modern and Chris Evans is so charming. Plus, they begat my dear AGENT CARTER. Now I want to watch these movies again! -M]

Central Intelligence, June 17, 2016

The only thing that would make a movie starring Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is if they found a way to add in Vin Diesel; unfortunately, that awesomeness is NOT in this movie but this movie still looks rad as hell. [I love this time of year because we get so many BIG trailers months in advance. It was really touch and go there for a while. This is absolutely something we will watch on HBO every night in bed. It will be our new Let’s Be Cops. -M]

I won’t go to an ACTUAL theater but will pay for it on Amazon

Barbershop: The Next Cut, April 15, 2016

I LOVE when the Barbershop movies are on cable they are such a good time. Cedric the Entertainer is a national treasure–that man never fails to make me laugh. For the third installment they have added Nicki Minaj and Lamorne Morris to the main cast –YAY! [Lamorne Morris was such a great hire, speaking of Let’s Be Cops. These movies are such a good time, and always have something interesting to say about community and relationships. -M]

You would have to PAY me to see it in an ACTUAL theater

The Other Side of the Door, March 11, 2016

And then there was a horror movie. Here is a rule to live by, when a lady tells you cryptically you can talk to your dead son but whatever you do DON’T open the door, DON’T OPEN THE DOOR. [Hollywood is making crap like this to rake in all the dough but not enough people are watching movies that challenge viewers, unlike TV, which has had much success with that lately. Obviously this looks like a well-made horror movie, but I get tired of seeing this shit every week and not enough movies directed by women. I’m cranky this morning. -M]

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