Smart ladies love Eurovision, our FAVES!


Eurovision 2013 in Malmo Sweden is this week…THIS WEEK! Why are you not more excited?? Oh right, you’re American and have no fucking clue what we keep talking about. To find out more about Eurovision, go to our first post on the subject.

Eurovision 2013 logo

Our Faves

Spain, ESDM – El Sueño De Morfeo, “Contigo Hasta El Final (With You All The Way)”

SPAIN, STOP BEING SO AWESOME. So this automatically gets a bid to the finals which is FANTASTIC because I will want to watch this while drunk on wine at Katie’s house at 3pm on a Saturday. -M

Everyone in this band is hot and they get TONS of bonus points for singing in their own language. -K

Hungary, Bye Alex, “Kedvesem”

We are going to loooove watching Katie’s hot Hungarian hipster boyfriend. Of all the videos I watched on YouTube, this one has the most views over multiple videos so you KNOW it’s going to win. -M

It’s my future Hungarian boyfriend! My peeps in England better vote for him. -K

Greece, Koza Mostra feat. Agathon Iakovidis, “Alcohol Is Free”

Greece does not disappoint in Eurovision the way they hurt the value of the Euro! -M

This might be my absolute favorite and I hope it wins so that England will host next year since Greece can’t as it has no money.  -K

Bulgaria, Elitsa & Stoyan, “Samo Shampioni (Only Champions)”

This video features ROCKING bagpipes, a woman wearing a giant belt that looks like gold scrotum who magically changes outfits, and Rick Springfield’s drummer. This is Bulgarian perfection. -M


Italy, Marco Mengoni, “L’Essenziale”

This guy is really hot. -M

Dude is HOT. -K

Katie’s Faves

Latvia, PeR, “Here We Go”

Terrible boyband rap duo…LOVE IT! This is exactly the crap I want from Eurovision. [I don’t think we can be friends anymore if you actually like this. Please go listen to Belle & Sebastian to help you change your mind on PeR. -M]

Malta, Gianluca Bezzina, “Tomorrow”

This is adorable it reminds me of a McFly song.

France, Amandine Bourgeois, “L’enfer Et Moi”

Sultry French power ballad song. The video is terrible but I am super excited to see this preformed live. [I also kind of love this song, it reminds me of a cassette of current French music I got from Express in 1993. I thought Vanessa Paradis was the highlight of French pop music. Oh, 14-year-old Melissa. -M]

Switzerland, Takasa, “You And Me”

This video is adorable, which I know is not a great reason to love a song but fuck it! [If only they had spent as much time writing the song as they did making this awesome video. -M]

Serbia, Moje 3, “Ljubav je svuda”

So this is terrible but I had to put in the girl group. [I almost put this on my list but I just couldn’t do it. -M]

Melissa’s Faves

Finland,  Krista Siegfrids, “Marry Me”

If this song came out in the US, I would think it was horribly sexist and offensive but since it’s from the bastion of equality and socialism, Finland, I like to think that it’s making fun of American values. [I totally almost included this but instead put in the Serbian girl group, so I’m glad you included Krista from Finland! -K]

Romania, Cezar, “It’s My Life”

This Romanian lothario reminds me of a magician, so he freaks me the fuck out. Thankfully he makes up for it with some cheesy European singing. [You put Cezar in and I put in PeR, I’m so happy we have all the crazy’s featured in our faves post! -K]

Croatia, Klapa s Mora, “Mižerja”

I find this song completely unlistenable but the harmonies are so nice and who doesn’t love matching suits? [I hope they make it through to the finals cause the choreography is what you would see on the train to crazytown. -K]

Iceland, Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson, “Ég á Líf”

I do not know why I love this weird Icelandic ballad, but I do. I love that it’s in his native language and not English and Icelandic is so beautiful-sounding. Plus he LOOKS LIKE A VIKING. This appears to be a sad story-song, too, and not just about love. [He should be on the show Vikings! -K]

Norway, Margaret Berger, “I Feed You My Love”

I have a bias towards Scandinavia. I know. But this sounds like something I would listen to in real life.

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