Smart ladies love Eurovision 2014, Preview 1

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Ukraine 2007 Eurovision

All you need to know about Eurovision in one glorious gif, behold Verka the 2007 contestant from the Ukraine!

In the spirit of the Olympics it’s time to start celebrating Eurovision the song contest which brings all of Europe together through pop music! You can read all about the 2013 contest here.


I miss last years butterfly logo –just another example how everything is better in Sweden.

This years contest is being held in Copenhagen on May 6th after ethereal beauty Emmelie de Forest won the contest last year for this performance of “Only Teardrops”.

Out of the 37 nations competing in this years contest, a third have already chosen musicians and six have selected songs as well (most nations hold contests of their own to pick musicians and songs and other nations select a musician and then pick the song later, by contest).


Hersi Matmuja, “Zemërimi I Një Nate (One Night’s Anger)”

I hate this woman’s hair and reminds me of The Fifth Element. She gets bonus points for full orchestration, back-up singers and singing in her own language.

She is really intense. Is the middle part back? Like most of these songs, I am annoyed because the instrumentation is buried under too loud, mediocre vocals. She couldn’t even make the tour of Albanian Idol. -M


Softengine, “Something Better”

FINNISH BOYBAND FTW! This song is top 40 pop rock but the boys are exactly what you would expect from a top 40 pop rock band from Finland AKA blond and clean.

A boyband that plays their own instruments!!! I like the guy who plays piano standing up. Actually this sounds like Coldplay and I fucking hate it. Next time, Finland. -M


Emma Marrone, “La Mia Città”

I wish this had a performance video but I think Italy just picks a popular song I don’t think  they compete for who goes to Eurovision. I don’t love this song but I can be swayed with a great stage performance.

I am also looking forward to a performance or video of this. When the songs sound like this I tend to add them to weird exercise mixes. -M


Firelight, Coming Home

This band is cute and this song sounds like it was written by Phillip Phillips. The tambourine dude plays the bass drum like Marcus Mumford does, I liked these kids a lot before I noticed that.

The best part is the 15 second ad in the beginning! It wasn’t long before Eurovision had a song that sounded like this. I’ll bet there will be more Mumford-influenced songs in the semi-final. I like the cute chubby lady singer. -M


Sebalter, “Hunter of Stars”

This dude is the Andrew Bird of Switzerland. I love the music of this song, I just wish he was a better singer but he is an excellent whistler.

Good call Katie–he even dresses like Andrew Bird! But seriously, male vests should not be popular. -M


Maria Yaremchuk, “Tick-Tock”

Finally DANCING! This song is terrible and yet I love it, I am easily swayed by dancing.

Oh good lord, this lady can NOT sing. I did not make it past one minute. -M

Coverage of Eurovision 2014 will continue in March, let’s hope that Austria’s Conchita Wurst has a song by then!

This video is really lovely. Please pick a dance song, Conchita!! I am uncomfortable with her terrible lip synching–I hope she can sing live. -M

Gif from light-yourfire.