Smart ladies love pop music, Eurovision preview 3


Eurovision 2013 logo

There are ONLY 51 days till Eurovision, 51 DAYS! And all 39 countries have picked songs. Lets get to it!


Dorians, “Lonely Planet”

What is with all of the insane eyebrows in this competition. I think this is the third fellow who not only has insane eyebrows but also uses them to emote (is this the eyebrow equivalent of “smizing”). Props for the whole message of saving the planet?!? [Captain Planet, he’s our hero, gonna take pollution down to zero. -M]


Farid Mammadov, “Hold Me”

This ballad should be performed by Devin on American Idol (ooooooo Idol should have a Eurovision night). I also want to note that this dudes got some awesome eyebrows as well but he isn’t as good at emoting with them.


Despina Olympiou, “An Me Thimasai”

So many clothes and so much beautiful scenery in this video. I just wish this wasn’t a ballad. I am looking forward to what Despina wears in Malmo. [I thought Cyprus couldn’t afford to do Eurovision this year? They are having some hard times. -M]

F.Y.R. Macedonia

Esma & Lozano, “Pred Da Se Razdeni”

This is a ballad and is boring until Esma comes out and then it is super duper fun! I might love Esma! This will probably get a million votes like the Russian grannies last year.


Amandine Bourgeois, “L’enfer Et Moi”

The video for this song is terrible but the song is actually quite good. It is also another song that I can’t wait to see performed live.


Koza Mostra feat. Agathon Iakovidis, “Alcohol Is Free”

I loved this even before the video —based on its name alone— but the band is so cute and I love that it’s kind of traditional meets indie rock. [I want to go to this market! -M]


Marco Mengoni, “L’Essenziale”

I wish this song was more fun cause this dude is hot. [YAY since Italy is one of the Big Five we get to see him at the finale! -M]


Aliona Moon, “O Mie”

Why is this song not more fun cause this chick is CRACKED OUT. I hope she wears this outfit during the live rounds. OH and YAY DANCERS!


Who See, “Igranka”

This is the C&C Music Factory of Montenegro. The video has a LOT of T&A. I hope everyone in this video performs with them live especially the dancers with carnival masks and the ninjas. [I’ve got the power! -M]

San Marino

Valentina Monetta, “Crisalide (Vola)”

This video is cray, also I am so sick of ballads. At least it gets more peppy at the end. [San Marino did the Facebook song last year! I was so pissed it didn’t make the final. -M]


Takasa, “You And Me”

This song is kind of blah but also kind of fun but the video is adorable.

The Netherlands

Anouk, “Birds”

This song is like all of the folk music my mother made me listen to so I am both nostalgic and bored. Her voice is really pretty.

[Sorry I didn’t have much time for comments! I will have to watch all 39 of these at once to predict a winner. Maybe we should read more European press because Loreen was favored to win last year and we had no idea. -M]

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