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Four Boy Bands and Girl Group (with bonus cat video)

On the days where work gets me down after driving my office mate crazy with the whining I go visit my friend Brooke and we watch videos of British boy bands, The Wanted is our favorite.  Sometimes we watch One Direction videos but The Wanted are older and make us feel less dirty.  What I have learned from this is that there is a NEW British Invasion happening and it’s all about the Pop Group.  Not only do they have the Wanted and One Direction but there is also McFly (FUN FACT: this is the band Chris Pine represents/manages in the Lindsey Lohan classic Just My Luck, thanks Brooke!), JLS and in the case of The Saturdays an attempt to recreate the joy that was the Spice Girls (Ginger Spice FTW!!!).

The Wanted

The Wanted are Max George (the really really hot one), Jay McGuiness (looks like a hobbit), Siva Kaneswaran (the Irish one), Tom Parker (I don’t remember which one Tom is but Wikipedia tells me he once joined a Take That tribute band called Take That II), and Nathan Sykes (the young one).  They range in age from 19-23 (so TOTALLY appropriate for adult ladies to like, TOTALLY).  They were formed in 2009 by the same people who put together The Saturdays (see below) and Parade (I have no clue and really don’t need another British Pop Band to take up space in my brain).  There songs are actually quite catchy and they are extremely likable and self deprecating in videos.  Each Wednesday they host a podcast called Wanted Wednesday which is basically behind the scene videos of their antics.

One Direction

One Direction are Niall Horan (the Irish one), Zayn Malik (gasp, the one who smokes), Liam Payne (loves Gary Barlow), Harry Styles (the one who dates 30 year old ladies, including X Facter UK presenter Caroline Flack), and Louis Tomlinson (loves Robbie Williams).  They range in age from 18 – 20 (and it is totally gross to fancy them, okay not totally gross but not as appropriate as liking say, the guys from The Wanted).  They are Simon Cowell’s boy band and were formed after a suggestion by X Factor UK judge Nicole  Scherzinger because they all failed as solo acts in the Boys category (make of that what you will).   They only video I have seen of them is the one posted above because I like the Wanted better (I am totally allowed to be biased also they are engaged in a feud and like all good feuds one must pick a side.   FUN FACT: Though I saw Oasis in concert I will go to my grave saying Blur is the better Brit Pop band.)


McFly are Tom Fletcher (my new boy friend well only if he wears glasses and doesn’t blow dry his hair and I would prefer him to be a ginger but TOTALLY my new boy band boyfriend), Danny Jones (lead singer and guitarist), Dougie Poynter (bassist, been to rehab, dated Frankie from The Saturdays), and Harry Judd (drummer WON Strictly Come Dancing).  They range in age from 24-26 and write their own songs (you should TOTALLY crush on McFly they have talent and know Chris Pine).  Apparently they formed their own label in 2007 and are an actual band (like for realsies).  Here is a bonus picture of my new boyfriend in a hat and glasses enjoy.


JLS (Jack the Lad Swing bonus points to anyone who knows what that means, Urban Dictionary just linked to the band) are Oritsé Williams (must be the boring one), Marvin Humes (married Rochelle from The Saturdays), JB Gill (also apparently boring), and Ashton Merrygold (previously dated somebody on EastEnders).  According to Wikipedia they are very big on merchandise including putting their face on condom boxes they did this for the charitable foundation to raise awareness of practicing safe sex and family planning.  They range in age from 24 -26 and ladies, they are all heavily into dance (just saying)! They were formed in 2006 under the name UFO but changed it when they appeared on The X Factor (they came in second).  Imagine a group of singing JLo back-up dancers, who sing about as well as JLo. (Please don’t make fun of JLo. She’s off limits. -M)

The Saturdays

The Saturdays are Una Healy (Irish singer/song writer, who is 30 while all the other girls are in there early/mid twenties), Mollie King (the blond one, was in a group called Fallen Angelz), Frankie Sanford (was in the junior version of S Club 7, S Club 8 and used to date Dougie in McFly), Vanessa White (she can sing and is seen as the Xtina of the group, also into musical theatre), and Rochelle Wiseman (was also in S Club 8 with Frankie and just got married to the guy in JLS).   They range in age from 30-22 (poor Una).  The Sats as they are called, have filmed two six episode reality television shows in Britain and according to Perez Hilton they just signed a deal with E! (according to the blurb on Perez, Mollie has been linked to Prince Harry).  I hope their show is as good as Katie & Peter.

Bonus cat video

Tom Fletcher of McFly’s ode to his cats, HILARIOUS!!!

Come back Friday where I will present you with additional fun facts and videos about the bands seen here!


  1. British boys make me fangirl almost as much as the Backstreet Boys as a five-member-group do… particularly baby Nathan from The Wanted, despite the fact that I am probably the same age as his grandmother.

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  4. Just stumbled across your blog while googling The Saturdays and am so pleased to see someone else love on TW…I’m a Nathan fan and am thrilled they’re in LA right now!

    • Were so glad you found the blog!

      Melissa will be covering The Wanted E! show this summer so stay tuned! Nathan was pretty cute on this weeks Wanted Wednesday 😉

      🙂 Katie

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