Smart ladies love the NEW British Invasion, OUTTAKES

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When I was writing Wednesday’s post my friend Brooke (the goddess of all things boy band related) sent me TONS of funny videos and told me so many fun facts that I realized that we were going to have to do an additional post.  Originally I was only going to post The Wanted and McFly stuff but then Melissa had to like One Direction and JLS (they were on Factor UK).  So without further adieu enjoy Friday with some British pop music tom foolery!!!

Tom foolery you say! Why yes I do believe I will start with a video by Tom Fletcher, starring Tom Fletcher (oh dear I’m starting to talk like I’m from England). [Knowing me, Alan Partridge, knowing you, Alan Partridge. -M]

Here are more videos of McFly.  Oh but wait before we watch more videos you should know that Tom and Dougie are writing a children’s book called “The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas” (see I needed you to read that before you played the video so you could take your time and laugh).

This one is Harry (the drummer) winning Strictly Come Dancing 2011, and the band’s reaction is adorable.

And Dougie (the poor beleaguered bassist) WON I’m a Celebrity Get me out of Here 2011.  I can’t believe I didn’t mention that in Wednesday’s post.  It was on that show that Peter Andre and Katie Price met and fell in love (lets take a moment because they’re not together anymore).

This one has Danny trying to seduce Tom (back off Danny he is my boyfriend).

And here they are all in a bed together (when Brooke sent this to me her description was McFly cuddles).

I’ll move on to One Direction for Melissa before going overboard on The Wanted videos (you have been warned). Apparently One Directioners Harry Styles (the one with the hair and dates older dames) and Louis Tomlinson (kind of looks like a girl/Gary Barlow) are in love, bffs, bromantic, etc. Their celebrity moniker is Larry Stylinson.

Zayn (the bad boy) is apparently dating Perrie from Little Mix (another girl group, seriously I could probably just do posts on Brit pop) AND told her he loved her via twitter.

Liam Payne is the Gary Barlow of One Direction (Fun Fact: Liam from One Direction is dating Danielle Peazer, an X-Factor UK dancer).

Harry Styles’ (seriously cut your hair kid) favorite word for breast is “mammary” (I don’t make this shit up people it is on the internet and in video).

Lastly, before we move onto the The Wanted, here’s One Direction on Alan Carr. This is the full interview so it is long but Alan Carr is hilarious so you will enjoy it.

The Wanted videos (Max George is our hot dude of the week) because they are the bestest and they make work sometimes seem okay. This is of the boys getting up and ready for their very first video shoot.

Nathan from the wanted won a Britney Spears karaoke contest and his first kiss was with her.  Brooke has provided us with not one but two interviews where he and the band discuss this.

Nathan’s funny reaction to “Born to Dance” is around the 3 minute mark

Apparently Jay (the hobbit) can’t stay standing up. He fell once on the X Factor UK. I too fall all the time so Jay might be my favorite member of The Wanted (but he also likes Avatar).

He also has the best American accent as seen here:

And finally, finally in honor of Melissa’s love for Cheryl Cole here is The Wanted covering “Fight For This Love.”

Oh wait I forgot about The Sats and JLS, how could I do that. Here is a video of the girls on Alan Carr, apparently Rochelle mentions that Marv’s cleavage is bigger than her (also I was wrong they aren’t married yet but will be in the fall, sorry Melly!!!).

[Is UK boyband week over now? I’m going to post about records next week in celebration. -M]