Smart ladies love to hate, Taylor Swift


Now that she is queen of the world, I have something to say about Taylor Swift: I don’t like her. She doesn’t identify as a feminist. She either doesn’t know what feminism means or she doesn’t want to align herself with the women that paved the way for her (Stevie Nicks, Natalie Maines). Some people may not mind this lack of understanding but I hate it. Every time I read a Bust cover story, I get nervous when they ask my favorite celebrities if they’re feminists. Many of them give the pat answer (“I believe in equality for all,” which is WHAT FEMINISM IS, you fuckwad), but others, like my dear Kat Dennings (leave your shitty racist show please), talk about feminism in a really relatable way. I want to give Taylor Swift some books: maybe this classic introduction, or maybe some Jessica Valenti or Lynn Peril. I want her to understand.

And then there’s this

Screencap of Google image search for “Taylor Swift shocked face.”

Don’t feign surprise about all the awards you win. Don’t listen to your manager when he tells you to act shocked! Thankfully Blake Shelton made fun of her about this in public.

God bless Blake Shelton.

Above all, I strongly dislike her music. Good music can overcome all kinds of personal ills (see: my love of Kanye). Taylor’s music is warmed-over country-pop shit. I think what bothers me the most is how predictable it is. From the first second, I knew how buzzy “I Knew You Were Trouble” was going to go. I knew the lyrics and the progression. I could hum along. Granted, the fuzzed-out chorus was a bit of a surprise, but that’s it. All of her music could be written by a 12 year old with some good producers.

Please don’t use the excuse “but it’s so catchy.” So are King Tuff and Cheryl fucking Cole. Get over yourself.

Just compare the bland “We Are Never Getting Back Together” to Miranda Lambert’s “Fine Tune,” which I think is one of the most interesting country pop tunes since the Dixie Chicks.

Miranda totally wins this battle, even though most country fans hated “Fine Tune.”

In trying to be positive, I will say I think “Mean” is a cute song and should somehow work its way into a Nashville storyline.   I would also like to own all of Taylor’s street and non-red carpet outfits.

Furthermore, I am annoyed that people are so obsessed with this girls’ love life, because it always works its way into her songs. She’s a girl in her twenties, she’s going to date a lot of dudes, leave her alone.

Lastly, I am thankful that Ms. Swift has introduced the world to The Civil Wars. It is her greatest accomplishment. Here is their cover of Elliott Smith’s “Between the Bars” for Katie. [YAY!!! -K]

I want to make it clear: you don’t have to be a feminist for me to like you. It helps, sure. But you should just not be a total idiot and make crap records.


  1. I’m torn on this. My children love her. And I actually think she has serious songwriting chops….versus, say, almost everyone else out there in her genre. But I heard an interview she gave to Seacrest where EVERY ANSWER SHE GAVE WAS ABOUT LOVE, LOVE ADVICE, HER LOVE LIFE, AND HOW SHE LOVES. Tay-tay, you are an artist – a musician! Don’t speak to your demographic about something you seem to be unable to figure out. And as you say, Seacrest should’ve left her alone about it. My daughter, happily, heard that interview and called BS on it…

  2. I think she has talent and Blake Shelton shouldn’t be making fun of her, didn’t he remake Footloose? now that was a good one!!! lol

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