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Cher Lloyd

I have been in a bit of a new music slump lately, listening to older things thanks to my new iPod, a variety of used LPs I pick up from my favorite store and the same kind of current things over and over. So I spent some time with my BFFs Google and Spotify and found some new things to add to the rotation.

I made a Spotify playlist of many of these artists, which I’ve embedded at the end of the post.

After seeing her name in an SNL essay book I won on Book Riot, I started to follow the writings of PhD student Alyx Vesey AKA Feminist Music Geek. She posts very well thought out blogs, but does so infrequently (they are incredibly detailed, and I understand the time commitments of a grad student too well). Thankfully, her facebook page is a curated (I am starting to hate that word maybe?) feed of great music posts on female artists from around the Internet, which inspired my post today.

SLLS fave Cher Lloyd was on Jimmy Fallon Monday to perform her new single “I Wish.” I can’t embed the video but it’s available on Late Night’s website.

I also really love the official video, which I just discovered. I appreciate that she has not lost her personality at all and she makes a lot of good faces here:

Courtney Barnett

Pitchfork did a piece on Courtney Barnett a while ago, and I’ve been waiting for a full length from her for a while–Double EP: A Sea of Peas was released last month. Courtney talk-sings brilliant and funny lyrics over lazy and comfortable music and it is fantastic. Her wordplay is just so impressive–there isn’t really anything else out there like this lyrically (musically, it’s Kurt Vile-ish).

Negative Gemini

Photo from RVA Playlist.

Despite the fact that her name makes me think of SNL’s Destiny’s Child parody group Gemini’s Twin, local lady Lindsey French’s project Negative Gemini is a lovely, interesting mix of samples, electronica and layered vocals. I included the song “Virgin Who Can’t Drive” on the playlist due to it being a Clueless reference. If you’re in Richmond, she’s playing tonight at the Camel for my girl Sounds of RVA’s birthday party. I will be there in spirit, as that is past my weeknight bedtime.


I heard Priests, a DC punk band featuring members of Chain & the Gang, on All Songs Considered’s CMJ wrap up, which shows how out of touch I am with the scene that is just two hours north of me. They are not on Spotify so I’ve embedded a video, below, I found and you can buy/stream their music (RECOMMENDED) at their bandcamp. They have a song called Lillian Hellman, which makes me love them more.

Sapphire Slows

Picture from

Sometimes I go through Pitchfork and pick reviews to read based on the cover, which is what I did for Sapphire Slows. Allegoria is wonderful work music: not offensive enough that people stop at you door and ask you what the eff you’re listening to (this happens to me regularly), but engaging enough that it encourages you to be productive (and dance!).

Lorina Chia

Picture from

It always seems like I am looking for more female hip hop and R&B so I was SO HAPPY to find Lorine Chia. Naked Truths is so grown up and diverse, especially for someone who is just 20 (!!!). She also has some mixtapes, which are easy to find and are also really good. I found her through Rookie, and the interview is definitely worth reading. I truly adore this girl’s talent.


Sky in Numero Tokyo here.

Sky in Numero Tokyo here.

I am so behind on posting about the Sky Ferreira record, Night Time, My Time. She has had some trouble with the law lately but there is no denying that this record is a fuzzy pop masterpiece, even though no one will remember it in a year.

Saint Heron

Ya’ll know I LOVE Solange so I am 100% behind her new venture, Saint Records. The first release is an insanely good compilation of experimental R&B songs, called Saint Heron. It’s not all female artists, but it features Cassie, Jhene Aiko, the superior Knowles sister and more. I have been listening to it nonstop since its release yesterday and it is fucking phenomenal. There’s even a great companion website that I hope is still updated in the future with news about these artists and others.

Positive No

I feel like I post about my friends Positive No a lot. They’re one of the only bands that will get me to leave my warm blanketed couch and Sleepy Hollow on a Friday night. But there’s a real reason to post about them again, and that’s because their excellent new EP, Via Florum, came out yesterday.

I added some other songs from other female musicians I have mentioned on the site before just to round out the playlist.

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