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Every summer there are a handful of songs that capture the cultural zeitgeist at the time, lightning-in-a-bottle hits that become a part of our everyday conversation and knowledge. Last year, we had “Call Me Maybe,” but I was more into MY 2012 summer jam, “Gun Has No Trigger.” But there are always great pop songs I love to hear when the weather is warm. Note: Icona Pop’s “I Love It” is not included on this list due to it being a year old already.

I contend that this is the defacto song of the summer, unless someone can prove to me otherwise:

You know “We Can’t Stop” is going to be blasting out of every sorority girl’s car all summer long. I’m pretty sure I hate everything about this except the dancing bears. Jezebel has written a few good posts about this song/video, you should read them. Bonus: the video is highly gif-able. So there’s that.

But for me I would probably prefer something from Disclosure’s Settle as my ultimate summer jam. Perhaps “White Noise”?

Or, even though it’s not a single yet, “Help Me Lose My Mind”?

Since my post last week, I’ve really been enjoying Lorde, particularly “Royals.” I hope it catches on this summer, though I wish it was released earlier  so it could have been worked into The Bling Ring somehow (which I loved, of course).

Vampire Weekend’s “Diane Young” is so gloriously fun and retro, and has an equally silly and slick video (Smoking weed from a saxophone? Groping an espresso machine? BEST PARTY EVER). Like “We Can’t Stop,” the video is almost a series of entertaining gifs, though without a blog post dedicated to them. Someone get on that please.

Y’all I am super behind on things that are popular (can I still blame grad school for this?) so that is why I am just now listening to Robin Thicke ft Pharrell Williams (dude is EVERYWHERE). I will pretend this video is not at all objectifying women and I will just listen to the sweet tunes. Can all pop music sound like this?

Janelle Monae is our scifir&bpunkrockbadass heroine. She is blog banner material. I have been obsessed with the video for “Q.U.E.E.N.” for a few months but “Dance Apocalyptic” was just released yesterday and it is all kinds of wonderful. The style! The cute girls in the audience! Also the song is so fucking fun that I will be dancing to it in my office for weeks to come.

OK, this is a slower one, but hear me out: Eleanor Friedberger’s Personal Record is perfect for enjoying on warm summer nights with a book and a vodka tonic. “Echo or Encore,” with its bossa nova beat, is one of my favorites from the LP right now; I love her voice and her annunciation on the chorus. EF is such a charming songwriter.

What else should I be listening to at full volume on thrifting trips to the country? What summer songs are on repeat on your device?

A few extra music links:
Norwegian pop star (and SLLS fave) Annie just released the first single from her forthcoming EP, The A&R EP. Listen to the very excellent “Back Together” here.
Pitchfork posted one my most-anticipated features this morning: Overlooked Records 2013. It includes several things I already love, like William Tyler and Torres, and gives me lots more to explore (how did I miss Aye Nako?).

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  1. Janelle Monae is what I have been playing for my kitchen dance parties while I do dishes, love her so much! The second Disclosure song sounds intriguing.

    In addition to new BSB and everything else found in a J-14 magazine, I have been loving Vacations by Dead Confederate, Bastille’s US EP, and Churchill’s latest EP.

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