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Due to a summer class, I’ve gotten a little behind on finding new records, which makes me feel depressed and left out.  It’s overwhelming, too–where do I start? I wanted to write more about female artists, and I used the fantastic new Austra record as my starting point and began to find lots of great electronic/dance records written by women. At home, I listen to mostly LPs–I’m favoring folk like Laura Marling lately–but I pay for Spotify and I have not been using it to its full intent.

Here are a few of my favorites.


If you are not living in a cave, I’m sure you know that CHVRCHES are blowing the shit up. The Glaswegian band came onto my radar while reading about this year’s SXSW but I was dismayed that they only had an EP out (an LP was just announced for September). According to Wikipedia, lead singer Lauren Mayberry has a law degree AND a master’s in journalism. This just makes me love them even more.


I liked Feel it Break a lot, but like most people, I thought it sounded too much like the Knife–it’s not Katie Stelmanis’ fault that her timbre resembles that of another singer.  But with Olympia, the band has found itself–this is a confident, fun and smart LP.

Natasha Kmeto

Do you like Grimes but wish she had more soul? Then try Natasha’s record Crisis. She’s a producer/performer out of Portland and I am so impressed by how talented she is and how great everything of hers I’ve heard is. I’m happy women like this are getting a little notoriety since producing is still a male-dominated job.

Laura Mvula

I can see Laura Mvula becoming hugely famous. She’s a Brit who’s been touted as the next Adele, but her music borrows more heavily from American R&B and pop than her compatriot.


Jenn Wasner is already in two fucking amazing bands (Wye Oak and Flock of Dimes), so how does she have time to be in a third band? I saw FoD open for Sharon Van Etten last year and the last song they did was Jen solo.  She wrote “Replica” to mimic Robyn, and Dungeonesse seems like an extension of that, borne from Jenn’s love of Robyn and pop music.


Daughter is one of the few bands I hadn’t heard anything about until a a recent NPR All Songs Considered podcast. I don’t think this band is really for me, but I appreciate their classic 80s UK pop sensibilities.


The buzz about Lorde AKA Ella Yelich-O’Connor is reaching Lana del Rey-esqueproportions. Like LDR, people are eagerly anticipating this girl’s full length–she’s only released an EP and a handful of singles. Every article you will read about her this year will mention that she’s a 16 year old from New Zealand in the first paragraph, so you should learn that about her now and impress your friends.

Amazing Lorde gif from here.

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