Smart ladies love rad music, the week in music 1/22/2014


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I haven’t done a music post in a while, so here are some things that have occupied my mind lately.

Album Streams

If you’re on the east coast, you might be bundled up at home today instead of working. If you live in Richmond, you are probably home because no one plows our fucking roads. But I digress. Why not listen to some new records while doing laundry and eating all that bread you bought?

Jess Williamson

Pitchfork Advance has so many records available to stream right now, including Cities Aviv’s Come to Life, Snowbird’s Moon and Jess Williamson’s Native State. A few of the things I like about Pitchfork Advance: gives the length of time the album will be available to stream and there’s no information posted about the artists so the music speaks for itself. One thing I do not like: does not always work on my fucking piece of shit computer. Everything that’s currently posted is worth exploring, if you have the time.

Hospitality Trouble

NPR Music’s First Listen Series has several records posted too, including a few things I already knew I wanted to buy before I heard them. First, there’s Trouble, the new Hospitality LP on Merge Records. I am glad the Dum Dum Girls are still around, because I think their music is getting mooder and more complex, which Too True clearly shows. They also have something from a band called Quilt and the new Against Me! (until they realize it’s already out and they should take it down–it’s really good, BTW).

The new streaming service Beats debuted yesterday to many think pieces and one of the first exclusive records they have is Trent Reznor’s new remix EP. The app is all about “curating,” a word I am more sick of than “selfie,” and therefore may help cause its swift death. And how annoying is it that the news of Reznor and Atticus Ross scoring Gone Girl comes out the same day as this new service with which he is involved as “creative chief” (with Jimmy Iovine, ewwww).

Silent Uproar maintains a good weekly list of the albums available to stream online prior to their release date, though not all of those records are available right now.


I know Movie Trailer Monday is Katie’s thing but I have been reading every article I can find about the new Tim Sutton movie Memphis, starring the fantastic musician Willis Earl Beal. It’s at Sundance right now, and doesn’t seem to have the best reviews on imdb, but I will ignore that, because Memphis looks quite lovely.

Drake on SNL

Drake dad

Katie is really quick to point out Drake’s former life as Wheelchair Jimmy on Degrassi, a job he made fun of on this week’s Saturday Night Live appearance. As I expected, Drake was funny, loose and professional, and brought several impressions to the table (Jay-Z, Katt Williams, and Lil Wayne as Steve Urkel, below).

Drake Lil Wayne Steve Urkel 2

And just because I love it, here is Kate McKinnon as Justin Bieber:

Kate McKinnon Justin Bieber 4


Kacey Musgraves bitchface

Despite our award show ennui, we will be liveblogging the Grammys on Sunday and doing the usual fashion posts on Monday. There might even be a guest liveblogger! At least I have Kacey Musgraves to constantly write about (squeeeeee love her!) and there’s always the Bey/Jay and Dave Grohl/QOTSA/NIN/Lindsey Buckingham supergroup performances to look forward to. And I have a bunch of Kacey gifs saved to spice up the evening.

Gifs from myworriedmind, crushable & nbcsnl.

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