Smart ladies love rad music, the week in music 1/30/13


Melissa’s weekly update of her favorite musical finds!

Live stuff I saw

White Laces

Saturday my friends White Laces played at Hardywood Brewery. After their first song, a girl told them they were too loud, which is not the first time that happened. They’re playing some shows this spring, check their website to see if they’ll be near you. Bring earplugs.

Around the Internet

Knowing how I feel about the Crutchfields, you should be able to understand how excited I am for new music from Katie AKA Waxahatchee. The record, Cerulean, is due in March, and it sounds a little less confessional and more rockin’ than the self-titled LP. The best part of this Stereogum preview is that they compare the ladies’ bands to Rainer Maria, which I have always thought but never said, because who listens to them anymore?

DIVA from LA released an LP last October on one of my favorite new-to-me labels, Critical Heights. This video popped up on my tumblr via Fader and I am so obsessed with the weird slowed track that I regret not adding this to my last CH order (as they’re based in the UK, shipping is pricey).

Sam Smith joined Disclosure on “Latch,” one of my favorite songs of 2012. He just released “Lay Me Down” and while it isn’t as club friendly as “Latch,” it’s fantastic and his voice is beautiful. I think the UK needs a male Adele to take over the world, and Sam Smith is a perfect fit.

Divorce LP cover

This was technically from last week but I forgot and I really wanted to write about it. Consequence of Sound posted an interview with Glaswegian band Divorce. This is how Chris Coplan described his first listen of the band: some of the most disturbing and intense dissonance I’d ever consumed. I liken it to a blood-and-feces soaked madman tackling me to the ground and speaking tongues through a megaphone while violently headbutting his cracked guitar, all while M80′s exploded just inches from us. I find it an utterly genius sentence and a half and while it makes me want to listen to Divorce, I know that I would also hate them. Good job, CoS!

Erykah Badu

THEESatisfaction’s record on Sub Pop last year was great so I was thrilled to see they made an Erykah Badu tribute mixtape! Available to download here.

I am SO EXCITED Benoit Pioulard has a new record, out on Kranky March 4th. If you haven’t heard him, and Elliott Smith singing over looped electronic music sounds at all interesting to you, go listen to all his records NOW.


I don’t know how I missed that New Buffalo started going by her real name, Sally Seltmann, and released a great record, Heart That’s Pounding, in 2010. This video is good too and it’s full of cute dresses.

This was a busy week for music! Lots of bands announced tour dates and spring releases!

Is there anything I missed this week or that I should cover for next week? Let me know at


  1. I LOVED New Buffalo and missed the name change too. Good catch lady!

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