Smart ladies love rad music, the week in music 2/13/2013


This is abbreviated as I am sick, but if I missed anything I’ll cover it next week! I’m also going to expand my bloglist because I need some new non-indie rock!

Live stuff I saw

MBV Loveless

Sadly, there was nothing this week! I have been in a good rhythm of going to shows lately and I want to keep it up, so there’s a Valentine’s Day show where my friends are covering all of MBV’s Loveless. [I just realized this show starts at 10pm on a Thursday. HAHAHAHAHA IF I’M AWAKE.]

Around the Internet

I have posted about this Mikal Cronin song everywhere but it’s so good and I want everyone to hear it. Mikal just signed to Merge and this is the first single from that LP. The fuzzy garage sound of his previous work has been replaced with a clear power pop sound ala the best Brendon Benson songs. This is my most anticipated album of the year and my friends at Merge are already raving about it.

Dirty Projectors

This article on Pigeons and Planes made me really think about the language we use to describe music. It IS really cheap and easy to say “______ is the worst band ever” but besides getting more clicks, it is just an incorrect thing to say most of the time. The band the blog uses as an example is Dirty Projectors, but this can be applied to any music. Think about the difference between saying you don’t like something versus it is terrible. I am going to try to be a little bit more positive in my own speech and on social media.

My girl Solange recorded this acoustic version of “Bad Girls” with Dev Hynes for Black Cab Sessions and it is beautiful.

I read about Night Beds last week but hesitated to post about them because I worried you would be tired of them. However, I have listened to the whole record a few times and it fits in the space between Ryan Adams and Bon Iver, which means Night Beds (it’s mainly one guy, who hides behind a band name) are probably going to be HUGE. I enjoy the record and I think indie rock as a whole is looking for something like this. Watch them on Fallon here.

Tangentially related to music, a new documentary about the torrent search engine site The Pirate Bay, The Pirate Bay Away from Keyboard, has been put up on You Tube. I haven’t seen all of it yet (as I tell everyone, “you have mistaken me for a person with free time”), but it’s worth bookmarking and checking out later.

Grammys reactions

2013 Grammys Frank Ocean

I’m liking the younger, hipper Grammys. I don’t like fun. or Mumford and Sons but I’m not startled by their wins. The craziest thing is that Urban Contemporary Album category that was created this year, seemingly just to give Frank Ocean a win (there used to be both an Urban/Alternative category and a Contemporary R&B category; both were eliminated two years ago). But now that it exists, next year’s nominees might include The Weeknd and Solange, which is really exciting! Stereogum thinks Frank Ocean was the winner of the night (it certainly wasn’t Chris Brown, ASS).

Drake is coming out with another record in time to win Best Rap Album two years in a row! Once I worked with this 20 year old who thought Drake was a better rapper than Jay-Z. My co-worker had to set him straight.

Clmax Usher

I think I worried in the Grammy liveblog where Usher’s “Climax” was but it won Best R&B Performance! He beat Miguel but I am totally okay with that.

The Grammys country categories are always such crap. The worst shit wins. Plus they have two award shows that are more important in their community (I watch both of them). I’d rather see televised classical categories.

As usual, please let me know if there’s something else I missed at!

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