Smart ladies love rad music, the week in music 2/27/2013


Melissa’s weekly update of her musical finds! 

Another week without going to any shows. Conflicts (book club always comes first!) and schoolwork has a lot to do with this. I’m not going to pretend I’ll be going to five shows a week anymore, now that grad school is in full force.

Around the Internet

Tuesday, North Carolina’s Mount Moriah released their second LP Miracle Temple, on Merge and it is GREAT. This video for “Bright Lights” was just released  and I have watched it at my desk four times already. Stream it here.

A Band Called Death, about Detroit proto-punk band Death, is poised to become the Searching for a Sugar Man of 2013. It was just acquired by Drafthouse, who plans a theatrical release and video on demand for the film this summer. Is there a better pedigree than “Produced by Jerry Ferrara”? Actually I’ve been meaning to get their reissues forever so this will probably nudge me in the direction before they are reissued again, but for like $30 each.

PJ 01a

The numbers of music sales in 2012 were released and guess what–people are still buying music. I am not going to write a thinkpiece about the rise of LP sales, because there are hundreds of those. And y’all know I buy records. I think it’s interesting that fewer people are illegally downloading music too, but with the rise of the cloud and streaming services, kids are choosing to use the valuable real estate on their hard drives for other things. Of course streaming doesn’t pay artists well either. [But don’t steal, kiddos! They will slow down your Internet connection.]

Fuzzy Logic Logo

My ambitious friend Megan at Fuzzy Logic is counting down her top 50 records of 2012 (she calls it “fashionably late”). I don’t even know if I heard 50 records last year. If you’d like to follow her (surely impressive) list, click here. I guarantee you will find new music, as I do every time I read her site.

Heavy Midgets

I had never heard local RVA band Heavy Midgets before, but my husband saw them this weekend and played them for me and I love them. I need to get out more, I guess, it’s not like they were a secret or anything.

Still Corners

I am obsessed with this Still Corners song, “Berlin Lovers.” It showed up on all the blogs this week but you can listen to it at Sub Pop if you haven’t heard it yet. More girly ethereal pop in my life, please! [Side note: I hope this is a trend in current music.]

Next week’s goal: band hop on bandcamp some more. Find one band you like, and then the site puts up profiles of other users and lists things he or she has bought. You might wade through some crap but it’s a great way to find out about smaller bands.

Photo of my husband buying records by me, all others from the respective websites.

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