Smart ladies love rad music, the week in music 2/5/2014


Here are some music-y things I have been enjoying lately…

Pussy Riot Stephen Colbert 1

Pussy Riot Stephen Colbert 2


The new Angel Olsen record, Burn Fire for No Witness, arrives on February 18th, and “Hi-Five” is the second video. It features Ms. Olsen looking absolutely luminescent and dancing around an abandoned sound stage, singing “Are you lonely too?” When I saw her play she was alone with a guitar but I like the instrumentation she has been experimenting with-it’s haunting without sounding cheesy, like many folk to rock transitions often do.

SLLS fave Ellie Goulding released a cover of James Blake’s “Life Round Here” featuring Angel Haze and Noah Breakfast. I like Blake just fine but I do think his songs sometimes cry out for a female voice. The verse from Angel Haze is really good. It’s better, in fact, than her cover of “Drunk in Love” that Consequence of Sound said was better than the original. Umm, no. Part of the greatness of “Drunk in Love” is the story of Bey and Jay and the imagery in the video. With that taken away, the song feels hollow for me.

One of my favorite Internet finds post-SXSW, Fear of Men have a full length coming out this year but we will have to wait all the way until April, which I guess is OK since their music is perfect for spring. “Alta/Waterfall” will be on repeat until then. Again with the great artwork, too:

FearOfMen Loom

I am having a hard time maintaining my record wish lists, but thankfully, I do a lot of mailorder so my email box is full of the best crap. Slumberland has my number. They’re rereleasing Tony Molina’s Dissed and Dissmissed (Mikal Cronin-ish fuzz pop) and putting out the new Withered Hand, whose “Black Tambourine” was included on my Best of 2013 playlist.

And some news

Meredith Graves Perfect Pussy

Meredith Graves, the singer of the great punk band Perfect Pussy, was in Elle, sharing tour survival stories. Her voice remains intact (you never know with fashion mags): she lists Catherine MacKinnon and Joanna Gruesome as two of her favorite things and prefers Dr. Bronners to creme de la mer or whatever shit celebrities are into nowadays. I’m excited to hear their record, which comes out on Captured Tracks, one of my favorite labels, on March 18th.


Norwegian dance pop hero Annie is releasing an anti-Putin protest song and short film on Friday, the first day of the Sochi Olympics, and proceeds will benefit All Out. The sample is promising (though she still has failed to top her first LP ever) so everyone should bookmark and purchase it this weekend!

Pussy Riot Stephen Colbert 3

Pussy Riot Stephen Colbert 4

Speaking of Russia, Pussy Riot were on Stephen Colbert last night! They are charming and surprisingly very funny. I am glad they were in on the Colbert joke.

And this gif of Annie Clark/St. Vincent, just because I love those sunglasses and beret:

Annie Clark St. Vincent

Gifs from sandandglass. Photo from tinymixtapes.

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