Smart ladies love rad music, the week in music 3.19.14

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Since I can’t do crowds, I will never ever go to SXSW. When I think about wandering between packed sweaty clubs with a billion other people, I hyperventilate and look for an exit. Instead, I visit Austin virtually, spending the last week and a half reading blog reports, tweets and watching live streams from the festival. This year seemed to be more about already established artists than finding the next big thing, but I still dug up some new-to-me sounds. Here is some of the music I discovered that I will probably spend more time with in the coming weeks.


This is not unlike James Blake, The Weeknd and a slew of other pretty boy voices over dancey jams. But Sohn, who are from London, are signed to 4AD, and have a darkness to them that really appeals to me.


I am completely on board the rock-band-with-female-singer train. The artwork of this 7″ is wonderful and not like anything else in the record bins right now, which endears them to me even more.

Ava Luna

I am not sure how I feel about this New York art rock band with three lead singers. All of their songs sound different, and at least it is all interesting enough to add it to the listening rotation.


Ahhhh ye olde bratty British punk rock! So happy to have Pins and Eagulls in my life.

Meg Myers


Ages and Ages

This is catchy and enjoyable but I feel like I will hear this Portland band in EVERY commercial and rom com trailer this summer.

Other Music

Frankie Cosmos

I am a bit enchanted by Frankie Cosmos and her Mirah-esque lo-fi pop songs as seen on her first LP recorded at a studio, Zentropy. She tends to be too enamored of certain phrases (“my daddy is a fireman” is in two songs, and her dad is actually Kevin Kline, so LIAR) and the cutesy nicknames she and her boyfriend gave to each other (her real name is Greta Kline and her boyfriend Aaron Maine she calls Ronnie Mystery). But I am craving springtime and twee goodness is exactly what I want to hear when I dream about walks to my neighborhood park.


A find from Laura Snapes’ tumblr, I liked what I heard on bandcamp but after reading the Pitchfork review, where Ian Cohen mentioned that they describe their sound as “delay pedals and 27 years of disappointment” and several of their lyrics (“I’m gonna watch you go outside now/ And make a stupid face/ And shut up”), I fell. Hard.

War on Drugs

Lost in the Dream just came out yesterday, it’s amazing (CoS gave it an A+), and you should go see them on tour with my friends White Laces. The record’s hazy rock and roll vibes are going to be perfect for when the sun finally comes out.

What else should I be listening to, dear readers?

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  1. I am pretty much in love with this War on Drugs album….

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