Smart ladies love rad music, the week in music 3/27/13


I haven’t had a lot of time for new music lately, as I am in the throes of several grad school projects. Thankfully South By Southwest happened a few weeks ago and I’m working my way through the coverage, listening to bands that sound interesting to me. See, you don’t need to spend $2K and stand around with a bunch of industry types and stinky dudes, all clamoring for free Lone Star beer, to find out about good music! I love the Internet!!!

Rhye played the Pitchfork party so I was aware of them in my pre-SXSW research. I finally listened to them and they are great, slowed-down R&B. It reminds me of Sade, and I always say that the world needs a more contemporary Sade. Actually I don’t say this but I could.

I don’t know how Fear of Men slipped under my radar. They remind me of all the music I loved in high school (Velocity Girl, Lush), plus some modern bands like Veronica Falls thrown in. Plus I love their name, because I am also afraid of men! AND their artwork is very classic:

FearofMen Collage

I had never listened to Captured Tracks band Naomi Punk, maybe because their name is fucking terrible. But guess what? They’re from Olympia and they sound like effing UNWOUND and have songs called things like “Gentle Movement Toward Sensual Liberation.” I love that they’re both insanely catchy and kinda sludgy. I’ll bet Sub Pop is pissed they didn’t get to this band first. [Update: I have been listening to this band for a week straight since I started this post. AMAZING.]

I’ve been reading about FIDLAR (stands for Fuck It Dog, Life’s a Risk) and how they are going to save punk rock blah blah (the dad of two of the members was in TSOL). They are good, not amazing, but I do enjoy this song, as I fucking love PBR. This band will be huge in Richmond in six months.

Further solidifying the world’s return to punk (does this mean we can stop talking about Japandroids because they’re boring?) is Parquet Courts. I like this 80s almost-spoken Americana rock thing they’ve got going on. I’m also watching them as potential RVA breakout (my city is really weird).

In the category of so freaking cute, here’s Kendrick Lamar’s reaction to hearing Jay-Z’s verse on “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” for the first time. It’s a little NSFW.

Proving to be a British Rihanna who can actually sing live, Misha B released another video, “Here’s to Everything (Ooh La La).” While I think the parentheses part of the title is annoying and unnecessary, this is another great single from an X Factor UK alum.

Lastly, I thought casting Penn Badgley as Jeff Buckley in a film was bizarre and awful. In fact, I thought it was one of the worst ideas ever. But when this performance from the still-not-released Greetings From Tim Buckley showed up in my Feedly via CoS, I felt bad for thinking so poorly of Penn. He was so cute in Easy A, after all! This is probably not the biopic Buckley fans want (or deserve), but I was never a superfan, only a mildly curious observer. And gosh darnit, Penn is pretty magnetic here.

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