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Things I’ve found on the Internet or have been enjoying lately!

The previously mentioned Waxahatchee record, Cerulean Salt, is out next week on Don Giovanni Records. I discovered a new LP DG is putting out: Laura Stevenson. Where the fuck has she been my whole life? If you like Sharon Van Etten, Megafaun, or Mount Moriah, this is the lady for you. I am working my way through her entire catalog and it’s wondrous. “Runner” is the first single from her next LP, Wheel, out April 23.

Also, Don Giovanni is based in New Brunswick, NJ, so once I read that I couldn’t get this song out of my head:

I sold a bunch of my great indie and punk LPs in 1999-2000 when I had very little money and I regret getting rid of my original Lifetime records most of all.

Destroyer This Night

We Listen For You posted a list of all the known Record Store Day releases. RSD used to be a fun little day where you could go buy a few cool, rare records but now it’s total madness, with people fighting for things and then posting them on eBay for outrageous sums of money. I will probably go out this year, as I do every year, because I really want Destroyer’s This Night remastered LP. Last RSD I picked up Rubies (it was pricey so it was still sitting there at 2pm when I dragged myself to Plan 9) and the remaster sounds fantastic so I’m excited about this one too.

Big Boi just released a video for one of the best songs on Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, “Apple of My Eye.” It includes a skit, Big Boi rocking a really neat coat, an adorable female bass player and some sweet, sweet horns.

If you follow Grimes on tumblr, you’ve seen this cute home video of Miila from Japan doing “Oblivian.” I think it’s so cool that she did the loops too! I know there has been some controversy about Grimes on social media, but she is so interesting, smart and a true artist. I made fun of her video that one time but I really, really love her.

Katie and I are not fans of Lana Del Rey, but producer Ryan Hemsworth (sadly not related to Thor) turned “Summertime Sadness” into what it should have sounded like all along. I would so be on the LDR train if she sounded like this.

This Colurs song, which I found about here, deserves some kind of guilty pleasure alert. It’s totally cheesy 70s-sounding pop.

Free Randy

My city is rejoicing that local dude Randy Blythe from metal band Lamb of God has been found not guilty in a Czech court for murdering a fan at a concert. It’s been weird having local news outlets cover this story, since they usually pretend we don’t have a music scene at all.

My FAVORITE band is probably The Fiery Furnaces, and Eleanor Friedberger’s last solo LP, Last Summer, was delightful retro pop. Her second LP, Personal Record is out June 4 on Merge, the best label in the world (I am completely unbiased) and it features this song, “Stare at the Sun.” I just have this feeling 2013 is going to be my favorite year for music in a long, long time.


Captured Tracks continues to find ways to make me spend a shit ton of money. The label recently announced they were reissuing a large chunk of Flying Nun releases. If you don’t know FN, it’s a label based in New Zealand that put out some of the most influential punk and indie records of the 80s and 90s, including The Bats, Tall Dwarfs, The Clean and 3Ds. I bought the first collaborative release, a compilation of Toy Love’s singles and demos. I had never heard them, but based on the fact that it’s on Flying Nun and that the band features Chris Knox/ Alec Bathgate (Tall Dwarfs) and Paul Kean (The Bats), I knew I would love it.

This is Chris Knox’s most famous song, “Not Given Lightly.”

Unfortunately, he suffered a stroke in 2009 and has only performed a small number of shows since then. This compilation of covers of his songs helps to pay his medical bills.

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