Smart ladies love rad music, the week in music 5/1/2013


Mikal Cronin MCII
Last week, after much nail-biting, the lineup for Hopscotch 2013 was released. Several performers were on my dream list (Swearin’, Angel Olsen, Big Boi, Waxahatchee) but there were just as many people on there that I had never heard of, so I listened to a bunch of them and here are my favorites.

The best/worst part of this is that most of these bands are too new to have real videos on You Tube so a lot of these are weird performance videos.

Turf War

Actually, this band was originally discovered on my Swearin’ radio station on Spotify and when I saw them on the Hopscotch list I was super stoked.


I initially listened to her because her location is “Nashville, TN.” Spare, guitar rock that holds my interest (shocking, I am bored easily).

Speedy Ortiz

Someone mentioned on Twitter about how this lady-fronted rock band is better than Savages, who I still haven’t heard, but I just hope their name is a Big Papi reference. Bonus: this song has lots of cussing in it!

Water Liars

I’m kind of at the point in my life where I’m cool with just listening to shit that sounds like Neil Young.

Cy Dune

An Akron/Family side project, Cy Dune gets into all the weird psych stuff without making me listen to forty minutes to jamming. Thanks, dude.

Doug Paisley

AGAIN WITH THE NEIL YOUNG. This guy’s Canadian too, just like Neil!

A few other things:

PJ decided to start watching Saturday Night Live from the beginning and the first musical guest was Janis Ian, who did “At Seventeen” (duh) and this gem, which I hadn’t heard before. I could not find a video of her doing it on SNL.

The super amazing new Mikal Cronin record MCII is streaming here. It is one of those records that will make you rediscover why you loved music in the first place. TRUST. It gives me fucking chills. You should probably just pre-order it at Merge. Plus he’s playing Hopscotch! WOOT!

ALSO on the Swearin station, I found my new favorite song, “Prescription Vision” by Mrs. Magician, which I have listened to about twenty times this week. I haven’t even felt like looking them up to see what other bands they’ve been in or find out out where they’re from. It’s like being in a new relationship where you just want to make out all the time. This version is not as good as the album one but SO CATCHY:

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