Smart ladies love rad music, the week in music 7/24/2013


I haven’t done one of these in a while so here’s some of my musical journey from the past week.

Out & About

Left and Right

Saturday I went to a late show at a bar (I know, I am definitely too old for this shit) and saw Left & Right, an indie rock band from Charlottesville, open up for my friends Positive No. I had high hopes, as my friend Matt told me he’d seen them at MacRock & that they sounded like Superchunk… and well, I can’t say he was wrong. I hope that I continue to discover bands that are influenced by 90s rock music–things were getting a little wussy for a few years there and rock was ignored in favor of shimmery guitars and angelic voices. Anyway, I dig this band, check out their bandcamp page.

On the Internet


I hate starting this section with Pitchfork but they are really the center of the online music universe. They just launched a “blog” (embedded in their site, of course, not a separate location; also their homepage is now so busy that new features like this are hard to find but whatever), where their team of writers can expound on different musical topics. Maybe this is a longer piece on something contemporary that doesn’t fit the normal features guidelines or a post about an older musical discovery, a book or film. Something like this has been a long time coming to the site–I listen to loads of non-contemporary music and am always on the lookout for music from any time period. This has been an excellent showcase of Lindsay Zoladz’ talents so far and I am really glad to see her name on so many bylines (keep that up, Richardson!!). One of her posts led me to listen to this old favorite many times this week (and also others, like fantastic music writer Ann Powers):

And thanks to YouTube, I found This Mortal Coil’s cover with Kim Deal and Tanya Donnelly (Belly revival, anyone? Just me?). Truthfully,  TMC’s name was a huge deterrent (and Patton Oswalt’s bit about KFC “sadness bowls”) but after reading about them I am going to spend some time with their catalog (the remasters sound amazing). This is LOVELY:

I read that they also covered Big Star’s “Kangaroo,” which is one of my favorite songs of all time, and it is also gorgeous:

I am an idiot. I have loved 4AD for many, many years but never listened to TMC [correction: “Song to the Siren” was well-used in Lost Highway, which I have seen multiple times]. I am sorry, world!

Saint Rich

Merge just announced yet another signing, a Delicate Steve (really, with this name–it is fucking awful) offshoot Saint Rich.

Thankfully it’s pretty good and they say the word “fuck” so I’m all in.

I think the Roots/Elvis Costello collaboration is something we didn’t know we needed until we saw this video:

I would like to mention, however, that You Tube attached a four and a half minute advertisement to this video, which is about a minute longer than the actual song. You could skip after ten seconds (and I could not figure out what the clip was advertising in those ten seconds) but if I couldn’t, I would have just shut the video off. I don’t have that kind of time.

I am dedicating this song by Luke Temple of Here We Go Magic to my blogging partner & BFF. There aren’t a lot of good Melissa songs, so treasure this gem.

“Kaaaaatttiiieee, you’re on my screen.”

I suddenly want to listen to this song on repeat:

Any suggestions of songs to get me excited about music again? I have admittedly become a little bored with everything, but that could just be how I’m feeling this week. Oh the rollercoaster of being a music obsessive.

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