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Last week I featured a few ladies of country music, so this week I thought I’d write about some talented ladies in the indiepunkfolk genres. Some of these aren’t new to me (or to you?), but I love sharing things.

I also wanted to point out that many music blogs don’t cover female musicians enough. I scrolled through Feedly to see if there was anything I was missing, and it was just one post after another about dudes. YAWN. Maybe blogs don’t want to take a chance on unknown female artists like they do male artists. As always, please leave a comment if you have more lady-related music suggestions!


Bleached Ride Your Heart
I ignored Bleached for a while, thinking they were another one of the hypecycled bands but they are in fact members of Mika Miko, a kick ass L.A. band who broke up a few years ago. The Clavin sisters have abandoned the late 70s punk of Mika Miko in favor of a catchier, kinda polished 60s sound (Crocodiles-ish?). Ride Your Heart is driving around the city with the windows rolled down, singing along, springtime record. Fun fact: Jennifer used to play keyboards in Cold Cave.

And that video just makes me want to listen to The Rondelles:


Someone tweeted a link to Rose Melberg’s new project, Pups. I didn’t know she had a new band or that they were releasing any music but HERE WE ARE. It’s amazing how much music comes out, so much more that isn’t featured on Pitchfork because the bands don’t have PR teams or aren’t on a real label. So clearly I’m missing out on some good shit. This video is from one of their first shows! WOAH:

Emily Reo

Emily Reo split cassette
OK, Emily Reo may not be for everyone–her glitchy bedroom pop is subtle, lovely and a little weird. She’s released cassettes and other hard to find items, but thankfully a lot her work is available digitally. This 4 way split cassette (available on Bandcamp for name your price) features Emily and three other female musicians–Yohuna, MoonLasso and Brown Bread. It’s all excellent and I recommend checking out Emily’s own bandcamp page as well (I was obsessed with Minha Gatina a few years ago, it’s fantastic). According to her Twitter, Emily will have a new album out this summer. HOORAY!

Colleen Green

Colleen Green Sock it to Me
Hardly Art, a Sub Pop subsidiary, has put out a lot of fantastic music. I bought a Colleen Green 7″ without hearing it because of the Hardly Art name on the back. She has a new record out on HA called Sock it to Me, and if you like Bleached or if you were wondering if there was an American version of Keel Her, this is the LP for you. She put out a good EP last year, Milo Goes to Compton, a Descendents reference for sure, as it features of cover of their “Good Good Things.” Sock it to Me is a little more dancey–think a more rock and roll Purity Ring.

Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen Half Way Home
Angel Olsen just signed to Jagjaguar! Her record from last year, Half Way Home (another Laura Snapes-on-Pitchfork find), almost made my top 10 list last year, despite not hearing it until December. Angel has an incredibly powerful voice and it fits so beautifully with her spare folk music. I am really looking forward to hearing more from her and actually being able to find her LPs at my local store.


Beaches She Beats

I just found them on GvsB and while they have a super unoriginal name, they can be forgiven since they are from Australia and are a totally rad pop psych band. I will probably listen to this all spring. She Beats (ok, I love that) is out May 3rd.

Bonus video of Chvrches covering the Game of Thrones theme song

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