Smart ladies love Eurovision 2014, preview 2



Jedward an adorable and creepy Irish duo who preformed twice for Ireland in Eurovision and were on X Factor UK.

We last previewed Eurovision a month ago when there were only 6 out of 37 songs, let’s hope there are a few more songs for PREVIEW 2!



Teo, “Cheesecake”

This is an ode to Dirty Dancing and cheesecake (not really, though that would make it better)! This song is everything I expect in Eurovision –ALSO BACK UP DANCERS IN BOW-TIES!


Basim, “Cliché Love Song”

This is the perfect song to be sung after “Cheesecake” it’s like the same fucking song except I think this kid is in on the joke –MAYBE? If not this one has back-up dancers in regular ties but they dance more.


Tanja, “Amazing”

She is dancing in bare-feet this is a cheapened version of the last two songs that have won. If this wins then I am convinced Europe is completely enamored with waify dames who dance.

F.Y.R. Macedonia

Tijana Dapčević, “To The Sky”

I don’t know why but I kind of dig this lady. It might be the red shoes and her obvious sass.


Twin Twin, “Moustache”

This reinforces the rule that everything in French sounds better than what it probably would in English. I also dig the 80s vibe.


Freaky Fortune feat. Risky Kidd, “Rise Up”

I really liked the horns and rapping at the beginning of this song then it kind of turned into a typical Eurovision dance song. I am pleased they get back to this eventually.


András Kállay-Saunders, “Running”

This song is about abuse and I am unsure how this will play on the stage. It also has a dance beat. It’s a club song on child abuse –shakes head in disbelief.


Pollapönk, “Enga fordóma”

I am sad that Iceland didn’t send a viking but super excited that they apparently they sent these adorable dudes in track suits. I hope they win the whole fucking thing.


Can-Linn (featuring Kasey Smith), “Heartbeat”

Dear Ireland, every year without Jedward is a sad year. I hate this, I might just what the dudes from Iceland on loop.



Aarzemnieki, “Cake To Bake”

Latvian indie rock band singing about cake –WINNERS! Bonus one of the dudes looks like South American superstar Juanes!


Sergej Ćetković, “Moj Svijet”

This is boring but potentially very moving if I spoke this language.

United Kingdom

Molly, “Children Of The Universe”

The UK is IN IT TO WIN IT –dear Fox please fire Randy Jackson! Molly is a British waify type who is singing a dancey ballad if only she were barefoot! This is one of those songs I might learn to love/like through repetition.

Gif from jedmessages.

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