Smart ladies love pop music, Eurovision preview 2


Eurovision 2013 logo
We are less than 70 days till Eurovision, people and some countries are STILL picking songs (get on it Azerbaijan), here are the songs with videos that were picked in the two weeks since our last post.


Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko, “Identitet”

This might be the Albanian equivalent to a duet between U2 and Bruce Springsteen.  I don’t love it but I hope they make it through to finals because it doesn’t make me want to kill myself. [This video features cool melting toy soldiers! -M]


Alyona Lanskaya, “Solayoh”

I hope the dancers make it to Malmo because they were the only thing I didn’t hate.  It also reminded me of Gloria Estefan. [Why were they wearing hoods in the beginning? Hoods remind me of executioners or horror movies. HATE. -M]


Elitsa & Stoyan, “Samo Shampioni (Only Champions)”

Drums, a Bulgarian bagpipe, and dance beat —FUCK YES!  This is exactly the type of music I want to hear at Eurovision!  Bonus points for not singing this song in English.  Fun Fact: this was NOT the first choice of song but the original song was disqualified due to copyright issues. [The drumming is amazing, minus the guy’s 80s haircut, I love her dress AND the song is good and different!  YAY BULGARIA. Fun fact #1: I am 1/4 Bulgarian.  Fun fact #2: Bulgarian bagpipes are called gaida and are traditionally made of sheep or goat hide. -M]


Klapa s Mora, “Mižerja”

Croatian “manband” singing a ballad in Croatian.  This video is amazing cause they are obviously a choir but they have been told to move around instead of standing and singing. [They look like they’re going to Wall Street. I love how they stand completely still until they start singing. It is HILARIOUS. The choreography is A++++ on this number. -M]


Birgit Õigemeel, “Et uus saaks alguse”

I love the slight country twang of this song.  I am however confused by the hem length of her dress. [BALLAD. So boring. Her hem IS totally weird, Katie. It’s a ruffle but also a mullet hem? -M]


ByeAlex, “Kedvesem”

Hot Hungarian hipsters.  I will probably drive Melissa crazy with my love for this and that dude in glasses —RAWR!  Also do you think they made that back-up singer stand so far back because she looks like a soccer mom? [He’s like the Hungarian Colin Meloy so OF COURSE you love him. The backup singer, yes, looks like a soccer mom. She needs a new outfit to match the hipster band. Finally, I love the screens on this performance. From the giant characters that look like they’re from a children’s TV show to the extreme close up of the singer’s face, this is one excellent video. Hungary FTW! -M]


Moran Mazor, “Rak bishvilo (Only For Him)”

It is extremely unfair that Israel gets to compete and we don’t!  I also hate this but the intro to this video was kind of cute.  Lastly I want this woman to wear a bra. [The intro is kind of like a Facebook thing? I want her to wear a bra, too, and a dress that fits. Thankfully her hair is RAGING. I am obsessed with it. -M]


Cezar, “It’s My Life”

Cezar’s hair, get up and falsetto are why this contest exists! [We absolutely watch Eurovision for performances like this one. Everything about it is genius. -M]


Moje 3, “Ljubav je svuda”

Oh thank god, just yesterday I was wondering what the European equivalent of Destiny’s Child was and in walks Moje 3! LOVE THIS! [Hairography plus American Idol-esque oversinging + different colored outfits that probably represent the Serbian flag (they need a fourth girl in blue)? AMAZING. -M]


ESDM – El Sueño De Morfeo, “Contigo Hasta El Final (With You All The Way)”

I really really liked this (I also want the lead singers hair cut). [What is up with all the bagpipes? I hope that trend hits American soil soon. This woman is gorgeous, I hope it wins and she becomes in international superstar. -M]


Robin Stjernberg, “You”

There is so much better music than this from Sweden.  This song should be sung by One Direction.  I’m sure it will do very well and Melissa and I will want to kill ourselves. [This sounds like 20 other songs. C’mon, Sweden, you have a title to defend!! -M]

United Kingdom

Bonnie Tyler, “Believe In Me”

Bonnie Tyler is most well known for the brilliant 80s song “Total Eclipse of the Heart” this song is no where near as awesome as that song.  In fact this sucks!  I have no idea what Britain is thinking, have they just given up winning this contest.  Last year they sent Engelbert Humperdinck! Send The Wanted they would win this bitch on charisma! [I couldn’t even get through this. Why can’t she look at the camera? I hate everything about this song. -M]

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