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Summer Listening

These are the songs we can’t get enough of this summer.

Katie’s Top Five Singles of Summer

“Ruin” -Cat Power.  OMG this song is amazing.  I have never been a big Cat Power fan, I like listening to her stuff if it’s on but I would never buy it (M, did put her greatest hits on my iPod).  If this song is any indication of her new album Sun (release date September 3, 2012) I would line up to buy it (thankfully in the 21st century you just go online).

Edward Sharpe Here

“Man on Fire” -Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.  Sirius XMU was playing this non-stop late spring/early summer and I could not get it out of my head.

Jack White Blunderbuss

“I’m Shakin'” and “Love Interruption” -Jack White.  I pretty much viewed the White Stripes like I did Cat Power, pleasant but not love but every single song on White’s solo album Blunderbuss is AMAZING!  These are my 2 favorites.

The Recordings of The Middle East

“Blood” -The Middle East.  They play this song at the end of Crazy, Sexy, Love and I had to “Shazam it” I loved it so much.  I actually checked the play count on my iPod, I have listened to this song 53 times since June.

Santigold Master of My Make-Believe

“Go!” -Santigold (featuring Karen O).  The album Master of My Make-Believe was my most anticipated album for the summer and it came out in May.  I love me some Santigold and this album is magnificent.

Melissa’s Top Five Singles of Summer

“Gun Has no Trigger” -The Dirty Projectors. This song is perfect–Swing Lo Magellan is shaping up to be my favorite record of the year. I love David Longstreth’s voice–it’s always a little bit off. I just bought this on LP and this song sounds even better.

“1904” -The Tallest Man on Earth. I have hated all of Swede Kristian Matsson’s other recordings for having the tinny vocals too high in the mix, but There’s No Leaving Now is a thing of beauty–ten great singalong songs. The hooks and shifts in melodies of “1904” give me shivers.

“Belispeak” -Purity Ring. I’m so excited about the electronic music women are making lately–Grimes, Sleigh Bells and EMA have led us to Purity Ring, a Canadian duo whose insanely catchy and weird “Belispeak” came out last year but I heard for the first time a few weeks ago.

“Pyramids” -Frank Ocean. Channel Orange hasn’t infected me the same way last year’s Nostalgia, Ultra did, but this ten-minute long song is like nothing I’ve ever heard. It’s initial refrain “ah ah ah ahooo set the cheetahs on the loose” is so catchy and then the song changes three more times and doesn’t lose the listener once.

“When to Let Go” -Violens.  Slumberland Records keeps finding the best 90s-inspired shimmering guitar rock records to release. This song is SO New Order and provided a soundtrack to my afternoon drives to the thrift store this summer.

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