Smart ladies love rad music, the week in music 3/13/13


Why, what an excellent date!

Hoax Hunters

Friday I saw a few friends play at Strange Matter. My husband’s band, Hoax Hunters, played last, and you guys, they have gotten super good. I am totally not just saying that either.

Also my friends Kyle and Brandi of the excellent garage-y psych band The Diamond Center played an acoustic set and it was fantastic. This is what they normally look like when they play:

Diamond Center 03a

They were busy for a while creating life but I am so happy to see them play again–I missed them in my musical orbit. Here is a video from the show of Kyle & Brandi doing T. Rex’s “Life’s a Gas” thanks to my pal Galaxy Girl!

Friday PJ went to the record store to get some rare Mogwai LP for himself (snore) but picked this up for me:


IT IS AMAZING. Like year-end list amazing. It’s better than her last record, American Weekend, and definitely rivals some of the best Crutchfield stuff. I hate always comparing female musicians to other female musicians but I haven’t read a lot of articles where they mention Des Ark in the same breath as Waxahatchee and that makes me really sad. I feel like we need an Aimee renaissance.

Des Ark 04a

“Which One of You Assholes Ate Christmas?”

I have seen Aimee play in many iterations and it’s always wonderful. Her shows can be heartbreakingly beautiful (solo in DC at a coffee shop a few years ago) or super rocking (Hopscotch 2011, where the photo was taken). I highly recommend her Live at WXDU Vol 3, which is still available on vinyl via Dischord.

Another thing I’ve been listening to lately is Brendan Benson’s Lapalco. Hearing the new Mikal Cronin song got me in the mood to hear it. I don’t know if good power pop is really hard to write or what, but I find the rest of his work to be really spotty. As in, there are only 1-2 good songs on each record. Well, Lapalco has 12 GREAT songs on it.

At the record store the other day, I found a used LP version of The Magnetic Fields’ Charm of the Highway Strip (the reissue from a few years ago), which I have owned on literally every other format except vinyl. As I was listening to it, I thought it just might be my favorite Stephin Merritt recording along with the first 6ths album (which honestly is DYING to be reissued).

The latest Fan Landers, about bands retaining the rights to master tapes, is really interesting! It’s a bit of nerd inside stuff, which I love.

So I basically have barely listened to anything new and have been really into records I bought over ten years ago. This is what happens when you get old, people.

Who cares about anything when the best thing that was on the Internet this week was John Darnielle’s (The Mountain Goats) song in defense of Justin Bieber, who has had some weird troubles lately. Try not to be an asshole.

As you can guess, I am not at SXSW like every other music obsessive in the known universe. Austin is far and expensive to get to and I hate crowds. I do enjoy reading about all the new bands everyone has discovered to I look forward to those blogs and podcasts popping up in the coming weeks.

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