Smart ladies love rad music, the week in music 9/25/2013


Since I haven’t done one of these in a while, here is some new/old music I have been enjoying lately.

Joanna Gruesome

I had only really listened to one song before I ordered the Joanna Gruesome LP Weird Sister from Slumberland Records. I knew I would love it based on a few key facts: 1. record label 2. band is from Cardiff 3. song titles like “Wussy Void.” If you like Veronica Falls, Shop Assistants, and/or Velocity Girl, you should get this record now.

I’ve been meaning to post about Philadelphia’s (formerly Grand Rapids, MI) Radiator Hospital for a while. I read about Sam Cook-Parrott on Laura Snapes’ twitter (follow her for THE BEST band recommendations). It began basically as a bedroom project but has expanded into a legit band, with Allison of Swearin’ even doing backing vocals. You know I love some catchy fuzzy pop. They are replacing the hole in my heart left after Cloud Nothings went all rock and roll. Everything he’s recorded is available for free or donation on the bandcamp site. It’s all really good so you have no reason not to.

Speaking of Veronica Falls, I found a super rare covers EP on at new favorite shop Melody Supreme (go there if you are ever in Charlottesville, Virginia; reasonably priced and he carries all the new pop stuff I like). This Rolling Stones cover is on the first of two cover EPs they released–I bought the second. It was pretty expensive but it’s UK-only and just effing amazing overall. If you see either of these records, buy them.

When I was looking for stuff to post about Radiator Hospital, I rediscovered this great site If You Make It. It’s DIY-focused and features tons of awesome free music. I will be sorting through it for the next few weeks I think.

This week I saw Superchunk for maybe the 12th time (I’ve lost count) in Charlottesville. They were amazing as always but their catalog is so vast that they can’t play it all. If it were up to me, here are some songs that would make my Dream Superchunk set list. Most of these I’ve seen them play live but have dropped out of their sets.

“Punch Me Harder,” No Pocky for Kitty

“Flawless,” On The Mouth

“I will not be there when the curtain comes down”

“On the Mouth,” “Mower” 7″

Gun to my head, this is my favorite Chunk song of all time.

“Kicked In,” Foolish

Best end of summer song ever. Or at least that’s how I interpret it. Apparently I saw them play it two years ago. Huh.

“The First Part,” Foolish

I never get tired of this song, ever. Plus hey, actual video!

“Keeping Track,” Foolish

I just love this entire record.

“Yeah It’s Beautiful Here Too,” Here’s Where the Strings Come In

“Her Royal Fisticuffs,” Laughter Guns EP

The name of this EP comes from a misheard lyric in “Hyper Enough” that was debated on a college station for seemingly hours. If you buy the whole EP, the radio show is tacked on the end and it is very entertaining.

“Song for Marion Brown,” Indoor Living

“1000 Pounds,” Come Pick me Up

This is my least favorite Superchunk record. I might even use the words “strongly dislike” when talking about it. I don’t listen to it anymore but I find this song immensely enjoyable.

“Phone Sex,” Here’s to Shutting Up

Ok they will probably never play this song ever again. It is their foray into alt-country of the early 00s and I love the story in the song.

“My Gap Feels Weird,” Majesty Shredding

Duh. Best song of their later career. All the cameras up front in this video are annoying. I WANT POGOING, DAMMIT!

“Void,” I Hate Music

“100,000 Fireflies”

Last on the list because it is the best. The cover to end all covers. The cover that is infinitely better than the original. When they played it in August at Cat’s Cradle I freaked the fuck out. It’s part nostalgia, because this was an essential song of my teenage growing up years, but also because I still relate to it. [Also of note: this is not the only time Mac improved on a Magnetic Fields song. However, I don’t trust MF covers as a rule.]


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