April 20, 2015
by melissa

Smart ladies love fashion, best and worst dressed at the 2015 ACMs

There are so many country awards show, so I made this chart in Excel to help me sort it out. I’m sharing it with you because I love you and I hope it will make a real difference in your lives:

Country Awards Show Comparison

For the record, here are the trophies:







I do not like to miss awards shows, especially star-studded ones where people dress slightly questionably and the cameras cut to non-famous audience members in gaudy jewelry singing along to Florida Georgia Line.

Last night’s event was in Dallas, probably so they could use Cowboys stadium and set a world record for most people at an awards show, so there were football players and even some cheerleaders there:

Also, seeing Martina McBride do “Independence Day,” which is a freaking classic, makes me sad for the inequality of gender in country music right now. For the record, Tay-Tay was SUPER into singing along to this song. She didn’t walk the red carpet, but she looked nice:

Best Dressed

Kacey Musgraves is dressed how I want all my country queens to dress. Girly and vintage-inspired but with a modern hairdo.

I love this and I love Kacey. I hope she has on sparkly cowboy boots under that dress. -K

I wish Ashley Monroe was wearing lipstick but this tiny menswear-influenced dress is the perfect way to shake up an audience wearing frilly gowns.

I also love Ashley Monroe and am super pleased all of my favorite country ladies dressed so lovely. -K

It is hard not to judge Olivia Culpo’s ensemble based on her incredibly gorgeous face, but the simplicity of this white dress feels fresh on this occasion.

I love the modern take on the over-done mermaid tail good job Olivia. PS I have no idea who this woman is. -K

Reese Witherspoon is super reflective in this fun minidress. I am envious of her hair.

YES SPARKLES! I love you Reese Witherspoon! -K

Lacey Owen wins for highest hair!! Love it. While this dress isn’t my favorite, the color is beautiful on her.

I like the color. I have no idea who this person is –I expect this to become a theme. -K

For this particular awards show, Caroline Boyer, wife of Luke Bryan, is the portrait of class and taste.

SUCH A PRETTY COLOR. Also good sparkles. -K

You know what would look great with Jana Kramer‘s awesome black and white patterned dress? Freaking lipstick! But I applaud her for finding a print that works at this type of event.

This would be my fave if she had lipstick. I LOVE a patterned gown and this one is so lovely. -K

This is the best Sofia Vergara has looked! She should pretend every awards show is the ACMs.

I even love the platform shoes. -K

Best Couple

Welcome back, Garth Brooks and Tricia Yearwood. You both look pleasantly classic country.

True story, Tricia Yearwood’s cooking show is excellent. -K

Finely Dressed Men

Keith Urban has a thing, you know?

HE WORE A STATEMENT TEE! Oh Keith I love you so. -K 

For a dude at this show, Thomas Rhett’s vintage-looking tux is downright fashion-forward.

I don’t know who this feller is but I love his perfectly hemmed suit. Good job dude. -K

I think Dierks Bentley has been in my Best Dressed every time he shows up. His tailor is extraordinarily talented.

This is very nice. -K

If you’re going to dress a little casually to a music awards show, at least show a little style and personality like Will Hoge.

I like his sweet boots. -K

Charles Kelley from Lady Antebellum is another perpetual favorite–I love his shortsleeve sweater, well-fitting pants and great shoes! I think this is his wife, Cassie, who is wearing a ballgown I actually find interesting due to its color scheme.

They look fantastic, although since he is slightly casual I wish her dress were about a foot and a half shorter –but that is more because of my love for the cocktail length gown. -K

I just found out Canaan Smith is a popular contemporary country singer! One who I want to high-five for his jacket and worn-in boots.

He reminds me of the Fonz –that is not a bad thing. -K

Sadly, there were not enough cowboy hats on the red carpet! So congrats Clay Walker (and the lovely Jessica Craig)!

I love a good hat. -K

And the award for best tie goes to…Reid Perry!

I want that tie in a dress. -K

Nick Jonas’ brown suede jacket is pretty fantastic.

Good job Nick Jonas you are on theme but still you. -K

Pretty! But Sorry About Your Boobs

I actually really like this! Except I don’t feel comfortable with how much of Beth Behrs’ boobs I can see and the top fits a bit odd.

This is interesting and I love the weird top, but Melissa is right–it’s a little too sheer. -K

Why is this shoestring strapped across Miranda Lambert’s cleave? She wore an interesting jumpsuit to the ceremony and had a sweet moment with both her friend Ashley Monroe and the female co-writer of “Automatic.”

I love the color of this dress and her hair/accessories are fantastic but again I agree with Melissa I don’t understand the line across her cleavage. I kind of think she has illusion netting and that’s the seam but that’s weird. -K

Ohhhh RaeLynn, this is SO event-appropriate and fun but the top looks incredibly awkward.

Her shoes and clutch are awesome. -K

Zooey Deschanel has Worn This One too Many Times

Kimberly Schlapman of Little Big Town looks cute (and I am sure Katie will like this more than me), but she can’t convince me I haven’t seen this a hundred times before.

I do like this, but I wish she had done something better with her hair. -K

Meh Dressed

The ruffle of Hillary Scott’s skirt makes it feel really dated, which is disappointing, because the color is wonderful on her.

This is very 1990’s bridesmaidy/prom. -K 

Cassadee Pope’s dress wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the unseasonable color and hi-low hem.

This is very fall. -K

I want to like Mickey Guyton’s dress, but the crosshatch pattern is just too busy with the flowers. I think horizontal stripes might be more appealing.

This is when the pattern goes bad. Everything else is fantastic. -K

I dig Kimberly Perry’s wild rock star hair, but her dress is failing to cause me to have a strong reaction either way.

I’m so sick of sheer. -K

Plus: Florida Georgia Line’s pants fit well! Minus: I still had to listen to their music during the ceremony. Plus: you can’t go wrong with all black. Minus: those sunglasses, all the jewelry, and that unbuttoned shirt.

These dudes make me uncomfortable. -K

Kudos to Tony Romo for this sharp blue suit; however, it does not look properly fitted.

It’s too big. It’s like a sack. Also because it’s too big it’s wrinkled. I do like his dates dress. -K

This gown Kellie Pickler is wearing just feels so old-fashioned and tired, though she looks happy and glowy! I wish her style would evolve.

So much satin. -K

Worst Dressed

Jamie Lynn Spears’s dress has black lace AND scales on the bottom, two things I never want to see again on someone not named Marion Cotillard.

Lipstick please. Also stop wearing black lace people. -K

What is up with The Voice alums and hi-low hems? Danielle Bradbery’s dress has the added characteristics of being both cheap-looking and super fug.

This just looks tired. PS I am also tired. -K

Nothing Frankie Ballard is wearing fits him properly. Nothing.

Even the shoes look too big. -K

This is Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye (WTF IS THAT NAME) of Maddie and Tae and there are so many things wrong here I don’t know where to start.

WHO ARE THEY? Why would you name your child Tae if your last name was Dye OR why would you think Tae Dye was a good stage name? -K

Another Barbie dress, but Brittany Kerr’s is too shiny and I hate how the slit looks like it was hand-ripped by a stylist before the ceremony. Some lipstick wouldn’t hurt, either.

She looks like a beauty pageant contestant. -K

Methinks Kip Moore got lost on the way to pick up some milk.


Not only does Kellsea Ballerini have a name that sounds like a personalized brunch cocktail, but her braid is hiding in her too-big boob cups and someone ruined a kind of cute peach/yellow skirt by making it XTREME hi-low.

This could be cute and yet it is SO NOT (see all of Melissa’s example above). -K

I Don’t Know, WHATEVER, I GIVE UP Dressed

Steven Tyler is insane

I love it! -K

Dustin Lynch, have you met Steven Tyler?

Dustin Lynch should have made the lining of that coat more artistic. -K

Scott Borchetta makes sense in the context of these two.

His facial hair is the WORST. -K

April 20, 2015
by katie
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Smart ladies love movies, this week in trailers, April 20, 2015

Movie Trailer Monday

Each week I review movie trailers that came out the previous week or for movies that are about to premiere. Some of these movies I am excited about, some I am mildly curious about, and the rest I make fun of!

Notable movies coming out this weekend

The Age of Adaline

Man, Adaline sure is lucky to have loved both Harrison Ford and Michiel Huisman. I’m not at all sure what this movie is trying to be. Do we want Adaline to settle down with Michiel Huisman? Do we want her to die because she has lived a full life? I can’t wait for it to come out so that I can read the synopsis on Wikipedia. [Blake looks really pretty in this and Huisman is shirtless in that one scene. But mostly this trailer makes me think heavy things about death and getting old that I’d like to ignore for another twenty years so I will pass. -M]

The Road Within, is out onDemand and for Rent

This little indie, about three young people who steal their therapists car and break out of their mental institution, looks kind of fun and like something I will enjoy when it’s on Netlix or Prime. [I like this! It seems like a nice, quiet indie that I would really enjoy! Plus DAV PATEL in something that is not a Marigold Hotel thing. -M]

Movies I can’t wait to see in an ACTUAL theater

Dope, June 19, 2015

I have watched this trailer for the Sundance hit three times and each time it just gets better. Man I love a smart, well written, funny teen comedy. [Oh goodness this is great too! The leads are so appealing AND it’s sunny and bright and stylized. I cannot wait for this movie! -M]

Ant-Man, July 17, 2015

The tiny fight sequence at the end of the trailer with the toy train is great and makes me more excited for this summer Marvel movie. ALSO TINY PAUL RUDD! AND Evangeline Lilly’s adorable bob. [It’s still so weird to see Paul Rudd as a superhero, he is older than me and always plays dorks. Who am I kidding, I will see this opening weekend. I hope this is a gateway for Evangeline Lilly to be in more movies. -M]

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, December 18, 2015

I’m not going to lie I teared up a little at Harrison Ford at the end. When I was small I wanted to be Princess Leia and I LOVED Han Solo. I am a sucker for a roguish man. ANYWHO the second Star Wars VII trailer looks just as great as the first. [Being married to a Star Wars dork, I have seen this trailer a million times in the past week. I knew when Han Solo showed up all the nerds would get goosies. I got goosies when I saw Oscar Isaac in that helmet woo hoo-ing. -M]

I won’t go to an ACTUAL theater but will pay for it on Amazon

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, March 25, 2016

You know I don’t understand why DC makes everything so DARK and DEPRESSING. Henry Cavill is a dreamboat–exploit that. Ben Affleck looks ridiculous. Jeremy Irons is NO Michael Caine. AND I HATE that Zack Synder gets to be the first to show us Wonder Woman. If it weren’t for Joe Dirt 2 this would have totally been in the worst category. [The screen is pitch black for the first 18 seconds, I almost quit it. I should have, because this looks SO SERIOUS. Comic book movies should be fun, goddammit! Even Christian Bale had Michael Caine. -M]

You would have to PAY me to see it in an ACTUAL theater

Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser, July 16, 2015

You know I just don’t understand why Hollywood keeps making sequels to terrible movies made by friends of Adam Sandler. Why does Hollywood continue to make movie with Adam Sandler. I remember a time when I liked Adam Sandler, now he is just a joke. [I don’t know, I would rather see this than Batman v Superman. Plus Christopher Walken is in this! And, for some reason, Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath. I am still holding out for a Macgruber sequel, though. -M]

April 16, 2015
by melissa

Smart ladies love TV, liveblogging the first episode of Twin Peaks

I have seen every David Lynch movie, most of them multiple times, but I have never seen one episode of Twin Peaks, and this weekend in my town, we’re having a Twin Peaks festival, The Great Southern (a reference to the show I don’t get yet)! There’s movie showings, a reading, a listening party, a DJ night and lots more. I hate feeling left out. What better way to celebrate than actually, finally, watching the god damn show.

I have been pretty ignorant about most aspects of  Twin Peaks for 25 years. Here is what I know about it: Laura Palmer, this spread from Sassy, Kyle MacLachlan, pie, Gideon from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, the log lady & sweaters.

Joining me for the liveblog is Katie AND my husband PJ! He watched the entire series while I was in grad school, so you will be able to enjoy his assy comments without me typing them out.

melissa, 08:00:49 PM

It’s up, you guys!!!!!!!!!!! EEEE.

katie, 08:01:05 PM

Oh I forgot the weird music. No joke this is the stuff my dad listens to on the regular. This and Eric Clapton.

katie, 08:02:05 PM

I wish this opening sequence had more pep.

katie, 08:02:41 PM

I think Russ Tamblyn is Amber Tamblyn’s dad.

melissa, 08:03:40 PM

Joan Chen! Having some technical difficulty with PJs posting, hold on…

melissa, 08:05:36 PM

Oh god that lady’s voice is going to be annoying.

melissa, 08:06:38 PM

ohhhh these coats!!!

katie, 08:07:01 PM

What happened to Joan Chen? Does she even make movies anymore? I’ll look that up when I look up Russ Tamblyn.

melissa, 08:07:15 PM

This is about as fast-paced as Top of the Lake.

PJ Sykes, 08:07:18 PM

I love Pete!

melissa, 08:08:38 PM

I feel like that image of Laura Palmer is one of the most iconic TV images ever. David Lynch is so good at that.

katie, 08:08:42 PM

I love that woman playing Laura’s mother she was on Big Love!

PJ Sykes, 08:09:34 PM

Laura’s Dad makes this great drink. It’s half lemonade half ice tea.

melissa, 08:09:36 PM

Awww does she not know Laura is fucking dead and wrapped in plastic yet? Sad.

katie, 08:09:37 PM

That image made Sheryl Lee famous. Sheryl Lee was fabulous in Backbeat.

katie, 08:10:16 PM

PJ is Laura’s dad named Arnold?

melissa, 08:10:57 PM

High school scenes just seem SO BELOW David Lynch.

katie, 08:11:15 PM

Russ Tamblyn plays the doctor and he is Amber Tamblyn’s dad I am on point AND half drunk! Now what has Joan Chen done lately.

melissa, 08:11:42 PM

PJs Arnold Palmer joke was so classic. This is why I invited him.

PJ Sykes, 08:12:59 PM


katie, 08:13:35 PM

Joan Chen was on Netflix’s Marco Polo! I am not interested in that at all. Daredevil however was great once Vincent Donofrio showed up.

melissa, 08:13:48 PM

The set design is amazing.

Ray Wise looks SO YOUNG. It’s freaking me out.

PJ Sykes, 08:13:48 PM

I watched the series for the first time all the way through maybe a year ago? I saw it a little in the 90s. I’m already picking up on things the second time through.

PJ Sykes, 08:14:46 PM

Dramatic crying.

katie, 08:15:11 PM

This score is amazing.

melissa, 08:15:16 PM

Russ Tamblyn AKA Gideon. Can this liveblog get people to watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?

Laura Palmer’s mom is doing some ugly crying and it is glorious.

melissa, 08:16:27 PM

Now she is freaking screaming like someone in a horror movie. It is SO David Lynch  to have someone scream like that. He probably told that actress to watch a bunch of 60s horror movies.

melissa, 08:16:55 PM

That kid’s hair is SO 90s. UGH. Butt cut.

melissa, 08:17:46 PM

Man the music IS fantastic. I might actually go to that listening party tomorrow of the soundtrack.

melissa, 08:18:46 PM

I love that the music overpowers the dialogue.

melissa, 08:20:07 PM

This hospital is both vintage and futuristic looking.

katie, 08:20:35 PM

Grace Zabriskie who plays Laura’s mom is amazing. She and Bruce Dern are the reasons I watched Big Love.

PJ Sykes, 08:21:05 PM


katie, 08:21:20 PM

Sherlyn Fenn is so fucking pretty. Also seeing Luara Flyn Boyle young reminds me that she has seriously fucked up her face.

katie, 08:22:16 PM

David Lynch’s idea if high school is amazing.

melissa, 08:22:20 PM

I can see why hipsters now are so obsessed with Twin Peaks. The vintage fashion; the sets; the dry, sarcastic dialogue…

PJ Sykes, 08:22:28 PM


melissa, 08:23:24 PM

In David Lynch’s high school, everyone is super covered up and intense. This is worse than Degrassi.

katie, 08:23:49 PM

Lara Flynn Boyle now:


melissa, 08:24:18 PM

So many nice jackets. I need to go shopping even though it’s almost summer.

katie, 08:24:33 PM

I wish Degrassi had this score.

katie, 08:25:42 PM

Bobby is an amazingly bad actor and yet it works.

melissa, 08:25:53 PM

That picture of Lara Flynn Boyle is horrifying. No wonder there were reports she wasn’t going to be on the new show, which I didn’t mention in my paragraph up at the top because I figured everyone knew about it.
This kid reminds me of Seth Cohen. But obviously not as hot.

melissa, 08:27:03 PM

PJ is really upset by modern day Lara Flynn Boyle.

melissa, 08:27:35 PM

Was Laura Palmer like the perfect person? What made her so great? I wish Veronica Mars was here to tell us.

katie, 08:27:44 PM

Sherlyn Fenn was on the Gilmore Girls as two different characters. FUN FACTS!

katie, 08:29:23 PM

I hope Kyle MacLachlan shows up soon. I need me some Trey McDougal!

melissa, 08:30:13 PM

Since I have read nothing about this show I will spend tomorrow researching David Lynch interviews about it. I would tell you to not tell my boss but no one is reading this post.

katie, 08:30:25 PM

Veronica Mars and Kyle MacLachlan solving crime would be an amazing show. So much better than House of Lies and SHEILD.

PJ Sykes, 08:30:31 PM

When I was in high school one of my teachers was killed and student (both accidents). As the principal does the announcement a flood of memories came back. The scenes feel very accurate.

melissa, 08:30:57 PM

So much bad man hair.

katie, 08:32:13 PM

What so weird about current Lara Flynn Boyle is that she is still so skinny and yet she has made her face fat. I do not understand it.

melissa, 08:32:44 PM

There are sooooo many characters. I love the Lynch School of Acting. I would be fucking great at it.

melissa, 08:33:24 PM

Remember cardigans with giant shoulder pads?

melissa, 08:34:29 PM

GET DOWN OFF THE BRIDGE, girl in nightie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

melissa, 08:34:50 PM

Excuse me, girl in dirty, ripped nightie.

katie, 08:35:46 PM

Oh Laura had a piece on the side too!

melissa, 08:36:25 PM

Eyepatch lady is amazing and looks like Ana Gasteyer.

PJ Sykes, 08:36:33 PM

So many great characters. It’s a lot of fun to see this again.

katie, 08:36:44 PM

YES!!! There is my boy!!! I already love him and he has only said two lines.

PJ Sykes, 08:37:40 PM

Diane! I’m live blogging Twin Peaks tonight. Gemma is sleeping at my feet. I had some ice cream, mint ice cream.

melissa, 08:39:07 PM

I am also super into the trees, Agent Cooper.

melissa, 08:40:44 PM

Kyle MacLachlan looks so young and adorable!! I feel like he’s perpetually been 45 since this ended.

katie, 08:41:49 PM

Russ Tamblyn’s tie is AMAZING!

melissa, 08:42:03 PM


PJ Sykes, 08:42:29 PM

Katie, this is a normal outfit for Russ.

melissa, 08:42:52 PM

These corks in his ears are a weird small-town quirk.

PJ Sykes, 08:43:08 PM

Flashing lights!

melissa, 08:44:23 PM

I want to paint everything that seafoam green color.

PJ Sykes, 08:46:09 PM

I’ve already been to the Roadhouse. ::reads note:: “Meet me at the Roadhouse”

katie, 08:46:14 PM

All of these teenagers look 32.

melissa, 08:46:19 PM

Blond douche in a letterman jacket= the worst.

katie, 08:46:28 PM

You hang those drapes Ed!!!

katie, 08:47:37 PM

PJ, do we ever meet Diane?

melissa, 08:47:55 PM

Agent Cooper really knows how to rip open a teenage girl’s locked diary! Did he learn that in FBI school?

PJ Sykes, 08:48:34 PM

Katie, Diane is the killer.

PJ Sykes, 08:50:43 PM

Lucy has to be based on Janine from Ghostbusters.

katie, 08:51:07 PM

Bobby would be perfect for Degrassi everyone on that show acts like he does. And that folks is why Drake is the best.

melissa, 08:51:41 PM

Bobby is so angry. He SHOULD be pissed about his Rider Strong haircut.

melissa, 08:52:43 PM

Agent Cooper is so good at his job! He should team up with Luther.

melissa, 08:54:14 PM

This woman is an idiot. She should have plugged the hole in the coffee cup instead of holding it over her desk and moving it around.

katie, 08:55:04 PM

I love how 50’s the kids are in the 90’s. The tight sweaters, pleated skirts, and saddle shoes.

katie, 08:55:14 PM

And the hair styles too.

katie, 08:55:30 PM

Even the boys. The letterman and the greaser.

katie, 08:56:22 PM

Luther can join my dream show with Veronica Mars and Kyle MacLachlan.

melissa, 08:56:26 PM

There are so many things in Twin Peaks world I want, starting with that Hello rug.

PJ Sykes, 08:56:51 PM

Scully’s Dad!

melissa, 08:59:08 PM

Yes this voice is already getting to me after one episode. Maybe after four more I’ll find it endearing?

melissa, 09:00:10 PM

Lara Flynn Boyle, you troublemaker, you!

PJ Sykes, 09:00:47 PM


katie, 09:01:46 PM


melissa, 09:02:38 PM

Cultural appropriation, much, Jonathan?

PJ Sykes, 09:03:50 PM

Someone just got back from Coachella, Johnathan.

melissa, 09:05:06 PM

He have now seen the worst hair on the show on bizarro Barry Watson.

PJ Sykes, 09:05:39 PM

Leo is the worst.

katie, 09:05:54 PM

Leo’s hair is amazing. And super dirty.

melissa, 09:06:02 PM

Is Leo drinking Mint Schnapp’s? EWWWWW.

katie, 09:06:42 PM

I’m glad Ed put up those drapes. I was very concerned.

melissa, 09:07:03 PM

I LOVE that Agent Cooper is so delighted by the flora and fauna of the pacific northwest.

katie, 09:07:44 PM

Is this taking place all in one day?

melissa, 09:07:56 PM

This meeting is SO Gilmore Girls-esque.

PJ Sykes, 09:08:05 PM

It’s log, log… it’s big it’s heavy it’s wood!

katie, 09:10:09 PM

That meeting also reminded me of Parks and Rec. And now I want to cry.

melissa, 09:11:07 PM

Swell Gal embroidered pillows for everyone!

melissa, 09:12:27 PM

What a cute relationship between these two weird sisters.

katie, 09:12:59 PM

I wish that Mike, Leo, and Bobby would all get lost down the river.

katie, 09:13:34 PM

I want that swell gal pillow.

melissa, 09:14:25 PM

Duh, she’s at the ROADHOUSE.

PJ Sykes, 09:15:01 PM

See you at 9:30 www.texasroadhouse.com

melissa, 09:15:25 PM

Lucy seems to work long shifts. I hope she is fairly compensated with overtime. #hrminute

katie, 09:16:23 PM


katie, 09:17:51 PM

It’s a party at the Roadhouse! This is like the worst roadhouse in the world it looks like a VFW.

PJ Sykes, 09:18:21 PM

Julee Cruise singing at the Roadhouse sounds like it could have been released in 2011 by SubPop.

melissa, 09:18:26 PM

This song was in Lost Highway and it gave me nightmares for MONTHS.

PJ Sykes, 09:19:14 PM


melissa, 09:19:26 PM

Donna’s boyfriend is abusive. She needs to get out of this relationship, asap.

melissa, 09:19:57 PM

Don’t get on that bike with ANOTHER bad-haired dude, Donna!

katie, 09:20:24 PM

After watching Daredevil with amazing fight sequences the roadhouse fight is hilarious.

katie, 09:20:33 PM


katie, 09:23:52 PM

James is already the winner with his short haircut.

melissa, 09:23:53 PM


PJ Sykes, 09:25:31 PM


katie, 09:26:02 PM

That is the worst burying the evidence job ever.

melissa, 09:26:22 PM

You NEVER bury something you don’t want people to find under a rock. That is a clear sign that something’s under the rock.

katie, 09:27:48 PM

James sure did move on fast.

melissa, 09:27:57 PM

PJ keeps pointing out actors who were also on the X Files.

PJ Sykes, 09:29:02 PM

Best. Dad. Ever.

melissa, 09:29:11 PM

Donna comes from such a nice family. They are so good and understanding.

melissa, 09:29:57 PM

Who is going to eat all those donuts?

katie, 09:30:04 PM

Lucy is an amazing assistant. She deserves a bonus.

katie, 09:31:33 PM

I always want to go to Vancouver but then I worry it will give me nightmares because it will remind me of X File episodes.

melissa, 09:31:46 PM

This jail-yelling bit somehow reminds me of Hemlock Grove. I mentioned it first! I WIN.

katie, 09:33:20 PM


PJ Sykes, 09:33:21 PM

29 more to go!

melissa, 09:33:55 PM

Oh no! It’s over! I want to know who killed Laura Palmer! I guess I’ll have to watch more of this damn show.

katie, 09:34:11 PM

I think I’m done at one but I will probably read about it on Wikipedia.

melissa, 09:34:40 PM

Bed time! Thanks for reading along with us, NO ONE! I hope people find this blog later, so that was a shitty thing to say.

PJ Sykes, 09:34:41 PM

Keep going?

katie, 09:35:06 PM

Goodnight Melissa and PJ! I’m going to be very American and watch The Big Bang Theory!

melissa, 09:35:18 PM

Good niiiiiiiiight.

PJ Sykes, 09:35:46 PM

The guys from BBT would watch more.