November 25, 2014
by melissa

Smart ladies love dumb TV, X Factor UK recap, live show seven

If the producers wanted Stevi Ritchie to be the first artist eliminated Saturday, he should have gone 1st or 2nd instead of next to last. This left the door wide open for Only the Young, who performed third, to be sent home with the lowest number of votes. I will really miss their energy, but it does seem like they are better off. They are a very headstrong bunch and probably don’t need Louis or the costumers mucking up their performances!

Sunday, Stevi was finally eliminated for this performance:

He’s not even close to being on key.

I will miss his personality but not the fact that I fast forwarded through most of his songs.

Also, Cheryl wore this Saturday, and looked amazing:

She did it again!

Naughty Mel B!

Mel B Cheryl butt 1

Both via.

Both via.

The many faces of Andrea

Andrea Faustini face 1

Andrea Faustini face 2

Andrea Faustini face 3

Andrea Faustini face 4

All via.

All via.

How WILL we remember their names?

Louis went up to people at an ice skating rink, pointed to some members of Stereo Kicks and asked if the everyday citizens knew their names. They all did better than I would, except I know which one is Tom (the cute one).

X Factor 7 43

X Factor 7 42

Each one was given a “_____ Kick” name (like the Spice Girls) with a corresponding graphic. Hopefully this will help me!

Stereo Kicks chart

We are family

I am so obsessed with Fleur (and apparently the UK is too, she is favorited to win) so I LOVED that she was able to bring out her friends and family during “I’m Every Woman.” What a sweet tribute!

I love that she told all of them together!

I love that she told all of them together!

Fleur and her sister look so alike.

Fleur and her sister look so alike.

All her friends and family wore black and stood in a semi circle at the front of the stage, clapping and moving.

All her friends and family wore black and stood in a semi circle at the front of the stage, clapping and moving.

Fleur with her mom + sister. Awwwww.

Fleur with her mom + sister. Awwwww.

A day in the life of Stevi Ritchie

This was one of my favorite intros ever for one reason. I will also mention he wore at least five different shirts in this segment.



He works out.

He works out.

Eats a delectable breakfast of raw eggs.

Eats a delectable breakfast of raw eggs.

Does some press.

Does some press.

Then appears on the greatest show ever, Loose Women (oh England, keep being you) and charms the pants off everyone.

Then appears on the greatest show ever, Loose Women (oh England, keep being you) and charms the pants off everyone.

Dance rehearsal! He's so into it.

Dance rehearsal! He’s so into it.

Practices his Elton John song courtesy of a nice graphic.

Practices his Elton John song courtesy of a nice graphic.

Movie I want to see

Ben Haenow and his friends driving around in a van and making very British jokes. I’m shocked Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have not thought of this first! Too bad they couldn’t have somehow prevented him from singing “I Will Always Love You.”

X Factor 7 08

The writing on the wall

It was clear to me that Only the Young were going home soon when they visited a toy store and performed. I don’t think they want to be a kids’ act!

X Factor 7 15

X Factor 7 16

X Factor 7 17

X Factor 7 18

A few notes about Lauren

She, like Only the Young, did a rerun song. She did have the good sense to switch it up a lot from her previous performance (though I wouldn’t call it a “twist,” just “go into the normal speed of the song”) and mention that in the intro.

Is Cheryl really that teeny? Via.

Is Cheryl really that teeny? Via.

What the fuck is that flap at her waist?

What the fuck is that flap at her waist?

Upon closer inspection, it is a black shirt that has been TAKEN THROUGH HER JEANS' BELT LOOPS and tied.

Upon closer inspection, it is a black shirt that has been TAKEN THROUGH HER JEANS’ BELT LOOPS and tied.

It was sweet that her brother danced with her, plus he is a legitimately good dancer. Simon suggested he try out for Britain's Got Talent.

It was sweet that her brother danced with her, plus he is a legitimately good dancer. Simon suggested he try out for Britain’s Got Talent.

Favorite performance

I am not a huge fan of “I’m Every Woman” but Fleur rocked it. I wish she would have done something with the song but she should just record an album of R&B and hip hop so the UK can push someone other than Jessie J on America. WE DON’T LIKE HER.

Next week: everyone does two songs, one of which was chosen by viewers! I will be so sad when this season is over.

November 24, 2014
by melissa

Smart ladies love fashion, American Music Awards Best and Worst Dressed

Last night, ABC aired an awards show that is as meaningful as the People’s Choice or Cable Ace Awards (RIP), the American Music Awards. There were lots and lots of performances and some awards no one cared about.

The whole shebang was emceed by Pitbull. Why does he keep getting asked to host this show? Is his music relevant? (He performed and ummm…) He was less annoying overall than the too-short microphone that kept frustrating all the winners. Either teach them how to speak without putting their mouths on the mic, or have one that can be moved up and down.

While looking through Getty Images, I noticed that the AMAs brought in SO MANY people to cover the event, from TV folks I’d never heard of (see Worst Dressed) to Internet folks I’d never heard of to evil Giuliana to Internet folks I do know (FLULAAAAAA!!!!).

Best Dressed

I didn’t see Elizabeth Banks on TV, perhaps she slipped in the back, which is a shame because she looks fanfuckingtastic. She is older than most of the people at the AMAs but managed to outdress all of them.

I fucking love this dress. I also wish more people wore mini’s on the red carpet. -K

I am so pleased that Selena Gomez wants to dress like the music version of Rooney Mara. Everything that is not matte jersey is black velvet. I wish her boobs were wrangled a bit better.

I love the earrings and hair and I think I would love the dress if she had on a bra. -K

Dianna Agron looks like she got drunk at last night’s punk rock prom and decided to show up to this at the last minute, in the most awesome way possible.

I am loving her style of late go DIANNA AGRON. -K

Ne-Yo always dresses like he cares about fashion and he (or his stylist) has an excellent attention to fit and detail.

I am always pleased with a good hemmed pant and well I am a sucker for sparkly anything so you go Ne-Yo! -K

While this black gown on Charlie XCX does not excite me in a photo, this looked lovely on the red carpet. Bonus points for having an all-female band in vintage prom dresses and rocking that pleather bra top while being flipped over by her dancers.


I can’t endorse high-low hems AT ALL, but damn that Mary Lambert for finding a perfect-fitting dress in my favorite color! Katie will be super pleased with her lipstick. We both hate her shoes.

Mary Lambert looks adorable but those shoes fucking suck. -K

Bow down bitches, Miss Diana Ross, wearing a dress covered in mushrooms, owns this red carpet.

Diana Ross is a national fucking treasure! -K

Since he’s never going to wear it again, I think the world would be a better place if Wyclef Jean would give me this leather jacket.

Love the jacket and LOVE the shoes. -K

Hey Taylor Schilling, your dress is pretty effing cute! And your shoes are a COLOR! Way to show up these 18 year olds. You can’t distract me with those shoes, though: put on some goddamn lipstick that is not the same color as your skin.

More short skirts, LOVE IT! -K

One day I’ll write a post about how much I like the new One Direction record (mostly when Zayn or Harry is singing), but today I’ll mention they appear relaxed and cool without looking like they tried too hard.

I really wish Harry Styles would wash or cut his hair. -K

Had Zendaya Coleman not worn a powder blue swimsuit top I would have thought this 70s throwback look was absolute perfection. It’s still more daring and interesting than what anyone else wore, and it looked amazing on TV.

Gold lamé is a very unappreciated red carpet fabric. I hope more people wear it in the future. MORE GOLD! MORE MINIs! ALWAYS LIPSTICK! -K

I had never heard of Danai Gurira before this show but this stunning green dress caused me to Google her, find out she’s on a show I don’t ever plan to watch (The Walking Dead) and hope she shows up on something I enjoy.

Love this. I also want more green on the red carpet too. -K

I find Jhene Aiko’s skirt slightly too full. However, her shoulder tattoo, kind of wacky hair, the dress reminding me of the holidays and the fact that I enjoy her music greatly force me to put her into the “Best Dressed” category.

BALL GOWN! I am down with all of this. -K

I wish Julianne Hough would do something different to her hair but this red dress is gorgeous and the pink detailing at the top makes me like it even more.

Good dress, shitty hair. -K

Meh Dressed

I am growing tired of Kate Beckinsale’s high pony. Her makeup, though, is natural-looking and flawless.

Love the make-up and necklace. The hair and dress are super BORING. -K

5 Seconds of Summer make me feel old.


I miss Rita Ora’s red lipstick. This fit really weird at the boobs and I don’t think the color is right for her.

LIPSTICK NOW! I am done with the nude lip. -K

I feel I know Donnie Wahlberg from Wahlburgers and I wish I didn’t know Jenny McCarthy from her big mouth. They look nice, but not remarkable.

Snooze. -K

It’s like Aloe Blacc didn’t even try (except the shoes, which I dig).

This is what you wear to the store but Aloe is still fucking hot. -K

Becky G’s white dress was appropriate for the event, if a bit boring, but how dare she wear white pumps to such a fun, meaningless event?

She should have worn pink shoes that match her lipstick. -K

Nicki Minaj’s dress is so fun but her shoes give me the major sads. I’m also not really into her too-dark, bang-free hair.

Nicki needs lipstick. -K

I don’t have the heart to put Megan Trainor in Worst Dressed since she is newly famous and I sort of like her, but I don’t like anything about her funereal outfit except the clutch.

Ugh. I also have no idea who she is. -K

I love long sleeves and turtlenecks, but not together. Tracee Ellis Ross is too covered up for this type of event. Everything else, though–hair, makeup, clutch, shoes–is on point.

I love her so much I can’t make fun of this. Also Blackish is good. -K

Lauren Cohan is on two shows I don’t watch–Supernatural and Walking Dead–and while I like her simple dress and hair, I wish she had one accessory that made a strong positive impression on me.

She looks like she is wearing lip gloss. -K

Nathan Fillion heard there is an opening in sales and hopes to be considered for the position.

Oh Nathan Fillion never change! -K

Like everyone else in black, Lucy Hale’s dress looked better on TV than in photos. I still felt like there was something missing.

She needs a color. -K

Worst Dressed

Nothing Ansel Elgort is wearing looks like it fits (maybe the shoes). Also Adam Ant did it way better.

I don’t understand the appeal of this kid at all. -K


I don’t even…-K

No to Brantley Gilbert’s chunky necklace, wide legged jeans and fug loafers. Why do male country singers always stand like monkeys?

I don’t even…-K

The sleeves on Won-G Bruny’s half leather/half military jacket (???) are WAYYYY too tight. I wonder if he can move his arms.

I don’t even…-K

Noah Cyrus
looks so sad, which I do not understand, because she’s fucking rich forever thanks to her family. She probably just realized her dress does not pass the fingertips test. Or perhaps she got a glimpse of how crappy and lifeless her hair is.

That hair is dead. -K

Renee Barg is some kind of TV personality, one who follows trends two years too late.

I can’t come up with anything clever. -K

While Heidi Klum’s shoes are stunning, I think this Versace dress is too revealing for no reason and the color combination looks very childish.

She looks like an Easter egg. -K

Danica McKellar sure is super intelligent and beautiful but her dress and hair are straight 80s bridal.

Oh Danica you deserve better. -K

NO TO BLACK BOOTIES WITH WHITE (pale pink?) DRESS. Lia Marie Johnson should have already learned this.

Who is this person. -K

I have seen Khloe Kardashian in this a billion times already. Also, her hair is blah and her lipstick makes her look dead.

Oh Khloe. -K

See what happens when you’re rich, kids? You give up and start dressing like Jaden Smith.

Ummm. -K

It could be that Skylar Grey’s outfit is making a statement about the appropriation of hip hop culture, but I doubt it. Does her hat say WOODRAT? She wore an all-white version of this during her performance with Nicki Minaj and I hated it less.

I don’t know who these people are. I am so old AND I mainly only listen to show-tunes. -K

Kylie’s haircolor does not look as good as she thinks it does. She’s suffering from Sarah Hyland syndrome, where she dresses fifteen years older than she is.

No comment. -K

WTF Dressed

I don’t want to give these randos more attention but Frankie Grande and Bleona (??), Nicole Scherzinger has something to tell you:

Nicole Scherzinger no baby no

Free from criticism

On anyone but J Lo, I would say this is a dated dress made from nude bandages but J Lo is, as you know, the most beautiful woman in America, and she is untouchable. Her make up and hair are covetable, as always.

Look at her pretty SHOES. I am so ready for Idol to come back on my TV. -K

November 24, 2014
by katie

Smart ladies love movies, this week in trailers, November 24, 2014

Movie Trailer Monday

Each week I review movie trailers that came out the previous week or for movies that are about to premiere. Some of these movies I am excited about, some I am mildly curious about, and the rest I make fun of!

Notable movies coming out this weekend

The Imitation Game, November 28, 2014

I am a huge fan of the Dougray Scott-Kate Winslet movie Enigma, a fictional account of the WWII goings on at Bletchley Park so I am very intrigue by this biography of Alan Turing and his work breaking the German Enigma code which greatly helped the Allies win WWII. I also might be excited about this movie because of Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode, and Allen Leach AKA BRANSON! [Oh I do really want to see this. I am sure I will fall into an internet hole while I research this at work–it’s going to be a slow-ass two days. -M]

All Relative, is out onDemand and for Rent (starting November 6th)

Man has a weekend fling then falls in love with the ladies daughter –FUN?!? I do think Connie Nielsen is super pretty and looks way younger than 49. In fact I was going to complain about her being cast as the mother of an adult. [It feels like this was probably pitched to more famous people–Taylor Schilling and Diane Lane, maybe?–and they refused. This trailer is edited to make the movie seem charming and fun, when it is actually probably painful to watch. -M]

Movies I can’t wait to see in an ACTUAL theater

Pitch Perfect 2, May 15, 2015

I’m not going to lie when Pitch Perfect was on HBO and Cinemax I think I watched some portion of it at least once a week and I MISS IT NOW IT’S GONE! Pitch Perfect 2 was directed by Elizabeth Banks which makes me even more excited for its May release. [This makes two posts today where we will mention Elizabeth Banks AND FLULA, who plays one of the German singers–I am so happy! (They were both at the AMAs–that posts at noon.) I hope we get to know some of the girls more and I ADORE John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks’ characters. Katey Sagal is in this too, she will probably sing! -M]

I won’t go to an ACTUAL theater but will pay for it on Amazon

The DUFF, April 10, 2015

The only reason this movie isn’t in the “they would have to pay me” section is because I think Mae Whitman is smart and therefore this movie must be better than the trailer makes it out to be OR she made this for the cash. [It’s like our favorite movie She’s All That, but with Allison Janney! Everyone is way too old to be in high school (did you see that guy’s chest?), they should have set it in college. I will only watch this crap if it comes to HBO or Katie and I watch it together. -M]

Danny Collins, TBA 2015

Al Pacino plays a musician Al Pacino BUT this Al Pacino wants to reconnect with his son Bobby Cannavale and date Annette Benning (dear Annette this is NOT how you win an Oscar). [Who talked her into this? WARREN, IS THAT YOU? I do love stories about washed up musicians; however, I would never pay to see this. I will just watch Crazy Heart again. -M]

You would have to PAY me to see it in an ACTUAL theater

Cinderella, March 13, 2015

Ummmm this trailer gives away the entire plot of this film AND Lily James’ waist looks like it was shrunk using CGI. I also don’t care if it has Cate Blanchett or Helena Boham-Carter because from this trailer it appears that Cinderella is the same old drip who needs a man to save her from her shitty life AND the man is Robb Stark, the least interesting Stark. AT Least the super adorable Mirror Mirror made Snow White tough so that she could battle the Queen herself. [Disney needs to work on abandoning sexist tropes in order to become more modern. I would make my imaginary children watch Ever After a hundred times before they saw this. I did spy my favorite Qarthian (is that a thing?), Nonso Anozie, in the trailer. Robb’s hair looks fucking terrible. PASS. -M]