November 5, 2014
by melissa

Smart ladies love dumb TV, X Factor UK recap, live show four

There are so many mysteries this show has yet to solve for us–Is Louis Tomlinson studying to be a judge? What did Stevi see in Chloe? Why can’t I tell all of Stereo Kicks apart yet? When will Andrea’s performance be as precious as his personality? Why does nothing move me anymore?

Well, maybe they don’t have to answer that last question for me. I have been really sick this week–strep, I think–so honestly, I did not pay much attention to this week’s episode. I apologize to my queen Cheryl Fernandez-Versini. The contestants going home–Jack Walton and Lola Saunders–could not compare to Simon’s mighty overs or the groups in performance and song choice for the past several weeks. I will not miss them at all.

Lola caused her own demise

Lola's boyfriend visited...

Lola’s boyfriend visited…

...they'd been together since they were kids.

…they’d been together since they were kids.

Then she dressed like Big Bird.

Then she dressed like Big Bird.

Best field trip

X Factor 4 30

X Factor 4 31

Andrea went to an adorable Italian delicatessen, which you can visit when you go to London.

So cute! Via their website.

So cute! Via their website.

Best gossip confrontation

X Factor 4 50

Stevi talked about his relationship with Chloe a lot. He even admitted to kissing her!

X Factor 4 51

But then he and Fleur were shocked to hear that Chloe and her boyfriend were back together.

I like that Jay James

X Factor 4 23

The overs playing ping pong.

Teaching James to shave. Awww.

Teaching James to shave. Awww.

He said being in the X Factor house was like being in a “youth club.”

Most likely to give me nightmares

Creepy contacts, as seen on Lauren Platt

Also, those eyelashes!

Also, those eyelashes! Via.

and Paul Akister.

X Factor 4 40

I would never touch my eye just for a Halloween costume. I am a dedicated glasses wearer.


X Factor 4 26

Mel B said she liked what Jay James was wearing. I did not like it as either a modern outfit or as a costume. It did not know what it wanted to be.

Best dressed

Creepy contacts aside, Lauren Platt looked AHMAHZE.

Cutest flashback costumes

Awwwww, Stereo Kicks!

X Factor 4 45

I still couldn’t tell you which one is Casey today.

X Factor 4 46

X Factor 4 47

Best costume, judge edition

Louis really commits to it. Via.

Louis really commits to it. Via.

Best costume, contestant edition


Andrea as a gold devil (??). Via.

Andrea as a gold devil (??). Via.

Only the Young looked freaking adorable. Via.

Only the Young looked freaking adorable. Via.

Favorite performance

While my girl Fleur East did a formidable “Thriller,” Only the Young really charmed me with “Monster Mash” (with a little “Crocodile Rock” thrown in). This is why I love the groups category–so much fun and creativity here!

I also loved Paul Akister’s “Bat Out of Hell.”

November 3, 2014
by katie

Smart ladies love movies, this week in trailers, November 3, 2014

Movie Trailer Monday

Each week I review movie trailers that came out the previous week or for movies that are about to premiere. Some of these movies I am excited about, some I am mildly curious about, and the rest I make fun of!

Notable movies coming out this weekend


The Theory of Everything

In our effort to bring you all of the trailers for AWARDS MOVIES we bring you not one but two Oscar caliber movies  this week Interstellar (though Vultures Oscar Futures says that because of modest reviews Interstellar might not be the lock for noms everyone predicted it to be) and The Theory of Everything. I am more excited for Interstellar than I am for The Theory of Everything (which I will most likely watch a year from now when it makes its way to HBO) just because I love Christopher Nolan. I am pleased that British ginger Eddie Redmayne is getting good buzz because he wears fun suits to awards shows (FASHION!).

Life Partners, is out onDemand and for Rent (starting November 6th)

This movie looks cute and I’m fairly certain that everyone in this trailer is someone we whole heartily love. BONUS it was written and directed by LADIES!!!

Movies I can’t wait to see in an ACTUAL theater

Furious 7, April 3, 2015

Ummm, so I love Vin Diesel and The Rock and I am not ashamed to say that I love watching the Fast & Furious movies because they are fun and quite often make no sense.

I won’t go to an ACTUAL theater but will pay for it on Amazon

Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks, December 12, 2014

I hope this comes to Netflix soon because it looks cute and I need more Rita Moreno and Cheyenne Jackson in my life (said by the person who only listens to showtunes). BONUS XANADU!!!

You would have to PAY me to see it in an ACTUAL theater

Insidious: Chapter 3, May 29, 2015

Another week and another horror movie sequel except this is apparently a prequel.

October 29, 2014
by melissa
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Smart ladies love dumb TV, X Factor UK recap, live show three

Biggest cutie patootie of England, Jake Quickenden, was eliminated from this week’s X Factor UK, after a sing off with Only the Young. But don’t worry, three fans who read these recaps, I have included tons of screenshots of shirtless Jake to ease the pain.

I want to call attention to what Cheryl was wearing Sunday to results night:

Worst song choice

X Factor 3 40

Even Simon Cowell did not approve of “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.” However, Ben Haenow DID win most improved when he took out that labret piercing. It’s very 90s to me unless you’re legitimately punk, which Ben is so obviously not.

A bunch of pictures of shirtless dudes

X Factor 3 05

X Factor 3 06

X Factor 3 09

Even Jack Walton got in on the action! More Jack here.

X Factor 3 26

X Factor 3 27

In gif format:

Here’s an entertaining gif of James Graham being pantsed:

Because I found it on tumblr, here is Parisa pantsing fellow Only the Young member Charlie.

Screencaps of Stevi Ritchie’s performance of “Footloose” presented without comment

X Factor 3 31

X Factor 3 32

X Factor 3 34

X Factor 3 33

Why Only the Young were in the bottom two

This is how Parisa Tarjomani normally wears her hair:

X Factor 3 10

X Factor 3 11

And this is how it was styled on Saturday night:

X Factor 3 12

The UK just can’t handle that huge change. It obviously had nothing to do with the fact that they went second (after “death slot” Jake) or were kind of terrible.

Why didn’t they do this sooner?

X Factor 3 35

X Factor 3 36

X Factor 3 37

I will probably refer to this post for the next six to eight weeks until I remember the names of the members of Stereo Kicks that aren’t James Graham (I also found gifs with names here!). It was really smart of the producers to break them up and get the audience to know them in small groups. Eight is SO overwhelming.

I DID find this naked picture of Jake Sims on tumblr. Apparently he posted it via his Twitter (before he was famous?), if it is even real. it is EXTREMELY NSFW.

Get a real job

X Factor 3 30

Doesn’t Louis Tomlinson have something better to do?

Best dressed

X Factor 3 24

Whoever is dressing Lauren Platt is doing a great job. However, she sang her second wildly-popular-song-from-a-cartoon of the season. Diversify, girl!

Product placement of the week

X Factor 3 20

Lola’s makeover, sponsored by Tresemme!


You’d think I was going to say Cheryl, didn’t you?

X Factor 3 17

But Marvin (JLS) and Rochelle (The Saturdays)  showed up! Marvin supports his former mentor Louis’ acts, while Rochelle prefers Lola.

Most precious

I still think Andrea Faustini is a classic white boy soul oversinger, but he does seem like a sweet dude. And how cute is that sweater he’s wearing in the gif above? WANT.



X Factor 3 14

Cheryl and Simon fought about Jay James, who did “Skyfall” and was utterly forgettable.

X Factor 3 25

Then she switched seats with Louis, who was happy to still be by Mel B.

Favorite performance

It’s not Fleur East this week, surprise! I really thought Stereo Kicks was clever with their staging of the two Beatles songs. The monochromatic outfits were a good idea too. James Graham was, of course, fantastic.

All screencaps by me. Other gifs and photos are credited below.