February 13, 2015
by katie

Smart ladies love dumb TV, Chasing Life recap, April Just Wants to Have Fun


Beth stops Natalie and Dominic from kissing.

She then explains to the both of them why they can’t make out. Natalie finds it hilarious and Beth uses it as an excuse to make fun of Dominic for being a man-whore.


This outfit is adorable.

Natalie goes over to the lady den to do her laundry and breaks the news of her unfortunate kiss with April who is NOT AMUSED. April is NOT AMUSED this entire episode. Natalie also accuses her of “getting some,” as her sixth sense is knowing when people get some. Natalie is Fun with a capital F.


These two awkwardly ride the elevator with each other but Dominic totally wins on the playing it cool front when he gets on with a cordial smile and hello.

April smooth talks him by telling him his piece was good and that he made out with her sister. He is less smooth after that. April tells him he can make-out with whomever he wants –both Dominic and I tell her we know.


Sarah and Brenna go school shopping.

I would like to point out that there are absolutely no leaves on the trees, Boston in 2014 had an especially early fall. Sarah and Brenna discuss school and George’s move to San Fran.


Beth and April watch reality TV after leaving a club early because of CANCER.

They both look super cute. They also talk about how Dominic and Natalie are kind of slutty. I choose to call their behavior FUN! Beth assures April she and Natalie have NOTHING in COMMON and will NEVER be friends. April is already jealous.

Tippy Tapping, Tippy Tapping!

Tippy Tapping, Tippy Tapping!

Beth goes home just as Natalie is going to the club. Natalie convinces Beth to go back out but they are NOT FRIENDS. Before they leave we meet Doug, the girls’ downstairs neighbor who is a cute dweeb studying to get his masters or doctorate in some sort of fancy English subject. He asks the girls to stop walking in heels (the thumps scare his cats) and listening to loud music –DOWNER.

The ladies have a social media break in which we find out that Grandma is on vacay and having tons of fun –I miss her wise words and sarcasm. We also learn Brenna is being memed as a stalker –this is 21st century bullying. April is SHOCKED to discover Beth and Natalie hung out! She is even less happy when Beth downplays it on the phone.


FORD! I am not a big fan of this name but I like that it’s the name of a girl.

Brenna’s first day of school was not FUN! Brenna tries to figure out who memed her. It was not ex-BFF Ford but mean-girl Shelby who also makes fun of Ford which reunites the friends to take down the evil Shelby.


Sarah and April meet Leo at a fancy café.

Sarah the therapist basically hijacks the family meeting by offering therapy to poor Leo, who is somewhat lost because he contracted cancer so young. After a not so subtle cancer group meeting in which we meet a girl who is finally cancer free after having breast cancer throughout her high school and college years, Leo realizes he needs to find a path and April realizes that her cancer might have made her less fun.



Brenna skips school and eats a cake alone in the lady den kitchen. Sarah catches her and is super pissed until Brenna cries about being a loser loner. Sarah basically gives her the “it gets better” speech. And then begs to have some cake.



Beth and April are at The Charles for happy hour and April is WAY overcompensating. They are joined by Natalie and all three ladies decided to go out dancing AND then have a house party/house warming the next night at Beth’s for Natalie –poor Doug and his cats.



The next morning April looks a little worse for wear and is roundly made fun of by her work BFF Danny (that’s his name right?). She makes him feel bad by telling him the circles under her eyes are from cancer. As she is lamenting having to rally for the party, Dominic comes over and tells her he too is going. April naps AND downs a Red Bull.


Cute jumpsuit?!?!

When April arrives at the party she is happily greeted by Beth and then by Natalie. April jealous over Beth and Natalie’s new found friendship, which means she gets more drunk and obnoxious. Natalie loudly makes fun of Doug when he comes up to complain at around 8 for being a square.



Leo is NOT having a good night at the bakery but he adorably checks in on April at the party. He freezes while ringing up a costumer and appears to have either a dizzying panic attack or the tumor has return (I think it’s the former rather than the later). He ends up throwing the costumer’s sandwich on the floor and probably getting fired. The best part is that his boss offers a customer a black and white cookie as a peace offering.

Friends 4EVA!

Friends 4EVA!

As Brenna and Ford plot revenge on Shelby they realize they have missed each other as friends. I’m super glad that Brenna won’t be friendless, but the actress who plays Ford is NOT the best, thuough I have high hopes for improvement. I did not like Brenna at first and now she is one of my favorite parts of the show. Brenna and Ford end up shaming Shelby in front of their whole sex-ed class –BFFs forever!

The selfie that cause ALL the problems.

The selfie that caused ALL the problems.

Natalie calls Beth to sing a duet and then they take a selfie with Dominic, and April goes completely over the edge. Beth goes to talk to April and April is super passive aggressive and then is super mean to poor sad Doug. Beth escorts April out of the apartment because she is embarrassing herself and then they get into a fight. Beth is super logical and April is a drunk. Beth admits that April’s cancer has impacted her life as well as April’s.

FINALLY some much needed emotional help.

FINALLY some much needed emotional help.

The next morning poor April is hungover and can’t get in touch with Beth to apologize for her super obnoxious and crazy behavior. Leo comes over to cheer her up and get free therapy from Sarah –finally Leo is dealing with all of his shit unlike 2 episodes ago when no one noticed how depressed he was.

These to are so cute.

These two are so cute.

Beth and April make-up and have a heart-to-heart. April tells Beth about freaking about missing her twenties. She also gets to vent about her weird jealousy of Natalie. Beth is a super awesome best friend.

February 13, 2015
by melissa

Smart ladies love dumb TV, Wahlburgers recap, Wahl of Fame

So it looks like these recaps won’t happen every week. Whatever. It saves me from being too cranky. This week, the best person on this show wore a cape and the New Kids (well, Donnie) cried about their fans.

Wahlburgers 35 01

Alma interviews that her first experience with fans was when New Kids got big. We will hear more about this later, and it is one of the more interesting things on the show (probably not a surprise for NKOTB fans).

Wahlburgers 35 02

“All we ever wanted was fans,” says Donnie. He is a certain way with fans, he likes having lunch and parties with them. He says it always comes down to the fans. “No fans, no fame.” Mark agrees, and says that he tries to do as much as he can for them.

Wahlburgers 35 03

The mayor of Boston asked Paul to go to City Hall. Dude has a strong accent! The mayor said his brother played hockey with Mark–he’s actually from Dorchester! Marty (I feel I know him, so first names only) wants Paul to be a part of Comic Con, but Paul has no idea what that is. He’s not a comic book guy.

Wahlburgers 35 04

Mayor: “Please take a table at Comic Con so you can advertise your business and sell tee shirts.” Paul: “—“

Marty has to convince Paul to be a part of an event with 20K people. Paul agrees, because the guy is the fucking mayor, and DUH.

Exhale is a spa/fitness center.

Exhale is a spa/fitness center.

Paul calls Mark and tells him he does not want to do Comic Con but Mark tells him that it’s great and he’s done it for so many different movies. Tons of young people go and he HAS to go.

Wahlburgers 35 07

Paul thinks he should market to the families that go to the restaurant. So building your restaurant’s clientele is a bad thing? I am so confused. Mark called Paul a “Trekkie,” with which Paul disagreed.

Wahlburgers 35 08

Donnie calls Alma. He loves to call her with big NKOTB news.

Nice looking BANANAS, Wahlberg.

Nice looking BANANAS, Wahlberg.

He told her NKOTB were getting a star on the Walk of Fame and says he couldnt have done it without her. It takes him back to being a little kid.

Wahlburgers 35 11

Donnie films Blue Bloods in NY and flies out to LA every weekend to see his kids. He gets to take son Elijah to school because he’s there on a weekday for the Walk of Fame ceremony. He’s talking to his son about science and how his teacher Mr. Clark’s name would be pronounced in Boston. CLAAAAAAK.

Wahlburgers 35 10

Elijah asks if NKOTB are getting five stars or just one. Sass attack! I like that Elijah. Donnie says that he was 14 when he started the band, or about his sons age.



Paul arrives at Comic Con and Kari is wearing a mask and cape. She says she is Wahlburger Woman, “saving the world one burger at a time.”

Wahlburgers 35 13

Paul doesn’t get it, because Kari is a genius. She asks where his costume is and he said he’s just there because the mayor asked him to. Paul doesn’t like to dress up on Halloween. Hey, neither do I, but once I was a zombie that liked The Zombies, and it was the best costume, as it required very little effort except using my pale roommate’s makeup and making a tee shirt that said “odessey” on one side and “oracle” on the other.

Wahlburgers 35 15

Alma meets Dan Wood, Danny Woods father, at Alma Nove. They are reminiscing about the NKTOB fan club. Dan was a postman and brought the fan mail home from the post office.

Wahlburgers 35 16

The mothers would get together one night a week and answer the letters. They got more and more mail, so much  that they couldn’t answer it all themselves, so they hired family members, got a warehouse, and started one of the biggest fan clubs ever.

Wahlburgers 35 19

Paul’s kids, Ethan and Madison, are waiting in line at Comic Con with Drama, who is wearing a Viking outfit.

Wahlburgers 35 21

Paul says the burgers are based on anime. I don’t know what that means.

Wahlburgers 35 22

Drama calls Madison a “space girl,” but isn’t she supposed to be Ramona from Scott Pilgrim?

Maybe they couldn’t use the words “Scott Pilgrim” on TV?

Wahlburgers 35 20

Kari is such a hard worker!!

Kari gets Madison to help her in the booth, while Drama makes the rounds with the boys.

This kid couldn't be LESS interested in his dad's old stories about his 80s boyband.

This kid couldn’t be LESS interested in his dad’s old stories about his 80s boyband.

We get more of Donnie in the car with his son. Jonathan Knight was best friends with his brother Bob from 2nd grade and he was BFFs with Danny starting in first grade! He gives his son this advice: “days go by slow, life goes by fast” (yeah, and?).

Wahlburgers 35 24

He notes that some of his son’s friends now will still be his friends later in life. He begins talking about an early concert at a park that was a giant fail–audience threw rocks, bottles and (free) records at them, one of which sliced Danny in the neck. Donnie didn’t want to be known as a quitter so he kept going.

Wahlburgers 35 25

Donnie was determined to continue–he ducked behind on security guard and five guys followed him. At the end, the audience was clapping. He’s getting a star on the Walk of Fame because he listened to his dad when he told him to never give up. It’s changed the fortune of his family forever.

She seriously DROPPED HER FORK when Dan started this story.

She seriously DROPPED HER FORK when Dan started this story.

Alma asked what story stands out and Dan mentioned the time Donnie fell through the trap door and bit the inside of his mouth off. He used the front door to leave the hospital, shook the fans’ hands and thanked them. They both agree that the boys from Boston deserve the Star.

Wahlburgers 35 28

From Kari, we learn the burgers are made with shrimp and turkey with teriyaki sauce. They’re running out of burgers!

She's even adorable without the blue wig!

She’s even adorable without the blue wig!

Paul is asking why Madison is there and asks if her mother knows where she is. Ethan and his friendJoe are also there, too. Paul seems grossed out by the zombie costumes–he is just there to cook burgers, not be in costume.

Wahlburgers 35 30

Of course, his kids and Johnny are harassing him to put on a costume.

Wahlburgers 35 32

In LA, Donnie is amazed at the support of his fans, and marvels at how they got to where they are. There are tons of girls and women at the ceremony. It reminds me of that NKTOB show that I see clips of on The Soup.

Wahlburgers 35 33

[Note: I did research on this show, Rock the Boat, which seems to tell the most bizarre, sad stories of New Kids fans, and I see it’s produced by Donnie??!! WTF are these shenanigans? And how many shows is he involved with? At least four, if you include Blue Bloods. Does he sleep? I am really concerned about him.]

Wahlburgers 35 34

Donnie is in awe of getting the star, Arsenio is the MC, he says “we are blockheads.” He loves that they make him happy. He also promised new music from NKTOB. WOOO!

Wahlburgers 35 35

Alma interviews that they are great kids who have worked really hard.

Wahlburgers 35 36

Donnie takes the mic and says they are more than fans, they are their friends and family. He cries and compares them to the soil and concrete below the Star. He marvels that this is bigger than a celebration, it’s an acknowledgement of a lot of sacrifice.

Wahlburgers 35 38

Back at Comic Con, Drama is annoyed that they are sold out of burgers. Paul brings out a tray and he’s kind of dressed up! He has some scars and blood on his face. His son’s friend did it for him. Mark interviews that he is thrilled that Paul is opening up a bit more.

Wahlburgers 35 39

Madison, who should have a spin off with Kari, is happy they got to experience it all together. As they walked back to the floor, Ethan asked for a horsehead. Kid, Paul is NOT going to get you that.

Wahlburgers 35 40

Over the end credits, Drama said hes Drama from Viking Quest on Entourage (so he was playing a fictional character a fictionalized version of him played in a fictional TV world??????) and asks the people in line with him if they’ve seen Entourage and they all say no. They are clearly lying because they don’t want to tell him how much that show sucks.

[ps I found some great image galleries of Comic Con (Jason Momoa was there!): Boston Magazine, BostInno & BDCwire.]

February 12, 2015
by melissa

Smart ladies love rad music, the week in music 2/12/15

From time to time, I like to share my new musical discoveries and what I am listening to. 2015 has been really good to me so far.

New-to-me Music

Desperate Journalist

This came up on Spotify when I was looking for new things to listen to and it reminds me of the first Bloc Party record, but with a female singer. I didn’t know I needed this in my life but it’s now hard to imagine being without it. Is rock music going to save us all again?

Menace Beach

The bratty garage of the past few years is growing up and finding boy girl vocals and Black Tambourine harmonies. Their videos make me feel old and uncool, but maybe that’s the point?

Breakfast in Fur

I randomly heard one of their songs, and when I looked them up, I saw they’re from upstate New York, and I thought, OF COURSE. It’s such a melting pot of interesting influences, tastes and academia. “Shape” has an intellectual feel to it to me, which is maybe why this band isn’t catching on, but THEY SHOULD.

Jake Xerxes Fussell

My husband purchased this because the great William Tyler produced and played on it, but it’s slowly moving closer into my record collection. The record is a collection of traditional blues and country tunes, but recorded with a modern (and distinctly William Tyler-esque) sound. It makes my chest feel warm and full.

Petite Noir

Yannick Ilunga, who is from Cape Town, has tons of different influences, and it shows, resulting in something that sounds like nothing else I listen to, which I loooooovvvveeeee.

Tobias Jesso, Jr.

Tobias gets compared to every 70s singer songwriter ever, and because I am always looking for someone who reminds me of a hot Randy Newman, I am SO ALL OVER THIS ONE.

Also Listening To

Reissues, stuff I’ve mentioned before, stuff everyone knows about…

The Bats

Natalie Prass


Jessica Pratt

Arthur Russell