March 7, 2016
by katie

Smart ladies love movies, this week in trailers, March 7, 2016

Movie Trailer Monday

Each week I review movie trailers that came out the previous week or movies that are about to premiere. Some of these movies I am excited about, some I am mildly curious about, and the rest I make fun of!

Notable movies coming out this weekend

Born to be Blue

This movie looks lovely and will be an excellent double feature with the Don Cheadle-Miles Davis biopic, Miles Ahead we featured two weeks ago. [First thought: I wonder, did Ethan Hawke learn to play the trumpet? Second: I really like the story of a man who has to re-learn his instrument. -M]

Glassland, is out onDemand and for Rent

This movie looks amazingly well-acted but also depressing as hell. Toni Collette is a phenomenal actress and I think she might be my new “why doesn’t she have an Oscar” since Julianne Moore won a year ago. [Holy crap is this trailer depressing. I might be interested to join your campaign, Katie, but I don’t know if I can watch this. -M]

Movies I can’t wait to see in an ACTUAL theater

Maggie’s Plan, May 20,2016

Two Ethan Hawke movies this week and both look good! Here is the second and I CAN NOT WAIT, for this movie. I just wish this trailer didn’t give so much away and had more Travis Fimmel. Also Julianne Moore looks fabulous, and apparently dresses like a muppet. [Rich white people problems. Despite that, this looks so hilarious and I will see anything with Greta Gerwig. Note: directed by a woman, Rebecca Miller! -M]

Ghostbusters, July 15,2016

Finally the Ghostbusters trailer is here. I would have liked Leslie Jones to be a scientist BUT both Jones and MTA workers have come out to defend her role and she is by far the funniest person in the trailer along with Kate McKinnon so I’m going to hold off judgement until the film comes out PLUS I’m super stoked for an ALL LADY Ghostbusters with Chris Hemsworth man candy. [How have we gotten to the point where Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig recede to the background? It’s so weird. Kate McKinnon is a gem and I hope she and Jones become really famous. -M]

I won’t go to an ACTUAL theater but will pay for it on Amazon

High Strung, April 8, 2016

This dance movie looks AMAZING! It’s like Center Stage mated with Step Up. It also adds in a struggling hot violinist. [This has Lifetime movie written all over it–the acting is so bad. There is no way I will pay a dime for this crap, but I will watch the hell out of it on Netflix. -M]

The Meddler, April 22, 2016

I will watch the shit out of Susan Sarandon dating J.K. Simmons. I will also watch the shit out of Susan Sarandon running around giving advice to everyone. [I love Rose Byrne’s house. Who needs Nancy Meyers? The cast is great and includes Sarah Baker, a Go On alum who was in my favorite episode of Louie AND was the best part of Tammy! -M]

You would have to PAY me to see it in an ACTUAL theater

Mother’s Day, April 29, 2016

We need to stop Garry Marshall from ruining another holiday also is it me or are there NO speaking people of color in this trailer? A quick check at IMDB and I think Aasif Mandvi plays Hudson’s partner/husband so it appears there is at least one person of color in the movie but as he is NOT a mother (or MR.Mom) he does not get to speak in the trailer. Regardless of the problematic casting this movie looks like shit and I would LOVE to know what dirt Marshall has on Jason Sudeikis and Timothy Olyphant to make them do this film. [STOP GARRY MARSHALL! Is it a hashtag yet? I will start it. This is the most awful thing I’ve ever seen. The quick cuts mean I have no sense of the story, but I can tell you exactly what is going to happen. The voiceover is especially terrible. I do like when Jason Sudekis falls off the roof. Yay, I said something positive! -M]

March 4, 2016
by katie

Smart ladies love fashion, the 2016 Independent Spirit Awards


In all of the Oscar hullabaloo we did NOT forget the Independent Spirit Award fashion. The show, which takes place steps away from the beach (they remind you of this a LOT during the show) features some more casual and fun fashion.

Christopher Abbott

I like the casualness of Abbott’s suit but I’m not sure the three piece suit screams “BEACH!” -K

I think he looks very handsome! Good job not wearing a tie! -M

Shohreh Aghdashloo

Shohreh is a very classy lady but this looks like she got lost on the way to a business meeting. -K

Dump the bag and shoes and switch them for something more casual and light-colored. -M

Katie Aselton

Katie nailed the beachy vibe of the Spirits. I really love the pattern of the dress. -K

Perfect all the way around, including the hair. -M

Abraham Attah and Cary Fukunaga

These two are adorable. I love Cary’s white suit and Abraham’s bow-tie. -K

I seriously cried when that kid won Best Actor and I haven’t even seen the movie! He seems lovely. -M

Kristina Bazan

Kristina seems to be a model and though we usually don’t include them I really loved this very seventies pink ensemble even the gold platforms that match her clutch. -K

Something is off with her hair and makeup. -M

Jessica Biel

I really like this though it’s a bit snug in the belly. The shoes are super fun. -K

This is so tight in the hips–how did she sit down? She made up for it with those shoes, though! -M

Cate Blanchett

Embroidered kaftan FTW! Cate Blanchett is an amazing woman. -K

If you’re going to have a nude underlay, do something like this, where the pattern isn’t the same all over. She looks fantastic. -M

Effie Brown

Effie Brown’s boho maxi skirt and cardigan are perfect for a winter day on the beach. -K

Despite this being my high school colors, I think it’s very event-appropriate. -M

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain has great taste in shoes. I just wish she wore clothes a half-size bigger. Her hair is amazing. -K

Size up and TAILOR. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. This is weird on her boobs. -M

Emilia Clarke

I love Emilia’s dress but it’s something I would wear to a job interview NOT to an awards show. -K

I think it’s great but that purse has got to go. It looks too business-y. -M

Lauren Cohan

Lauren is from The Walking Dead and that creepy doll movie Boy and she is ON THEME! -K

Awesome job! Her hair is fab. -M

Olivia Cooke

Olivia is dating Christopher Abbot and was the dying girl in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. This outfit is super cute and sparkly. -K

I don’t think I like the straight-across neckline. I’m getting really picky in my old age. -M

Emma Donoghue

Emma wrote both the book and adaptation of Room and her hair is lovely and I want to wear this dress to my friend’s wedding in June. -K

Also, really good jewelry, Emma. -M

Illeana Douglas

I want to rip that tulle over-skirt off with my bare hands! -K

I don’t think that could save it, Katie. -M

Idris Elba


Be still my heart. I LOVE the shoes. -M

Marielle Heller

Marielle directed The Diary of a Teenage Girl and it’s a really lovely movie but I wish she had on different shoes. -K

She seems fun and punk rock. I would enjoy her. -M

Dree Hemingway


Those tassels are the best. I want this. -M

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Jenifer Jason Leigh seemed to have a good time this awards season. -K

The sleeves are unnecessary. -M

Stana Katic

Stanna Katic has nice hair BUT I think this might be TOO much kaftan fun. -K

What is it being held up with? It looks like a bathroom fixture. -M

Zoe Kazan and Paul Dano

I love these two and their clothes are lovely too. -K

GIMME THOSE SHOES. I hope they stay together forever. -M

Brie Larson

This is the best she looked all awards season. -K

Agreed. Way more interesting than anything she has worn since switching stylists. -M

Anthony Mackie

Another foxy dude. -K

He looks great! I love the casual shoes. -M

Rami Malek

And yet another one. I really love colorful suits on dudes. -K


Rooney Mara

Rooney is making beachy goth a thing and I might like it. -K

This is wonderful and I would also wear it. I like how her makeup is less severe for this daytime event. -M

Rachel McAdams

This dress is pretty and then you realize it’s high in the back and low in the front. I think it’s supposed to be varying but it’s like two feet shorter in the back than in the front. I like her hair and make-up. -K

This is completely bizarre. -M

Kate McKinnon

I don’t know why she didn’t wear her cute black dress on the red carpet. I would have liked this a lot more if it was fitted better and she had a fun color shoe. -K

This is so poorly fitted. Booo. -M

Cynthia Nixon

I kind of like this. I think I’m getting tired and cranky. -K

So fun! I wish the shoes were silver. -M

Frieda Pinto

Frieda is killing it. -K

This whole look is great. I like that her shoes and dress don’t exactly match. -M

Bel Powley

Bel’s dress is also fabulous and fun. -K

Another wonderful look from head to toe. I would also wear this dress. Her makeup is beautiful. -M

Nikki Reed

Nikki’s dress is very fall and I am done with fall and WINTER. -K

This is definitely a great dress but I wish it was in a different colorway for this event. -M

Mya Taylor

I love Mya’s maxi dress and her beachy waves. -K

The bag is too big but otherwise, she looks terrific. -M

Juno Temple

Great hair and face but WAY overdressed. -K

What event is she going to?? -M

Marisa Tomei

FUCKING PERFECTION! Marisa and Cate need to make a movie together stat. -K

And the shoes too! She is one of my favorite people to see on the rc. -M

Aisha Tyler

Aisha was on her way to the same business meeting as Shohreh and Emilia but decided the Spirits were a more fun place to go. -K

The dress is ok, but the accessories failed her. I wish there was a bit more color on her lips. -M

March 2, 2016
by katie

Smart ladies love fashion, the 2016 Oscar afterparties

Amy Adams

I love the fit of this and she is definitely bringing the old Hollywood glamour but there is something I just don’t like. -K

I wish she would just go crazy and pull a Kruger (maybe not what The Krug is wearing in this post, however). -M

Malin Akerman

Her make up is very severe and I’m not a fan of the top but I really appreciate the silver sparkles. -K

I don’t think the two pieces of this gown “speak” well to each other. -M

Jessica Alba

The necklace is VERY cool and reminds me of the lady on Younger. The rest is boring. -M

I too love the necklace. I find this very Jackie Collins and so I’m cool with it. -K

Elizabeth Banks

EBanks is wearing a really fancy version of what GaGa wore to the actual ceremony and I LOVE IT! -K

This is gorgeous and well-tailored. She is SO stylish. -M

Kate Beckinsale

At least she skipped the really tight high pony this time. Yay? -M

And it’s not a mermaid tail!?! -K

Jessica Biel

If you have to wear a dress like this, J Biel’s is definitely the best of its kind. -M

I love long sleeves. -K

Kate Bosworth

I really love this and it makes me kind of hate myself. Good job Kate Bosworth. -K

This is AMAZING and I wish she was at the main red carpet to brighten that shit up. -M

Ava Capra

This try-hard was on America’s Next Top Model! Not shocking, because no one on that show ever had any personal style. -M

So many negligees at these parties. -K

Priyanka Chopra

I would have loved this if it didn’t have that slit with the slit it looks like she is missing her top but remembered her shrug. -K

What a weird slit!! if it joined at the bottom it would have been less awkward. -M

Emilia Clarke

Love the polka dots but I wish the top was bigger or rather the deep v wasn’t so wide. -K

I am going to disagree (!!!!) because I love the wide-v on her and the dress fits beautifully. -M

Patricia Clarkson

Too flamenco. -M

This would have been great at the Spirit awards on the beach. -K

Lily Collins

I LOVE the 20s glamour on her. She went all out with hair and makeup too. -M

She looks fantastic. I really love the dark lippy. -K

Roxy Darr

When princess dresses go bad (no need to look up who this is, her sweet 16 bun tells me I don’t want to know anyway). -M

This looks like a 90s prom date. -K

Nina Dobrev

I have NEVER liked anything she wears but for some reason I am really into this. The pink belt helps, I think, and I just “get” the whole look here. -M

She is very pretty and I am a huge fan of dresses with this much sparkle. -K

Minnie Driver

Just plain great. -M

I wish Minnie was in more stuff. Again I love long sleeves. -K

Tina Fey

I enjoy this a lot, but I’m not WOWED. -M

Why did she change out of the purple? -K

Maggie Grace

Those sleeves are… interesting. -M

I wish this did not have those sleeves or I would love it. -K

Selena Gomez

She looks so uncomfortable. Maybe she also thinks the pattern looks like bathroom tiles. -M

It does look like bathroom tiles! I also think it might be a tad small and it’s probably heavy. -K

Shenae Grimes

Goth undertakers. -M

Shenae should go back to Degrassi. -K

Anne Hathaway

You KNOW I love pregnant ladies. I’m sure she had to pee every ten minutes and had trouble sitting comfortably, and she still posed like a pro! Oh Annie. -M

Anne knows how to rock a caftan. -K

Vanessa Hudgens

I think we all love J Hud a little bit more after Grease, but why did she choose something so blah to reintroduce herself to us? -M

I wish she had gone all in on the glamour like Lily Collins. I do appreciate her more since Grease, good call Melissa. -K

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson looks like she took a shower in her gown. This whole look is wet. -K

If you have time, look through all the photos of this on Getty. You will get tens of minutes of enjoyment. -M

Sarah Hyland

I think this might be the best Sarah Hyland has ever looked. She really should only have hair this length it makes her sophisticated but still youthful.-K

Her makeup is fantastic, too! -M

Gillian Jacobs

Nice, but slightly meh. -M

This is classy but Melissa is right it’s pretty meh. I also kind of hate her hair. -K

Jessica Joffe

I love every bizarre inch of this. -M

I really want this ladies hair color. I also want to own something this color pink and wear it with my bright red hair. -K

Beverly Johnson

She still looks amazing, doesn’t she? -M


Mindy Kaling

This is so much better than her ceremony gown. It is simple, but extremely flattering. -M

IT IS! (I enjoy just answering Melissa in my comments) -K

Zoe Kazan

I would wear this in a heartbeat. -M

ME TOO! I love the deep red flower at her waste. -K

Sally Kirkland

I put this in here so we could marvel at what Sally Kirkland did to her face. Let people age!!! -M

Her high pony is so jaunty. -K

Diane Kruger

I would normally assume that The Krug could pull this off but she is sooooooo not. If it was fully lined, I would ADORE it. -M

The Krug is really trying to pull this off but yeah it’s a NO GO! -K

Brie Larson

Why is she wearing towels AND why did she match her satin shoes to her towels? FIRE YOUR STYLIST STAT! -K

Her boobs look less saggy than they did in the blue gown, but this is a little too bathing suit cover up. -M

Sanaa Lathan

She is still insanely beautiful. -M

Does she age at all? -K

Jennifer Lawrence

Did she her stylist give her T. Swift’s outfit by mistake? Love the very blonde bob, though. -M

I don’t understand this at all. It’s so skimpy and then it’s ripped. UGH. -K

Juliette Lewis

Is she making a statement by wearing a dress made from recycled plastic bags? -M

Juliette Lewis always looks like she is having tons of fun (that’s the only nice thing I could think of to say). -K

Bai Ling

Bai Ling is truly a gift. -M

She is always AMAZING. -K

Zoe Lister Jones

This is more depressing than 80s teens listening to Morrissey. I hope Katie writes about how much she hates her! -M

I DO HATE HER! I find her voice so ANNOYING. I also find her entire acting style “New York Whine” extremely privileged. This out fit is also fug as fuck. Why does she look so fucking sad? -K

Caity Lotz

Caity got lost on her way to Skate America and ended up at Elton John’s. -K

The length of these pants confounds me. -M

Demi Lovato

Demi singlehandedly trying to keep the wet look hair popular. -M

I’m really done with these shear gowns. I don’t want to see your underpants Demi Lovato! -K

Rachel McAdams

I love this so much more than the green she wore to the actual ceremony. This is the best beach Barbie. -K

I particularly like the clean face makeup. -M

Rachel McCord

Duckface McCord has a sister and she has TERRIBLE taste in shoes. -M

Her outfit is also pretty terrible. -K

Elle McLemore

So very Miss America. -M

She looks like a cheerleader who has a formal cheerleader outfit. -K

Heather Matarazzo

This would be improved by 1000% if she pulled her hair back and wore gold shoes. -M

YES! Melissa is a genius. -K

Lea Michele

Lollipop with tulle. -M

LOLZ! I also don’t want to see your underpants LEA! I sound like I’m 80. -K

Sofia Milos

First, I would wash all her makeup off. Then I would put her in a cute multicolored minidress. The earrings can stay. -M

I like these ideas. Why is everyone wearing dresses from 1995 Seventeen magazine prom edition? -K

Michelle Monaghan

This is nice for this type of dress–the long sleeves are a plus. -M

I agree with Melissa. I also like the length and that her underpants are kind of hidden. -K

Olivia Munn

Now here is the Olivia Munn I’m used to! -K

Way to ruin the vision I have of you in the gorgeous orange Stella McCartney. -M

Thandie Newton

I’m ok with people wearing their pajamas to fancy events, but only if they are not fug. -M

Another negligee. -K

Nasim Pedrad

I can’t be too hard on her because 1) she’s a comedian and not a red carpet regular, 2) I fucking love her and 3) THAT BODY. But please, ladies, save the nude pumps for, like, lunches with your mom. -M

I love a simple black dress but I wish she had had more fun with jewelry and her shoes. Those shoes make me sad. -K

Amanda Peet

Should we be happy she put on lipstick? That dress is a voluminous monstrosity and I want to take shears to it. -K

She just can’t get it right. -M

Freida Pinto

I think the combination of the boobs + midriff + belt + slit is too much. -M

Way too much. -K

Aubrey Plaza

I don’t think that is the right lipstick for that dress. -M

It’s a little dark. I’m not sure I like this dress. -K

Natasha Poly

A naked dress… with a SCARF. Now, that’s new and exciting. -M

I’m so sick of naked dresses. -K

Emily Ratajkowski

This reads very high-class yacht. -M

Are her boobs droopy. -K


I bet Retta was having a blast with Elton John and David Furnish. -K

This is cool and futuristic. -M

Daisy Ridley

Daisy Ridley is such a fun on the red carpet. I love this mini-dress. My one quibble is I wish those shoes were a bright color like hot pink or fuschia. OR A PATTERN! -K

I wish The Krug was wearing this and Daisy was in something colorful. -M

Emma Roberts

This is one of the best dresses I have ever seen in my entire life but her face is too ghosty. -M

I knew Melissa would love this. I love the top half but am luke-warm on the bottom part. Her face is VERY ghosty. -K

Michelle Rodriguez


I wish this didn’t have the train. Maybe? -K

Kelly Rowland

This is my plea for fashion houses to stop making all this nude lining crap because it only looks good on people whose skin color is “nude” AKA white people. The salmon, however, is lovely on her. -M


Jurnee Smollett-Bell

I wish this was a better color and she chose different shoes BUT everything else, length, fit, cut, is amazing. -K

This color is slightly better on her than on Sophie Turner. -M

Brittany Snow

This is good, I guess. I’m getting tired. -M

SLEEVES! This also looks like she is colored in moss. -K

Suzanne Somers

Rock dem Thighmaster legs, sister! -M

Her legs are amazing. -K

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton

Remember when she wasn’t so desperate for attention? Sigh. -M

I’m so sick of these dresses –DAMN YOU JLO! -K

Hailee Steinfeld

I miss her youthful, colorful phase. -M

This makes her look old. -K

Taylor Swift and Lorde

Lorde looks like she is begging us to save her from TSwift with her eyes. -K


Mya Taylor

Mya just won an Independent Spirit Award! She’s doing a great job for her first time in the spotlight. This reminds me I should watch Tangerine. -M

This dress is super flattering and I LOVE the red lipstick. -K

Chrissy Teigen

Lovely! Let’s forget her unfortunate mess from earlier in the evening, hmmmm? -M

This is so much better than her show dress. -K

Juno Temple

Juno really wants you to watch Vinyl so much so that she is now living as her character in reality. All kidding aside her eye make-up is fantastic. -K

And her storyline is the most interesting on the show. I like this! Are we done yet? -M

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley looks like Tina Turner in Thunderdome. I appreciate her devotion to the Fury Road may she ride to Valhalla shiny and chrome. -K

No? Not done? Sigh. At least this is weird. -M

Marisa Tomei

What a wonderful color! She is such a sneakily good dresser. -M

I wish Marisa was in a really good TV show. I love her so much. I also love this look a lot. -K

Sophie Turner

Better. -M

Better but still not great. -K

Gabrielle Union

Two slits are NOT her friend. -M

She also has not aged. -K

Sofia Vergara


I’m very tired. -K

Alicia Vikander

She looks so goddamn happy and I love it. -M

I love black sparkly gowns with sleeves. -K

Kerry Washington

I’m going to pretend someone else wore this. -M

The yellow part confuses me. -K

Olivia Wilde

FABULOUS earrings. -M

LOVE the earrings. Her bracelet is also nice. The dress is okay. It looks comfy. -K

Rebel Wilson

I strongly, strongly dislike her hair. -M

The fit of this dress is AMAZING. -K

Lynn Wyatt

I want to be Lynn Wyatt when I grow up. I also have no idea who she is. -K

I love her so much. She looks like a ton of fun. -M