Smart ladies love smart dames, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey


Amy Poehler and Tina Fey


Both of these women have been Smart Dames in the past, but we couldn’t ignore Amy and Tina’s phenomenal job hosting the Golden Globes last night. First, there was the monologue, where they managed to make fun of people while remaining classy.


Then there was Amy/Darcy St. Fudge’s surprise entrance into the Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie category and Tina/Damien Francisco’s placement in the Best Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie category, both for Dog President, which we now want to see. Both women did a quick change and some some classic funny accessories (bad teeth for Darcy, a thin mustache and hat for Damien) for their close ups when the nominees were announced.

I knew when their award was announced Tina and Amy would do something hilarious and they did not disappoint: Tina clutched J Lo (who knew she was so fun?) for dear life and Amy drank champagne while whispering sweet nothings into George Clooney’s ear.

Amy and Tina have great chemistry, which is evidenced in their years of hosting Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update together, and I hope their kick ass performance will inspire more gigs like this in the future.

Bonus smart dame of the week, Jodie Foster


I don’t enjoy lifetime achievement award speeches, but Jodie Foster’s was funny and sweet. She talked about her family, privacy, coming out in modern America, her relationship with being a working actress in Hollywood, and she even threw in a Honey Boo Boo reference. And she did it all while wearing a beautiful navy (my fave!) beaded Armani dress. Thank you Jodie for being so inspiring.