Smart ladies love smart dames, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson of Broad City


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Or, why you should watch the second episode Broad City tonight at 10:30pm on Comedy Central. As a fan of the Broad City webseries, which was basically vignettes about the everyday lives of Ilana and Abbi, I worried that the transition to full series (ie, being on a network) would not work for the womens’ humor, but they have managed to string those small moments together into a show that is less Louie (I thought it would have a similar fluid structure) and more Workaholics (life’s adventures before things fall into place).

“The Commute” from the webseries is a great introduction to Broad City:

Even though I am well past my 20s (sob), I think it is easy to look past that and the hipster-ish elements to relate to the show in a very real way. Comedy Central is the most exciting channel for comedy right now and I’m so happy they took a risk on Broad City.

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Here are a few bullet points so you can learn some more about Broad City and the women who created it:

  • Both women studied at the UCB theater but grew tired of not getting placed in shows, so they created a webseries and filmed it on the cheap with their UCB friends.
  • A friend suggested they ask Amy Poehler to star in an episode and she agreed. After showing her a previously written pilot, Amy signed on to produce a show for them.
  • FX passed on the show and Amy helped get some former SNL castmates (Fred Armisen, Rachel Dratch) to guest star.

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  • Broad City turned out to be a feminist show because so much is rooted in the experiences of Ilana, Abbi and their friends. I think that when you filter words and experiences through smart, feminist women they can’t help but bring their unique perspective to it, which is why I love them so much.
  • Comedy Central did some intro videos for the characters of Abbi and Ilana and they are very entertaining.
  • Splitsider has a good interview here, where they recommend their favorite web series and talk about modern comedy.

Broad City Lincoln

  • Illana’s dentist love interest is played with very dry humor by comedian Hannibal Buress. I love his comedy but Lincoln is my favorite. I think the world wants a Lincoln spin off.

Broad City titles

FYI: Glazer, Jacobson and the rest of the Broad City team have a great web presence. I love the show’s tumblr,  and Illana and Abbi’s too. When people are active on tumblr, you can find out more about them than on Twitter–for example, Illana is SUPER into Vampire Academy.

Finally, this episode of Smart Girls with Amy Poehler starring Abbi and Ilana makes me smile!

Gifs from IlanaGlazer and BroadCity.

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