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Lena Dunham

Smart Dame of the Week 10 15 2012

I desperately wanted Lena Dunham to be this weeks smart dame despite Katie’s feelings about her. But we agree on one thing: get your fucking money, girl.

For some reason people are pissed that Lena has received a $3.5 million book deal. There have even been some misled cries of nepotism (the word you’re looking for is privilege). I respect both sides of the debate on Book Riot but fully side with my friend Rebecca. This is a book we all want to read. We need it. Rebecca singling out Tina Fey’s book was spot on because Bossypants (Tina’s payday: $5M!) never went far enough into discussing feminism & privilege or analyzing her role in the comedy world. I want Lena to go all the way and write about all the bullshit she sees as a young woman trying to succeed in the film & TV industries. That is totally worth $3.5 million. I really enjoy Julia Gazdag’s piece about this on Hello Giggles too–she talks about the bidding war which ensued from book publishers trying to sign the next Tina or Mindy Kailing and the often sexist and lookist attitudes that we’ve all encountered (especially Lena).

Anyway, Lena, you are smart and cool and I am anxiously waiting season 2 of Girls so I can find out what happened with Jess and Chris O’Dowd.

Didn’t Katie find the prettiest pictures of her? I LOVE THEM.

[I did appreciate her making sure she got leftover wedding cake on Girls and then eating it on the beach at Coney Island, I am always a fan of cake! -K] 

*Pictures from New York Magazine and ASOS Magazine

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