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liz Meriwether

Smart Dame October 1, 2012

You might not know the name Elizabeth (Liz) Meriwether but you are certainly familiar with her body of work: she wrote No Strings Attached, one of our favorite romantic comedies of the past few years and is the showrunner and creator of Fox’s New Girl. The show started its second season with two fine episodes, both of which had some excellent Nick action. New Girl continues to get better, except for the confusion with what to do with Winston (seriously the actor is great, do something!). I particularly like that the producers and writers took certain criticisms into consideration (Jess is too damn cute) and wrote storylines specifically addressing them (Lizzy Caplan’s character, Jess actually enjoying sex in the second episode of season two, “Katie”).

As one of the few notable TV showrunners, Liz is often interviewed as an example of her gender in entertainment, which already seems to annoy Mindy Kaling, but she handles herself extremely well.

Along with Diablo Cody (Young Adult), Dana Fox (creator of Ben & Kate) & Lorene Scafaria (Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist), Liz is a part of “The Fempire,” (this is a joke) a group of female screenwriters who often work together and run things by each other. Even though the name was not serious, their collaboration and friendship was.

Fox’s Tuesday night lineup has quietly become an evening ruled by a group of super talented female producers, writers, directors, and actors. If you have time, I recommend this interview with Liz from AV Club–True American is coming back this year! YAY!

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