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I semi-retired the Smart Dames feature when it became clear that I did not have time to research it every week due to my real life time constraints. However, I am going to resurrect it, without making it a weekly column: I will write it when I feel empassioned to talk about a woman I admire. This week, I felt compelled to post about MSNBC weekend host Melissa Harris-Perry.

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Last week she and one of her panelists made some comments on air about Mitt Romney’s adopted African American grandson, Kieran. Many were offended by their comments and Kierangate (seriously the worst name ever, Mediate) was born, which culminated in a few crazies calling for her to be fired. Dr. Harris-Perry (if I had a PhD I would want everyone to call me Dr., so I call her that out of respect) apologized on Twitter but also issued an apology on Saturday’s show, which brought her (and many of her audience members) to tears.

I watched the apology and the lovely hashtag that I saw popping up Saturday morning: #IStandWithMHP. Here are a few of my favorite tweets:

MHP 9 MHP 2 MHP 7 MHP 6 MHP 11 MHP 10 MHP 1 MHP 5 MHP 4 MHP 3 MHP 8(I know I snuck in my own tweet. )

I think having Dr. Harris-Perry’s perspective on TV is extremely necessary, and she must remain a vital voice on MSNBC. As a feminist, she has helped me get my privilege in check and understand that any feminist movement has to include women of color and their needs should be addressed. The fact that she is allowed to spread messages like this four hours  a weekend, to me, is WONDERFUL, but to the right, it is very dangerous.

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So thank you, Dr. Harris-Perry, for educating all of us (even those who cannot take your awesome Feminism & Hip Hop class) and engaging your viewers and followers in a constant, challenging dialogue. Please never leave us, no matter how many assholes want you fired.

Natasha Leggero

Bonus smart dame: Natasha Leggero. Bless you my child for not backing down from a joke that was not offensive and also bringing actual military issues up in your post.

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