Smart ladies love smart dames, Nancy Pelosi


Nancy Pelosi


You might have seen it, but Nancy Pelosi, the U.S. House Minority Leader, gathered all the House democratic women of the 113th Congress together to take this picture:

Congressional Women

This is an historic photo–this the is the first time the Democratic caucus in the House didn’t have a majority of white men. While many people are talking about how this photo is doctored, all I can do is be completely in awe of this monumental shift in the balance of power in Congress, as well as be in awe of Nancy Pelosi’s role in it.

I’ve been really impressed with her role in getting fellow House members to vote on the legislation that (temporarily) ended our fall down the fiscal cliff. This interview on NPR’s Morning Edition is fantastic, as she criticizes the Republican party for all their foolish behavior in this particular negotiation. I also love her dedication to the Democratic party and her own beliefs.

Then there was this week’s news that Pelosi would appear on an episode of 30 Rock, possibly the finale, possibly doing a duet with Ice-T. This cements her in the pantheon of hip Democratic politicians with Joe Biden and Al Gore.


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