Smart ladies love smart dames, Rachel Maddow

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Rachel Maddow

Smart Dame of the Week

Like many people, I first saw Rachel Maddow during MSNBC’s coverage of the 2008 presidential election. I admired how smart and direct she was. Since then she began hosting her own nightly program on MSNBC, which I watch quite regularly for her piercing criticism of the conservative war on women–her coverageof  Sandra Fluke speaking to Congress made me cheer out loud. I’ve been watching her this week during the Republican convention in Tampa–she is able to quiet the unnaturally yelly Chris Matthews with a kind sternness. Her interviews are so honest–she never bullies and she shares the facts in a way that would make even the great (fictional) Will McAvoy jealous. I’m not looking forward to the next few months of political back and forth, but with Rachel to put it in perspective for me every night, I should make it to November unscathed.