Smart ladies love smart dames, Tavi Gevinson

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Tavi Gevinson

Smart Dame Tavi Gevinson

I don’t know how or when I became aware of Tavi–probably through a web of fashion blogs I read. Style Rookie is not a regular fashion blog, and Tavi is not a regular fashion blogger. She wrote a rap about Rei Kawakuba. She posted about the most interesting minutiae from fashion shows and how it became a part of her day-to-day, mostly thrifted, wardrobe. With her year-old site Rookie, Tavi has taken her message of feminism to a wider teenage audience. I love their tumblr in particular, which posts photos from meetups around the country of fashionable, smart teenage girls and reblogs girls trying out Rookie’s hair tips or art projects. This post of Rookie’s writers and readers with “I Stand with Pussy Riot” signs made me bawl. Tavi was even on Jimmy Fallon to promote the new Rookie yearbook (and teach him bitchface!). I’m so thankful Tavi has brought the riot grrl message of my youth to another group of young women.

One of my favorite things is Rookie’s “Video Chat Karaoke,” where I learned Tavi has a lovely voice. Here’s her doing Joni Mitchell’s “Case of You.”