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Tig Notaro

Smart Dame of the Week Tig Notaro

The decision to pick Tig Notaro as this week’s Smart Dame was 100% unanimous (there’s only two of us, but still…). She is funny, talented and cool. I love her super dry style of stand up, which is perfectly exemplified on her album for Secretly Canadian, Good One.

This summer, Tig discussed her recent breast cancer diagnosis in an honest and groundbreaking stand up show. Louis CK, who has some experience with selling comedy on his website, put this show for sale for $5 on Friday. $4 of every purchase goes straight to Tig and cancer research. After a few weeks, the recording will be available on iTunes, but it’s a great idea to get it right now with so much money going to the artist.

I know this post is about Tig but Louis wrote a great essay about her on his site and it’s really lovely.

I haven’t heard the show yet but I did buy it. Entertainment Weekly says “it feels a lot like the best episodes of Louie: Not necessarily laugh-out-loud hilarious, but funny, sensitive, and with a firm grasp on the fundamental absurdity of life.”  Thankfully, she recently announced on her weekly podcast Professor Blastoff that after a double mastectomy, she no longer has cancer.

Bonus Video

These are from Conan the first set is hilarious (I saw it live but have watched it twice on Conan’s site…seriously who the fuck would think moving a stool would be that funny…okay I just watched it again to make sure you know that the embed worked…infant taking a shower priceless…) and then I added her most recent visit where she talked with him about her cancer (she also talks about pushing a stool because seriously why is that so funny). -K

*Photos taken by the amazing PJ Sykes see more of his photos here and here

[ETA: Tig & Louis CK are on Fresh Air today! Listen here. -M]

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