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Tina Fey

Smart Dame of the Week

This week, the Hollywood Foreign Press proved they read SLLS by hiring Amy Poehler and Tina Fey to co-host the Golden Globes this January. Tina and I have had a complicated relationship. She wrote this:

And this:

But then there were seasons 5 & 6 of 30 Rock & Bossypants not living up to my super high expectations.

Thankfully, the 7th and final season of 30 Rock has been awesome so far: Liz Lemon got more into sex with her hot hot boyfriend Criss (yay!), the writers addressed crazy people who don’t think women are funny, Jonathan returned (fuck you, Whitney), Bryan Cranston (!!!) showed up and a Sleater Kinney made a cameo on the stereo. Yes, 30 Rock is finally everything I always wanted it to be and more.

I’m getting so anxious to see what Tina will do next. I hope it’s more like Mean Girls than a Hazel-centered episode of 30 Rock.

ETA: This speech that Tina gave on Wednesday night at the Center for Reproductive Rights warms my cold, cold heart. No more gray faced men making decisions on female reproductive rights!!

*Photos from Vanity Fair, Bust, and Saturday Night Live

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